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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. Im using Motion FX --> Noise in translate/rotation channel to controll objects. Im wondering how i could controll motion from an audio track? in stead of using noise i would like to replace it with an incoming audio track. Anyone tried this before?
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to mantra, made a material and I'm trying to animate, for example changing te offset on the noise or the displacement amount, but seems not having effect (i'm renering in mplay), also tried promoting parameters with no luck. Displacement says: cannot have channels wich depend on time Also Im trying to get the artifacts out, added some dicing to geo node as well as in rop, should I increase more? Thanks! mantratestanim.hipnc
  3. Hi guys,i have a little problem,well 2,i want to make a fracture object dynamic in a zone. I got some how done but i have 2 problems,as soon as enter in the zone the pieces just fall off,also i dont know how to orient the pieces from start Thanks!!! PackedRBDAnimated.hipnc
  4. Hi everyone, Since a long time on this forum but first post. I always found a solution that already exist here, but today... First of all, let me explain the effect I want to do. For some production, I have to reconstruct a ring (like a torus) and make a "compression" of it (to make it more solid). I don't know if i'm really clear but the meaning is, I create a displacement node in vopsop to make this effect. To manipulate the "compression" like i want, i create a map in cops to keep back the color data (or luminance) and use it with the displacement node. With a single image, it works perfectly. But (yes there is always a "but"!!) here is the issue: When i want to use a sequence (to have a animated displacement), Houdini crash, or it doesn't care of the sequence and use only the first pic. I always found a solution without picture, I used an animated torus with a points from volume sop and an attribute transfer sop to keep back the red color. But I really want to use a pic sequence to make a better animation... Obviously, it's not very clear, so I made a little hip file with a simple grid for you to see what i mean. Maybe someone could enlight me about this or tell me about another way to do this. Thx by advance. Cheers, Paul ANIMATED_COP_TO_SOP_ISSUE.hip