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  2. Mixing Position based on active frame

    0 is the "input number" of the node, and 1 means "2nd component" of the vector or array. this things counts from 0.
  3. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

  4. Mixing Position based on active frame

    @vicvvshhey I have a quick question. In the expression you used to flatten out the Y position you wrote this: @P.y = getbbox_min(0)[1]; What exactly is (0) and [1] doing ? In the getbbox_min help it states: vector getbbox_min(<geometry>geometry, string primgroup) But I am still not sure what it means by the "string primgroup". and it also says thats the context for a vector whereas P.y is a float. A little confusing..
  5. Mixing Position based on active frame

    @vicvvsh Thank you very much this works great!
  6. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    I want to kill any particles from going past this hole. I was thinking of finding the bounding box of the geometry but how do I find the area of the hole as to tell the particles to die when they hit the hole and or go outside of the hole with grains ?
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  8. Ah Here, I finally have time to look at your file quietly, and I now understand what I did wrong at first. Thank you very much for the help.
  9. Information on vellum attributes ?

    Where in the documentation for vellum can I get more information for these attributes; active,keep,kill; isgrain etc ?
  10. Grains go up ?

    I've run into a problem with vellum grains; I have a static object and gravity within the DOP Object (sim) but this area of the simulation, rather then going down, goes up ?
  11. cluster constraint

    There are some great tutorials on this but the cluster SOP is what you need for RBD.
  12. I've uploaded a file regarding this. Blast can delete the Primitive Attributes and the groups but not Point Attributes. Even if you promote it to Point it does'nt. Even Detail Attributes can be removed. When I say can be removed I mean based of these categories and conditions. Hope this explains... blast_node.hip
  13. alembic array export

    Could you upload a Test file please....
  14. Create a Custom vel. Fill Points in it. Convert it to VDB vel. Import the SOP to DOPNET. Plug it into popattribfromvolume and VOILAAA... Here is a file for REF. And the RESULT. custom_VEL_FLIP.hip Hope it helps... custom_VEL_FLIP.hip
  15. Redshift motion blur issue

    is working just fine here 2.6.42
  16. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Besides the wacom I also recommend doing some Yoga or just some stretching at regular intervals. I also had wrist and shoulder issues and a combination of these things has really helped. If I have to use a mouse I make sure its a good one with a bit of weight on it.
  17. I dont think that would be possible as the file types are different. Even if there were willing to they wouldnt be able to open the file. You can convert to apprentice files to Houdini Indie.
  18. UV's move on bgeo sequence

    instead of dealing with Vertex SOP or Vertex - Old SOP, you can use Attribute Copy SOP to just copy any desired attribute (or multiple attribs) from static geo to deforming one as long as they have the same topology or if you have attribute to match them by
  19. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    i use my right hand before,ten years ago i switched to my left hand.believe me it's not so hard to use your other hand, you can acclimition it after a week. don't change your mouse setting,then you can adapte any other mouse any time.
  20. Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a crowd sim using some rigs from mixamo. I am new to crowds (houdini in general actually) and have been working through some tutorials. I managed to create an agent and add some clip but no matter what I do, whenever I activate any clip other than the rest position I get really weird deformation on the mesh. I'm sure it has something to do with the skinning/capture but I can't figure it out. All the tutorials seem to have a magically smooth operation that never encounter this issue. Can't really progress beyond this step until I resolve it. See image for example. Any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks!
  21. Hi; How could I apply velocity force to an ocean fluid, using an animated geometry? (I think I should use volume, but I don't know how). Thanks. OceanApplyForce_01.hip
  22. Redshift motion blur issue

    Mantra also works fine. tower.hip
  23. Mixing Position based on active frame

    Hello, after for-each loop number of points of the geometry was changed and because of that lerp() does not work correctly. You can use unpacked geometry after loop, make it flat and plug in to the second input of the point wrangle mixing_based_on_active_01.hipnc
  24. cluster constraint

    thanks guys little bit confusing but thanks for your help
  25. Hi Anyone knows any online service who can deliver the render in full commercial form. Eg:- i am using houdini apprentice, and i want to render a project in full commercial license. But since houdini fx is expensive and i dont have much income coming, i dont wanna buy houdini fx but i want something rendered out in licensed version. Therefore am looking for a online service ,where i pay less to make commerical render from my .hipnc file.
  26. Direct Modeling HDA

    Awesome tool! Thank you for the update!
  27. Crash H17.5 w/signal 11 - Linux

    Figured it out. Needed to install the opencl nvidia driver seperately.
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