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  2. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Thank u so much James, now it works! I added more "falloffs" and it works perfectly!!! Can I ask U one more time? I have problem to put particles just inside of the object (i mean not sliding on the surface, but flowing just inside of the geometry). I tried poplimit node, but this works just like BoundingBox, and I need to defined it by my specific geometry... maybe u can help me fix this too... And Thank u again for your previous explanation and help. cheers pop_inside_issue.hip
  3. Flip solver problem

    Hey guys, all right? I'm trying to make a coffee capsule rising from a viscous liquid, but some particles are getting stuck and the liquid isn't getting viscous and I've tried everything and can't change any parameters. Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Check out my simulation. Preview_01.mp4 coffee03.hip capsula_final.ABC
  4. CHOPS question

    I was able to get a solution working by figuring out how to use the Wrangle node right. I didn't know that I needed to use the I and V variables, once I figured that out, everything came together pretty easily. Still trying to figure out how to use a ramp to affect the sampling range, but it isn't entirely necessary as I was able to just use some math to scale things smoothly.
  5. Can't Get Rid of Particle Stepping

    Whenever you're running into issues like this, it helps to throw down a Timeshift SOP, uncheck "integer frames", and break the connection in the "Frame" parameter. Use the ladder to scrub forward/back in like 0.1 increments. If the source moves smoothly no matter how granular the unit which which you're scrubbing is, you should be good. When you're simulating and you're caching to RAM, houdini has everything it needs to access subframe data (which is why you're seeing correct results when you don't cache your source). When you cache to disk, by default it saves on whole frames. When the cache is read back in, you only have access to what was written to disk, so when you're running a particle sim with say 5 substeps, and houdini looks up frame 1001.2 of the incoming source, there won't be anything there. The Time Blend SOP will interpolate between frames for you. In most cases, it is necessary to have an i@id attribute on your points, since especially for particle simulations the point count may not be stable, and the Time Blend SOP won't work correctly. Unless there is significant motion in between whole frames, it's not necessarily required to write substeps to disk.
  6. Hi, did you want to keep scene view displaying whatever it displays when you are in dop network, even after you go to somewhere else, say "out" or "shop" context? Try pin button. click it when you are in dop network. Sorry if you are asking about something else.
  7. Keep Group

    Hey Saca, do you meant you don't want the red color 'swimming' around but keep it on the same points all the time? In that case you need attribute copy sop. Attribute transfer sop is based on distance. Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding your question.. Cheers Keep_Group_v000.001_attribute_copy.hipnc
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  9. Control polywire orientation

    The "Joint Up Vector" parameter at the bottom of the PolyWire node is one way to do this, but it usually won't make it perfectly straight in the manner that you are wanting I think. I would recommend using a Sweep node instead, as you have a lot more control with it.
  10. pop replicate 1st vs 2nd input

    The second input is "Reference Stream". You will notice a difference if you are merging the replicated points back in. In the left input, there will be double what you expect With it in the right input, the points will be replicated based on the input, but when you merge them back in there will be the correct amount. Check this example, I think it will help. popreplicate_second_input.hip
  11. You modify some "value" in some "data", for example the "divsize" value in the "vel" data.
  12. Or try vellumdrape, if you cannot avoid intersection at the beginning. There's example file from side effects. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/vellumdrape.html Cheers,
  13. Trying to implement ModifyData to reduce resolution of temperature and velocity fields. Documentation isn't much help. Any chance someone could peak at the attached .hip and tell me what I am doing wrong? modifyData_DOP.hiplc
  14. make sure not to emit them within other objects also emitting tiny and scale up over few frames can help
  15. Smoke - flat leading edge

    thanks for your replies. I guess its just a viewport / too lowres problem.
  16. How to keep the fire burning

    Hi there, I tried few ways and followed some tutorials but i am still not satisfied with my result, i am not getting what i want I am attaching my latest file. I'd be great full if you could help. comet_collision_try3.hip comet_collision_try3.hip
  17. Wind from rotating fan

    Theres an additional input atop the solver for a external velocity force. I mean you could try running both simulations simultaneously and having them interact but.. if you're not really looking for anything visible from the van velocity then I Would just cache the directional velocity of the fan sim and use it as a force in the following smoke simulation and rbd sims.
  18. Getting the same error as here when I try and doing a right-click 'Save Node Type' https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/67946/?page=1#post-288751 Is this most likely a permissions issue? I'm on Ubuntu,
  19. Smoke - flat leading edge

