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  2. Ahh Thank you very much. So in materialBuilder context the displacementBound of the principled Shader don't work and you must use a mantra propertie ! Really tricky IMO. I could never have found it on my own. And yet I searched. This should be indicated in bold and red in the displacement section of the doc. Thanks again
  3. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    Hej, yes bought this course. Really good. thanks for the file. It will help a lot. But it looks more complicated than i thought. How do I get this working on an animated collider/ rdb? Best
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  5. Creating bubbling lava

    This is super helpful! You can upload your example file and I can forcibly upgrade to 17.5.391 (the version it was made in was 17.0.352). I've been holding off on doing that mostly out of laziness, so if you have a working copy I'd love to see how you did it, as I've wasted hours and hours trying to get this to work. Honestly thank you again.
  6. CROWDS : Walking over other agents

    To continue posting my experiments on crowds, on the same page, an example file about ragdolls and constraints. Can a ragdoll realistically climb a wall, providing some animated constraints ? Nope, but fun to watch... ragdollClimbing_v2.hip
  7. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    By the way, in order to find the limb on which a collision occured, the process is a bit long to explain, but know that there is an example in this course by Mikael Petersen on crowds. This guy is really an expert, I really recommend watching his courses. https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/crowds-for-feature-film-in-houdini-2
  8. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    You can create a constraint on the fly. i did some experiments recently, see the file attached (the constraints are even animated, as I wanted to see if the ragdoll could climb more or less realistically a wall... answer is no, but it can be useful to learn how to manipulate constraints on ragdolls :-) ragdollClimbing_v2.hip
  9. Flip Fluid Stalactite/Stalagmite Simulation

    You didn't ask a specific questions and so It seems like you're asking "I don't know how to do this, please do it for me". If you haven't already, first make an attempt and then when you're stuck, I'm happy to help you through it. If you don't know where to start, the first thing you're going to need to understand is flip fluid simulations. Next I would learn about the Viscosity attribute, sop solvers and attribute transfers in that order.
  10. Does anyone have an idea, how stick ragdolls on a collider based on collision? Best Jack.
  11. Hi there, I want share with you some of my tools/HDA I created in the time. Some is free and some not. For more of it you can I write also the documentation and create some tutorial. I'm also on orbolt and I think to publish some new tools soon... for now that and thanks for visit... mm Split RGB v.01 - tool for Houdini (Free/donation) https://gum.co/QUaFG Description: This tool was created for my patreon channel and from the question of my student in Italian school. Assign RGB Color with based on the range from 0 to 1. You can split the simulation like RBD or Particles, but also the elements (created with the copy sops for e.g.) and assign or extrapolate it with the color RGB. Video ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Plexus FX v.01 - tool for Houdini (free and pay) Description: You can create a Plexus effects inside Houdini. This tool is available in 3 version: lite (free-ware), complete and open HDA (you can edit it). LITE: https://gum.co/LKnCA The restrictions for Lite Version are Scatter Points limit to 50 Not available Load points options. Not available Extra points Shapes tab. Not available noise on line options. Not available triangles by Geometry options. Not available splitted BGEO cache options. Not available all ABC (Alembic) export options. If you use in Commercial Works quote my name and the name of tools (I appreciate a lot). Complete: https://gum.co/iYGZS Open HDA: https://gum.co/ANObdk ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Volume Fracture V 01.0 for Houdini 16 and up (free and pay) You can create the Voronoi Fracture and drive it with the Volume (vdb), apply the noise (if you want) on it and control the position of it in the space XYZ (if you want). Also you can: Apply more details on cut edge like a noise/distortion. Create a new smaller pieces inside your pieces based on the percentage of your original Voronoi Fracture. LITE: https://gum.co/lVIBm Complete: https://gum.co/OsGZn ______________________________________________________________________________________ Digital Asset "mm_Fast_ScatterFX" Houdini and Cinema 4D Very easy tools for create a fast and smart scatterFX, I think this digital asset for Cinema 4D users... The price is very symbolic for help me and continued to develop more tools also for Cinema 4D, Houdini and so on... https://gum.co/yvySD video:
  12. hello, I added the properties node to your network and now the displacment works. Kai Stavginski form sidefx explains the workflow in one of his shader-tutorials, but I have forgotten in which one - I belive it is the costum shader ... Displace_F2_v1.hipnc
  13. If you find the solution, let us know. Really curious to unserstand why it don't work in material builder !
  14. Hello; In Mantra, is it possible to render a region, in sequence? Thanks.
  15. particles acceleration limit?

    Sounds like you have conflicting nodes. Are any force nodes like "POP_WIND" or something like that following this POP_VOP? If so try pulling these nodes out of the chain, isolate your POP VOP to confirm its the only node acting on your particles and see if the issue persists.
  16. Thank you, but I want to use displacement in material builder...
  17. Thank you but this seems very complicated...
  18. Convex decomposition in H17

    its handled using Convex Decomposition SOP
  19. Creating bubbling lava

    I'm opening this file in 17.5.391 and the popnet is being turned into a merge node which leads me to believe you're using a much older version where popnet is still outside of the DOP context. Replacing the popnet, I was able to get it functioning but it means any example file I build you will not be able to open properly. Part of the problem is that this setup is using a deforming volume with no velocity. The collision is not actually pushing the fluid, the volume is simply getting larger around your particles. Visually it looks correct, but the solver needs velocity to actually push your particles outward otherwise it just thinks "oh now I'm inside the volume" and tries to solve for correcting this penetration. You can trail the points of the spheres after your copy to get a velocity attribute. Then use a vdbfromparticles to create a velocity volume from that attribute, if you're unfamiliar, there is a plus button at the bottom of vdbfromparticles you can use to create volumes other than simple fog or SDFs from an attribute. Once you plug in the velocity of the expansion you should get a better result. Hope this helps.
  20. Thanks everyone, good tips.
  21. Create NGon with VEX using any 5 points. Is it possible???

    Have you tried PolyFill ? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/polyfill.html Or older PolyCap ? (Deprecated) https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/polycap.html
  22. fire from small source

    Long tendril like sources are tough for sure. Higher resolution simulation is correct but there are definitely ways of saving on time depending on what hardware you have at your disposal. I would work in clusters and break it up. Basically, pull out each branch and run a separate simulation for each and then merge them together at render time. The issue here becomes, do you have a render farm at your disposal to run 25 simulations at once? If not, I would see how many branches you can get into a single simulation before it gets overwhelming for your pc.
  23. Issue with trail sop velocities

    Hey there, so I opened your hip, and a couple things I'd suggest. First, when posting about a problem, create an extremely simplified version of the problem and see if you can recreate it. That is what you should be uploading here, not your whole project file with millions of dependencies we don't have. We are most likely not going to re-build your hip, and if it has a cache as a dependency, it better be a simple one. Also, Id suggest leading people to the problem you are experiencing, within the hip file, with notes. Without that, people might just stumble around. No one wants to go on randomly looking for something that isn't easy to find. So try and re-create the problem in a simple scene, and re-post, and Ill def check it out for ya.
  24. Issue with trail sop velocities

    I guess you can ask the course teacher for help on this one, and i guess your not allowed to publicly share that file. The alembic is missing anyway so there isnt mutch we can do.
  25. Hi all, There's anyone who knows how to export a crowd sim in a single geometry? I got an example that have a single agent with some animations clips. Because of my company's pipeline I need to render it in 3d Max. Exporting a Alembic successfully but when I import it into Max every instance of the agent is a object. Is there a way to export a single object by agent? Thanks...
  26. Issue with trail sop velocities

  27. Issue with trail sop velocities

    Post a hip plz
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