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  2. Vellum cloth preset settings

    https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/h17-vellum-cloth-lookdev-tips/ Silk, Denim and Leather
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  4. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    Guys! My new plan update after all the feedback: TR 2950x 2x2080ti (I'll upgrade later to 4) Motherboard ???? (I need something capable to plug 4x2080ti with space for the Air flow, can you recommend me something?) 128gb RAM (can you guys recommend something compatible? I read that the TRare capped in max speed) Any huge box recommendation? Thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone, I am building a scene with a lot of asset and it works great with Redshift proxy. But during development, I would like to be able to see the geometry of some pieces in the viewport. What kind of workflow would be good for that? My guess would be to saved to disk my pieces and load them with instancepath during the dev, and at the end switch to proxy for final rendering? Not sure if is the way to do it... Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, i would like to animate an object rotating 360° with some acceleration and slow down with weight.. Is there some fonctions or better to do all by hand. Thank you
  7. Constraints not breaking

    I think i needed a good night of sleep to know what was going on. It makes sense now! It was because of the `overwrite with sop` attribute on the constraint network node. For the breaking part it shouldn't overwrite with the sop because I wanted to update them with the sopsolver. But for the pull constraint i wanted to overwrite with sop because that's where the animation was. Makes sense! I never gonna forget that anymore.
  8. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    I tried, couldn't get it to work. Finally I discovered that there's a node for that : RIVET.
  9. Vellum export alembic

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution on how to export 2 vellum objects into alembic and differentiate them into cinema4d to apply materials? I found many similar threads here and there about groups and so, but no solution seems to work, I post the hip files if anyone interested to help, it's a simple test, K found a solution, thanks!
  10. Find materials of missing textures

    Thanks for sharing, will definitely be useful to know.
  11. Greetings! I have a digital asset that works by choosing a tree made of splines and then making it into a nice looking tree. My question is, how do I run multiple spline trees through the tool? Lets say I want to have 3 different spline trees run through the tool without having to manually choose one at a time. If there is a way, how would I separate them at the end ?
  12. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    Any developments regarding this? I don't necessarily want a sphere, but I would like to create a giant floating island.
  13. vex array splat/unpack operator for function arguments?

    Hmm well it looks like I just found another version of the function that takes arrays as arguments. But the main question still stands, is it possible to unpack an array into function arguments? vector spline(string basis, float sample_pos, vector values[], ...)
  14. I'm new to vex and was wondering if there is a splat operator to unpack arrays into function arguments? (like javascript's ... or rubys *) The reason I'm asking is I have a wrangle that I want to take an unknown number of points and put their position into the cspline function. In the docs we have vector cspline(float t, vector val1, ...) If it was Javascript I'd do something like cspline(t, ...array_of_parameters) to unpack my array into that list of parameters, is it possible to do something similar in vex? If it's not possible how can you get an unknown number of parameters into a function that takes an unknown number of parameters? Cheers Ben
  15. Hi all, I am having difficulty to stitch the points at the edges when the paper bag folds up, now i am using glue but there are gaps, I tried to use weld but it doesn't seems work. And also is is there a way to reduce the bounciness, I know that animating the popdrag might help, but it will affect the rest of the sim after the paper bag is folded up, because I might add more animation, I just don't know how they get the bouncy energy from. Thanks, appreciate the help. paperbag_test_v002.mp4 paperBag_rnd_v002_zj.hip
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  17. Hey, I found out I was giving the same name to a netbox and a geometry node and Houdini of course didn't like it. Cheers
  18. Hello to all people :)! I’m trying to do a few days, a whitewater that surrounds my boats, creating the tip of a wave at the front of the boat, a little like this example ... https://forums.odforce.net/topic/28940-flat-tank/?tab=comments#comment-164200 or that one (Really a defined shape of the whitewater fallowing the boat from the front to the back.The problem, here ... I can not see why the whitewater does not seem to be done and do not keep the shape of the same smaller boats ...) I would also like to know ... how to bake my simulations in order to have an ocean that included my simulations of my boats, with also my whitewater :)? Thank you in advance for your help :)!! (P.S, here is my scene) Boat_Breack_waves_V010.hip
  19. I have a simple setup with rbd packed objects falling into a flip fluid. Maybe my solver order is wrong but when the objects hit the flip fluid the liquid explodes with so much force.. Ive uploaded my file. How do I make it so the the objects hit the liquid in a natural way and sink to the bottom. Also, Ive been noticing some other issue, the more packed objects are emitted over time, the flip fluid starts spawning extra random particles out of thin air? Thanks! melt_v03_11.hip
  20. Multiple objects (individually editable) on a curve

    I found a solution ExampleSpiral.hip
  21. Hi everyone, Currently i'm running into an issue where my constraints aren't breaking. I spend a while on figuring out why it doesn't work and I still don't have a clue what i'm doing wrong. My setup at the moment is that I have one curve with 3 constraints 1 hard constraint to keep the wire in place. 1 spring constraint that is pulling the wire down (This is a placeholder for collisions later on. It's just there to apply a force for testing). 1 spring constraint without a strength to measure the angle between the tip and a point somewhere on the curve The thing is, when i put them all in one constraint network and break them based on the angle, nothing happens and i couldn't figure out why. But when i put the spring constraint that is pulling the curve, into another network the breaking works! Is there anybody who can explain why this is happening? Why wouldn't it break with all the constraints in 1 network? Is it because i pinned one of the points of that constraint to a wold position instead of a point on the simulation geometry? That's the only thing i can think if that is different than the other constraints. Thanks! break_constraint.hipnc
  22. on Group Promote check Include Only Elements Entirely Contained in Original Group but you can directly select border edges in a single Group Create node set it to Edges, uncheck Base Group, check Include By Edges and Unshared Edges
  23. Just handed in my last university piece and I've created a showreel with all of my work for the past year. Feed back would be really nice thank you. Showreel: VJ loops created for my dissertation: https://vimeo.com/338014461
  24. Hi, Was wondering how this is done. When I promote the group to edges it also includes edges outside the outside. Thanks for your help. Pardon /// I thought I had clicked every button, but apparently something went wrong with me or with Houdini.
  25. Hello, I'm trying to duplicate objects (spirals) along a curve. I created two for-each cycles: 1- to move objects along curve 2- to duplicate object parameters. The first cycle is correct, but the second cycle does not work properly. I can't understand how to give the possibility to modify the individual parameters of the spirals (radius, loop, height, etc.) for each object created. Can someone help me? In the Edit Operator Type Properties I added a Multiparam Block (list) with: Position on curve (for first for-each) and Height (for second for-each).At the moment when I add for example two spirals only a heigh value works, modifying both spirals and not the specific one. ExampleSpiral.hip ExampleSpiral.hda
  26. How to resume a Flip simulation

    To anyone having the same problem (when houdini tries to cook again after cached sim). Remeber to disable simulation by clicking small icon on the bottom right corner of the houdini interface. Looks like brain Then Houdini will show you only cached files without simulating anything. Have a good one.
  27. Thanks. I'm gonna buy a heightfield/terrain course then, seems worthy. Would still like to know if you or anyone else found out how you can get rid of these spikes. Thanks again.
  28. stitching cloth

    Hi Atom, the video is unavailable, and also is it possible to do stitching over time of the same object in Vellum?
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