    Without seeing your hip file I can only take a guess. That plateau looks like you've multiplied up the density of what would have otherwise been a very thin or empty voxel. If this is the case you're sending density values greater than 1 into your shader which is often going to make your shading experience a bad one. The image below from left to right is. 1. The original simulation, with a density of 1 and a shader render density of 1. This is the sim's natural look. 2. This has a post multiplication of 10 before and a shader render density of 1. This is what I believe you've done and why you see the plateau. 3. This is the same volume, with a density of 1 and a shader render density of 50. This is the correct way to make a thin simulation render more dense without lifting the empty voxels. Either you need to lift the density emitted in your sim to begin with or make sure that you're working with the shader to change the look of the sim, not the actual density values Edit: This sim has an upward velocity of about 20-30. The leading edge is curved but when rendered incorrectly will look flat because the curve is very subtle. Cranking the density values before it gets to the shader erases the variance responsible for the curve. .
  20. HDA Derivatives - Workflow Question

    Understood about SKU! Actually, I work in the automotive industry and do exactly what you describe as an example . We call it configurable products. We treat each vehicle as one asset no matter how many configurations it might have. That makes a total number of assets more manageable. And at the high level, we do like your describe, populate each SKU on demand.
  21. HDA Derivatives - Workflow Question

    A smart pal of mine suggested that instead of making many HDAs, to build a singular Loader HDA that would be able to populate the product/SKU on demand by reading in instructions (like JSON). This seems like it would be far more manageable then having a billion HDA's to represent each product. I was blind, but now I see. Thank you for the replies!
  22. Smoke - flat leading edge

    Hi! Can you post the hipfile? The volume looks low resolution but shouldn't be that visible the flat edge
  23. HDA Derivatives - Workflow Question

    My apologies as I may not of explained the clearest. A SKU (stock keeping unit) is how different products are typically referred to. One SKU represents a specific product. If a company that makes coffee machines offers 5 different models of coffee machines, they have 5 SKUs. Where I work, we have ~600 SKUs, so lots of different product offerings. Most comparable thing I can think of is a car company. Ford may offer 30 different vehicles (cars, pickup trucks, vans, etc..). All are "vehicles" and each model vehicle has it's own SKU. I'd like to make a template HDA, that is setup to house the geometry of a SKU/product. Setup the template HDA with all of the basic functions and parameters that we may need in our production. Then, when authoring a new SKU, the template would be copied, renamed and the geometry CAD data of the product would be infused into the copied template HDA. Back to the vehicle example, create a template HDA with parameters, functions for the options you'd want to manipulate/render the vehicle with. For example, setup the HDA to have two modifiable object subnets in it, titled "doors" and "body". Have a HDA function initiated by a button parm that would toggle the visibility of the doors. Then, when a new "SKU" HDA needs to be generated (let's say a car), via HOM, the template is copied, renamed to match the name of the SKU/Product, the product geometry, is then parsed into the obj subnets. The doors go into the "doors" subnet, the "body" goes into the body subnet. Now do this for a few more vehicles, a truck and a van. You now have 3 independent HDA's derived from the template vehicle HDA, representing those vehicles (car, truck, van) with the parm button that would toggle the visibility of the doors on each HDA. NOW, let's say down the road, you want to add to the template HDA to have another function of the HDA that doesn't hide the doors, but toggles movement by 1 meter along the Y axis. So doors would move up when the parm button is clicked, doors would move down when the parm button is clicked again. The template HDA would be modified to have this additional functionality for all vehicles derived from the template HDA onward, BUT the pre-existing vehicles (car, truck, van), would not reflect the changes of this template HDA as they are independent copies of the template HDA. Think object oriented programming, but with HDAs. I'm looking to have ~600 HDAs to represent ~600 different products, but all derived/copied from one master template HDA. Contrast to have a single tool HDA that may be referenced 1000 times through different scenes. Make a change to the single tool HDA, and those changes are then reflected in the 1000 different references of that single tool. To add, the only reason I'm going with "independent copies" route derived from the template HDA is because I want separate HDA's for each product and copying to create a completely new HDA is the only way I'd know how to go about it. Cheers! Let me know if that helped explain a little better.
  24. Rope bridge procedural

    Hi, I'm working on the most original project never did in Houdini before of a procedural Rope Bridge. I have to say thanks for all the help I have found in this forum and now I would like to share with you my progress. (In the description of the video you will find the HIP file) https://youtu.be/kILUeVOmAig
  25. HDA Derivatives - Workflow Question

    Hi, Clayton! Sorry, I did not understand very well what workflow you are suggesting to build in Houdini, but data management is an interesting topic for me, so I am trying to participate as I can What is SKU? What is your current process in Maya for each of the products? What do you deliver at the end for each of the products? In general, I think there is nothing wrong with having 600 assets/HDAs, but it might require some sorting. As for the HDA versioning one thing, I would like to notice, is that if you version asset with namespaces, it stores all versions in one file, so if the HDA is not very small the file could become too heavy.
  26. Hi, Can a Shelf Tab set visible for the current Desktop in Python ? THX!
  27. Smoke - flat leading edge

    Hi! sometimes when simulating fast moving smoke there emerges a flat surface on top of the leading edge of the smoke. I've tried to increase the upper padding of the gas resize dynamic, but it seems not to help. Can someone tell me how to avoid this effect?
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