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Learning Curve of Popular 3D Software


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Kinda depends doesnt it? If you know zero about any 3d application, I guess the learning curves is similar. Might even be easier in Houdini because you know what happens at all times. However if you first learn the maya way of thinking, Houdini will be harder because you already have a different mindset - and vice versa.

Learning new stuff isnt the hard part, changing what you already know is.

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2 hours ago, malexander said:

So, 3D apps get harder as you spend time with them? I must be doing it wrong ;)

It gets harder as you advance into wilder territory, even though you're better in the terrain you've covered up to a certain point. Of course this can't continue forever, somewhere there's a Difficulty downward slope, but it's way past 10k pixels of that hypothetical continuation of the image. :)

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