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  2. Thanks for the help so far, this seems like a much more sensible and stable way to do things, even if it is a bit over my head. I'm afraid I'm still having issues though when it comes to orienting the corner pieces. My latest hip is below if someone wants to take a look, you can see my problem in the attached image. pipesorient02.hip
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  4. Creating subtle animation from a single VDB

    I know this is obvious but have you tried animating the offset in your volume noise. Also Flow noise has a time channel to animate.
  5. Finally I found most closest way. The big challenge was to find such parameter for breaking threshold to keep sphere while some noises and velocities. I also found that best look for motion is when you use Pyro as source of velocity and add some random area initial velocities to pyro source object linefracture.hiplc
  6. For a square it's quite simple. Measure the perimeter and divide it by the number of edges (4) to get the length of each edge. Or measure the area and take the root of that. It's not as simple for a rectangle, there you could instead use Convert Line SOP. It will convert the edges to a line and give you the length in "restlength".
  7. get back to object

  8. Sorry I dont really follow up whats constant material builder? I already have a principled shader assigned to the torus but does not work
  9. I used the measure node by how can I find out the very precise measures in meters of the primitive (.. meters by .. meters), say for primitive 13 and 11.
  10. Textures not showing up on OpenGL render

    use constant material builder sorry for delay.
  11. get back to object

    You need to use setCurrent method in hou.Node. For eg., say you've copy pasted some nodes in the geometry node called geo1 and to get back to the object level, just setCurrent on geo1. geo1 = hou.node("/obj/geo1") geo1.setCurrent(True) -J
  12. This is how my scene view - actual render and opengl render looks it seem like open gl render has accurate lighting settings but just skipping the show textures on feature for some reason?!
  13. Could you share the file or screen grab? it does not work for me cant figure it out
  14. Texture on Flip

    I couldn't make 2nd file to work with H17.5. I assume it has something to do with how to connect the source to a FLIP solver. This has changed with the new version. If someone knows how to convert it to the new version of Houdini I would be happy to see it as well.
  15. Textures not showing up on OpenGL render

    no problem ..I have just assigned UV project points on the torus ... it works for me.. Aha OpenGL hm don't have Clue
  16. Here's the file Tesan, as you can see I see at least the blue color on torus on scene view but its all white (no textures) on open gl render. OpenGL_Problem.hip
  17. get back to object

    Hi! How to set panes to a specified node? I tried hou.cd() and hou.setPwd() I'm triggering a python script from an hda. In the script I copy nodes and this leads to a change in the path of my panes - its focusing on the copied nodes. I don't want this and want to refocus on the inital node.
  18. Hi guys, I am trying to render some previews with opengl render i set everything right but textures does not show up on rendered frame, I can see textures on scene view but not on render any clues? OpenGL_Problem.hip
  19. Have you tried rendering it as phantom (in your mantra node) ?
  20. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I would like to set an object's shading to Matte shading so that it shows background image and acts as a hole. When I turn ON matte, it renders background in black color (instead of background). I tried several presets in "Render Visibility" slot, without success. Thanks for helping.
  21. Python Tic Tac Toe Game

    In the process of explore new ways to use python in Houdini I decided to do the Tic Tac Toe game. It's a classic when one wants to learn how to program a game and I had a good time trying. I surprise how houdini is open enough to do silly things like this and how it is becoming my favorite tool ever. In the way of typing clean and short code, I struggled with a simple but as efective AI I could. ( it's a simple test of machine wins in the next move if not, test if player wins at the next move if not, makes a random move). Actually is a very boring game, as said in the 80's movie of "War Games", because nobody wins eventually. I tryed and I just barely won two or three games in a row. Please, let me know how many game you won in a row ( score points). HIP file in youtube video description. Thanks for testing it !! Oscar
  22. FEM Target Stiffness per point

    Hey Guys, I'm working on a project that requires organic tissue. I'm using FEM for that. So I'm getting an animation from our animator and I will run my sim on that. I want to have some points follow the animation and the rest will be driven by the sim. So I'm using a target animation. I can get the the pintoanimation attribute to work so thats following nicely however I want to have it weighted a bit more. From my understanding this should be the targetstiffness attribute. However I can't get it to work. If I set the target strength on the hybrid object to a high value but set the @targetstiffness on the points to 0 it still follows the animation. I expect it not to follow to follow since it's a multiplier. Obviously I must be doing something wrong... Can anyone point me out what I'm doing wrong. I made a little test scene to show the issue. Thanks in advance! Ralph test_target_stiffness.hip
  23. In final step, I'll use post to composite background, but when I need to test my scene, I would like to see the background in Houdini renders.
  24. Does anyone know of a hotkey/option to mirror a component selection on a symmetrical mesh? I've found myself selecting stuff in the viewport quite a bit the last few days, but can't seem to find anything. Edit: I had forgotten about Attribute Mirror SOP, which is pretty useful for what I'm after, however if someone knows an answer to the above question that'd be cool too.
  25. Adding geometry attraction force to Flip?

    Thanks guys! So what I did in the end is to negate the volume gradient of the collider and use it as force, it is working well!
  26. Poly Carve SOP

    Agreed, that's why I always wish they propagate the new changes all across the app. I have a feeling the Attrib Interpolate has the fastest and most recent code for attribute interpolation.
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