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  2. hey Rob, it wasn't working. the static mesh actually have some heavy deformation with changing topology
  3. Couldn't you just point deform the static mesh with the animated mesh?
  4. hey, good summary however, i haven't found copy to points instancing to perform worse than original instance object (it is mostly a workflow difference more than anything else). it should definitely be able to handle any instancing scenario. if you see a performance hit even with hundreds of copies you are definitely doing something wrong, or you do much more data handling than with instance object. cheers.
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  6. Simple Circle Packing

    I did try the pressButton() method.....but couldn't get it to work.....I'll try it again, maybe it was just some sort of typo on my part. Thanks. EDIT: well waddayaknow....just tried it again and it worked !!!....yeah must have been a typo previous times I tried it. anyway FYI, hou.node('../solver1').parm('resimulate').pressButton() works...(change to python language, of course)
  7. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    I guess I'll keep updating my progress, here is where i am at now: I still have that pattern tho : ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Ow6igaLXkfRdotvpJkyNBvLtNO4qc29/view?usp=sharing
  8. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    so I am slowly solving this : ) part of my trouble is I was using a gas wind. Using a fan force affecting only part of the velocity allows for better swirls. I still wish there was a better way to control swirl tho
  9. Hi there! I am trying to use my flip fluids sim in unity, so I export it as alembic; everything works fine, except for the whitewater. I supposed that is because it is points and not geometry, any clue about how could I use my whitewater in Unity? Thank you all
  10. Dear All I am new to Houdini and learning as much as I can at the moment. I have the time for a while to develop my understanding and looking for people to collaborate with. I am willing to work for free on projects in return I would be mentored and taught becoming better with Houdini. So Please let me know if anyone is interested. I have a good workstation and have some time to work and learn. Thanks
  11. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    I dont understand how you get such nice movement with pyro using disturbance or turbulence. I have tried all the micro solvers and they produce weird results too. Obviously I exaggerated the motion,but you can see none of them really seem to create a swirling motion like maya fluids. First photo is the patter disturbance creates, the second is turbulence and third is gas vortex equalizer. It seems easy (sometimes) to tell what software was used to create a simulation based off its look. Maya fluids has its look, fume has its look and now I notice pyros look. Look at all these sims, they don't have swirling motion like maya fluids, they have turbulent patterns instead. Either that or really small swirl from gas confinement. take a look at this album, you can tell what I am talking about by the pattern seen in these simulations. https://vimeo.com/album/5305665 It seems really hard to get motion like this: https://vimeo.com/141476011 only using disturbance any turbulance.
  12. target position for particles

    I mentioned in my first post I didnt like the results from pop steer seek : ( thanks though
  13. Simple Circle Packing

    Hi Vusta, Not sure if you still have question about creating the button to reset the sim, but it you do you could try this: You can create a button in your UI and in callback script you can use hou.node('PATHTOSOPSOLVER').parm('NAMEOFBUTTON').pressButton() Best, Viola
  14. target position for particles

    Hi Evan, Maybe you could try popSteerSeek, it was for flocking/crowd but it allows for a certain level of control over the force and behavior. Hope it helps! Best, Viola
  15. Pscale increase with age not working

    I had to re-upload, I realized I accidentally did the pscale in dops so the collision isnt right. I just made a new attribute scale in dops, then set pscale to = scale after dops : ) let me know if that helps PArticles4.hip
  16. Pscale increase with age not working

    I moved the wrangle to the popnet. I also deleted your collision detection and just used the one built into the pop solver. Hope this helps : ) hold on I made a mistake gonna reupload
  17. Pscale increase with age not working

    Excellent!! a wrangler with one line and all is good!! Last question which attribute to use to make the particles stop sizing and rotating when they hit the floor? Best Regards.
  18. Pscale increase with age not working

    Let me know if this is helpful PArticles2.hip
  19. Pscale increase with age not working

    Hi Evan, any help about how to increase size with age, because I can't make it work...
  20. Pscale increase with age not working

    it has age for me. Its because you are importing the grid from the dopnet, so those points have 0 age. just scroll down
  21. Hi, I get some problem with my scene, I can't get may particles to increase their size with age.. @age seems to always be equal to 0 and don't really know why.. Any help would be welcome. PArticles.hip
  22. white spots ocean render

    I would still like to figure this out. Check out the photo I uploaded. you can see the white spots appear where the water mesh is not penetrating the ground. I believe it has to do with refraction. It seems in order to render water correctly, the water needs to have part of the surface above the ground, and part below. the way I fixed it in one of my renders is by creating a mask where the collision happens, then extending the bottom of the flip sim down so that all of it penetrates the ground. This is slow and it seems like there would be another method. Surely someone else had to have come across this problem? It doesn't matter how high my resolution is, it always happens.
  23. FYI. and for future reference, I decided to go with the old school instance node, rather than the copy to points approach. The later was taking much more time to refresh on viewport even with a few hundred copieas displayed as a box. The geo "instance" node could easily handle over half a million instances in the viewport. The other thing is as @davpe mentioned, packed instances are not suported by Arnold, which I need to use the final render. With the geo "instance" node I managed to render half a million instances, animated with over 3 million faces each with no problem. I will just try to implement time randomness with the techique sugested by @Atom.
  24. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    The ability to create New Operator Type... code nodes from HOM. It is a little bit rise of the machine to allow python to create python nodes. I didn't realize we couldn't and it be nice to wrap all HDA creations under similar script. These types of HDAs: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/pythonsop.html Also allow the menu creation of those HDAs to be put in the same asset section as the rest of the HDA creation scripts.
  25. Duplicating Digital Asset with parameters variation...

    Thanks. I think I've read stamping is going to be deprecated, but this could be a solution for now. However, when I add a dopnet in the geo network that references something being stamped, it's no longer working, I have the default stamp value I believe, once it enters the dopnet Is duplicating dopnets a good idea anyway ? I could certainly replicate the geometry before the dopnet and use it as a whole, but it made more sense for what I had in mind to have independant dopnet, one in each instance In this example, I expected each instance to be move along y axis also, but this is missing. The static part (the font object) works as expected. Why is it so ? minimaldopcopies.hipnc
  26. Fatal error: Segmentation fault

    Switching to the latest build (16.5.536) seems solved the issue.
  27. heh, that's a bummer... i would probably just ask sidefx what they think you should do about it. i haven't ever seen this message (and hope i never will ), my last windows update went a week ago or so and i'm on 16.5.378.
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