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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to slow down the point connections of a the connect adjacent pieces. I have a simple infection system but the growth of the per point connection is very sudden and doesn't seem fluid. Thanks, Clive
  2. Hi All! I want to create a line from some randomly numbered points (see pic.) In order to use the Add sop the numbering must be ordered by proximity. Sort by Spatial Proximity does not work good! The numbering that it gives is ok at some areas and messed up in others. I cant use the Match topology sop because there isn't any geo I can use for that. So I guess I have to find an alternative way to do it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys. I have a set of 'points'. Each point has a unique id. Now, I'm getting these point out of another package which also gives me a parent ID attribute to define a sort of 'hierarchy'. So I would have something like point 1 has an id of 1 and a parent id of -1 (none) point 2 has an id of 2 and a parent id of 1 (1 is his parent) point 3 has an id of 3 and a parent id of 1 also point 4 has an id of 4 and a parent id of 2 (his a child of point 2) ect... So basically what I want to do is trace an edge between every parent and its children... I've tried putting some variables in the 'add SOP' but it seems that the only variable that seems to give me anything is $N. But that's no use to me. Any ideas?