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  2. I wrote an article that is probably only of interest for the .1% It is a crash introduction to HDK, C++ and the mesh laplacian. https://mbaadsgaard.com/portfolio/laplacian-eigenvector-plugin-for-houdini/ Feedback is, of course, also welcome
  3. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hi Michal, the LYNX_force from the LYNX VFX Toolset can also do this, but more user friendly/interactively with customizable falloffs, see this video for more info. You can grab it for free here: https://github.com/LucaScheller/VFX-LYNX Cheers, Luca
  4. All the powerfull and magic of houdini, few line written to do what other software will do with addon or more hassle, and with less flexibility. If you are confused and intimidate but these vex lines, i could tell you that if you start learning houdini in a proper way from the base, this will look totally natural to you very quickly in fact
  5. I prefer to achieve this through mantra,I made some attempts,But external objects do not show the feeling of being illuminated internally.Do you have any good suggestions for this? If there is, then I will be very grateful.
  6. You seem to be everywhere, brother
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  8. Hello, I need to deform a car geometry to quickly create crash like deformation (plz, see attached). Note, I don't need a full simulation, just the final shape. What is the best approach? I tried to deform some parts of the car mesh using turbulence/anti-aliased/mountain noise, but it did not look right! Another idea is to use vellum (or bullet with soft constraints) to simulate metals and hit the car by random objects, but I am hoping for something faster. Any ideas? Thanks,
  9. Hello everyone! I'm having problem with this Solver SOP, the Prev_Frame doesn't contain the attributes I modify in the solver, like it's always the first frame. Maybe I don't understand how this work but isn't the Prev_Frame node containing the output geo from previous frame? I idea here is to check if a point velocity is above a certain threshold then start a timer on it (decreasing each frame), these points are used as a smoke emitter. The original geo is a RBD sim, at first a thought is was that but even with a test sphere it doesn't work... Please help, thanks you! panda_dust.hipnc
  10. Hello, i have an issue with the copy stamp, I created a Point wrangle where I choose randomly pieces from black or red color in a loop (its a building), so i created a variable with a random in my copy stamp and i want to paste it in a seed I created in the point wrangle, in order to copy different seed of my object on point, it doesn't work at all, it's always the same copy of the same seed... Thank for any advice, cheers
  11. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    Hey Drughi OMG! How u guys are doing that?! works.... thank u so much!!!! But how to make it with multiple "center points". I mean more centers with slower motion of particles. I tried something in popnet/ pop vop, but unsuccesfully.... particles_issue.hip
  12. Simulating flip from bottle

    Thanks for all the answers. I still havent gotten it to not lose volume at the end. Tried different settings for couple of days now. As for volume loss, i would think that the volume loss would occur when the bottle is animated and not on the glass that is standing still? How would you set up a collider with thicker walls? if i make the model with thicker walls only for collision then i will get a problem from the flip particles colliding with that geo if they are spilled on the outside? is there a workaround for that? When you say that i should make sure the collision volume is calculated on a single frame i guess that you are talking about the glass? This one is a static object created from the shelf tools. Not sure i'm making this 100% correct but i locked the geo i use in the file and uploaded it here so you can take a look if you have time. Thanks! ek_pouring_beer_001.hiplc
  13. Hi there, Im stuck on this problem im facing. I have created a material which basically shows the wetmap (collision history) of my flip fluid colliding with my static object. The issue I face is how to export this diffuse material as an animated image sequence in the correct uv space and unwrap of the static object model. i want to use this in maya as a shader. If anyone has any suggestions i would be thankfull forever :). Cheers.
  14. SDF from density in Dops

    I know its possible with the sop solver, but I guess it's not as fast as SDF Representation
  15. popdrag - slower particle in selected radius

    You can use length of P to control the speed. Something like this: v@v *= fit(length(v@P), radius_min, radius_max, max_drag, 1);
  16. SDF from density in Dops

    How to use the "SDF Representation" Node to convert a density volume to SDF? Or is there another way?
  17. CHOPS question

    The limit isn't where the issue is coming from, it's the Trim node off to the side. Also, here's the file. MusicVisualization.rar
  18. NASA science visualization department wants to transition from another popular 3D application to Houdini. Houdini trainer needs to be experienced in ingesting large amounts of science data and presenting it in a way the general public can comprehend. You need to be able to teach artists, that use this other application, how to transition to Houdini in this context. You will be flown to Baltimore, travel expenses paid, to provide on-site training for a week. Thanks
  19. Hello houdini masters! I have small issue, in popnet. Im trying to create moving particles on plane, but with different "speed" U can see my intention on scheme down here. Can u guys please help me? I will be very grateful for any advices. Thank u very much!! particles_issue.hip
  20. Creating bubbling lava

    https://hdbp.io/9fBpySbJ Great new-ish tutorial site with a cool interface too Also do a search here or SideFX Forum but Atom I believe posted another way to do bubbling.
  21. CROWDS : Walking over other agents / Constraint Network

    I uploaded the wrong file for the scene with sphere and cubes. If anyone understand why it bugs, although a much simpler one works with 2 cubes... I am happy to hear ! dynConTest.hip
  22. Paint splash

    Pas de soucis ;-)
  23. Paint splash

    oh wow this is exactly what im looking for. Thanks for the help i had no clue what it was called
  24. Midi Chops

    Hi srletak ! Thank you very I'll check if I can find something useful for my project in this. What I really need is note on and note off datas I think to be able to create a trigger for each note plaid. I don't really understand how to use lex.ikoon midi kit but maybe I can find this in it ? Thank you !
  25. Paint splash

    Do you just need a wet map, or do you want to recreate the Substance dynamic brush where you paint with particles ? For getting wet maps, you can find plenty of tutorials on google : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEeZ6a56kC8 and : https://vimeo.com/channels/pqhoudini/285813013
  26. Paint splash

    Hi guys, Im really in need of some help here. Im trying to find a way to paint a mesh using flip fluids. The idea was to have an alpha of where the fluids collide with the mesh to then use in compositing to reveal a texture. However ive been lookin everywhere an cant seem to find how to extract this information. Here is an example of its use in substance painter Thanks for your help guys,
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