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  2. Dynamic Particles - Houdini Rig needed

    nothing you are welcome (Studio)
  3. Preserving ParticleIDs

    What's a good method for preserving particleIDs? As particles die, Houdini reassigns the IDs, right? I need to preserve the particleIDs so I can calculate acceleration for multi-step particle motion blur. For this to work, the IDs need to stay consistent and not be reused. I've tried a combination of the Trail SOP and a SOPSolver looking up the previous frame ID to carry it forward, but once the particles start dying this falls apart. -- mC
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  5. Particle Systems on Packed Primitives

    Trying to figure out the best approached to creating particle systems that are unique and isolated to packed primitives. Basically, I've got a rigid body shatter effect and for each packed prim I want to have an energy effect that travels along with the prim geo. I'm after a particle effect that basically 'clings' to the surface with maybe the occasional wisp or particle that escapes a tightly controlled field around the surface. I don't want a comet trail/firework sort of effect as it travels through space. Think of something like an ether fire engulfing an object: all flame and form around the source without any smoke emission. For instance, the look could be similar to stationary geo with a VDB-driven velocity field manipulated by curl noise. It feels like my base needs to be a per-piece particle system that starts as a scatter-on-surface system and...then everything I've tried just doesn't get me where I need to be. So, I guess my questions are: Is a for-each loop pretty much a given here? Any way I can avoid making the first step in the for-each loop an unpack? Because, you know, that's painful... How do I keep the particle system contained to the volume of the packed primitive/fragment geo? This isn't meant to sound as broad as it might; I've got (I think) a fairly good understanding of forces/velocity/etc in POPs/DOPs but I just can't seem to find the right combo here. The particles need to inherit the overall velocity/acceleration/transformations of the fragments as they transform, but they need to do it in a contained, volumetric fashion. My prototype tests have been getting me imagery that at one extreme looks like the particles are getting 'stamped' in space and like the comet tail at the other. I've tried a few ways to create a VDB per-fragment, and it, uh, wasn't a pretty for performance or visuals. (willing to take the perf hit for the right look, btw) I literally had not considered pyro for this until typing the ether flame description in the post. Does this sound like something suited for a pyro solver? Haven't done much pyro besides some advection hijacking. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks! -- mC
  6. export texture

    thank you very much
  7. export texture

  8. The "Houdini Master" title is based on your number of posts. The leaderboard is calculated based on number of posts/day and the +366 is a reputation marker. The more likes you get on your posts the higher that number. Simple
  9. Dynamic Particles - Houdini Rig needed

    WE GOT THIS COVERED! Thanks so much for the replies. Huge thanks to all the talent on Oddforce!!!!!!!
  10. SVGIcons.cache file corrupted

    You can just delete the corrupted file. It will be recreated when Houdini starts.
  11. My SVGIcons.cache file became corrupt anyone can share an un-corrupted version of this file ?
  12. Doxia Studio's Tutorials

    @DoxiaStudio Peace & Love
  13. Project points on geo

    Thanks Julian. This is a pretty nice setup and pretty simple. Although I'm still in the beginnings of learning VEX and not very far along down that path. I will use this to learn from though. I mostly understand what going on in the expression but I'll have to do some more research on the stuff I don't know yet. Thanks for the help!
  14. Doxia Studio's Tutorials

    I was letting people know about the free tutorials in Houdini for beginners and you only saw the patreon link. You gave that reply and misjudging the post without even check the links to see the beginner tutorials are available to everyone. Or maybe, I was not clear on the message and should spam more the "free" word... But well, this post was more for people who need help and are willingly happy to learn. And if they want to know more, they can have access to other stuff on Patreon. cheers
  15. animate normal like sea ​​urchin

    His nickname is Toadstorm lol
  16. More Particles Following a PATH!

    Hey @christianl013, I've got a similar problem where i need to use multiple curves to contol a pop sim with curve force; would you mind sharing with me how you achieved it with pcopen? Thanks in advance! Cheers, C
  17. Now it works fine , thank you.
  18. //set a wrangle to run over primitives int primpts[] = primpoints(0,@primnum); removepoint(0,primpts[0]); removepoint(0,primpts[-1]);
  19. Dam! no reply on that topic : / I'm looking into PFtrack atm too... Trevor, have you used it with Houdini ?
  20. Noise on ramp transition (edge)

    Hello again! I was trying out your setup, it works for all intents and purposes. I am just wondering if there are other ways to accomplish this?
  21. Modeling questions (remesh, polyfill)

    Thank you.. Skin would be a better method indeed.
  22. Rendering Cola

    Last time I looked into shading fluids it was done with a combination of surface hull and bubbles with nested dielectrics enclosing a uniform volume. Roughly like this: Why don't you publish your attempt so we have something more elaborate to start from? coke.hipnc
  23. Hello everyone, I am working with volumetric capture data and would like to have points scattered on it that moves with the data but also doesn't chang every frame. The issue is that the geometry, primitive number and uv's keep changing every frame. So I can't do the same trick I can do with mocap data using the primuv attributes. Anyone have any experience with this and how I should handle it?
  24. animate normal like sea ​​urchin

    Thank you illusionist!!!!
  25. Simple RBD hanging

    I'd probably setup an rbd chain instead, I think that'd be easier to control.
  26. Hi Masoud, padzero() expression wrapped around the clamp() adds those zeroes: $HIP/tex/Display_A_`padzero(4,clamp($F,1,130))`.jpg https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/padzero.html
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