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  2. Align Geometry on Spline along TangentU and Y-Axis

    Hey, thx alot to you! I finaly could manage to align the shape in a correct way by setting the Normal to Y. But I get to another problem now: On some parts of the spline, the geometry is twisted. Is there a way to fix that or at least, smooth the twist out?
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  4. Align Geometry on Spline along TangentU and Y-Axis

    Make sure you use the up vector for vertical alignment. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/instanceattrs.html
  5. Fuse SOP 2.0 No unique?

    At some version in the future hopefully facet sop will be retired. It's an old friend that has seen better days.
  6. Hey. I was wondering why this doesn't work or how I should make it work. If I want to see a my take in the Render View it seems I need to be in that take also in the viewport and stuff, even tho I have selected that take in my mantra node. Thank you!
  7. Disco Dingo

    Any Ubuntu users? Wondering if I should upgrade to 19.04 which comes with the new Linux 5.0 kernel. Supposed to have improved support for nvidia GPU's but came across at least one thread on reddit warning about upgrading. https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/ax3msr/beware_of_kernel_50_nvidia/
  8. thank you for this, I was going crazy trying to make this work.
  9. source flip fluid with velocity

    Did you ever figure it out? I was playing with this too, and couldn't get tit to work either. Trying to get that directional emmiter effect!
  10. Hey all, How can I add in Houdini 17.5 some debris to an fractured object...so I like to add some smaller debris shards to an object... I have watched on Youtube but I didnt find anything because they have tutorials about this but ONLY for earlier Houdini versions... Help would be very nice...
  11. Fuse SOP 2.0 No unique?

    How did I miss that!! thank you!
  12. Hi George, It should be simple to play back any simulation , exporting bgeo or using Sim cacha from the Autodop network. I can not figure out what you are having Issues with by just your explanations. Her are some snap shots, Are your using the expresion $F with your bgeo sequence. It would be much easier if there where a scene like yours or a simple version to see exactly what you have. Cheers , but this should be a simple thing.
  13. I separated wires and FEM objects as much as possible and made point groups as various as possible. And I connected all corresponding each group to glue nodes. However, when I start a simulation, lines(edge) are generated between two points that did not exist. And they are detaching from glued FEM objects. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? WireSim.hiplc Ship_Alembic_B.abc
  14. Fuse SOP 2.0 No unique?

    I think the Facet SOP has an option to do this
  15. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    So much yes! I cant believe this is not possible, because you can even alt-click and drag to duplicate nodes in the network view. It is really annoying, Houdini already has more than enough features for modeling, but that such a shift-drag clone is missing in viewport is what slows things down and is what keeps it unattractive for any sort of modeling. Please submit an RFE if you havent yet, i have already done so while back.
  16. Spyrogif

  17. Hey, so to preface, I'm a newish c4d user/ total Houdini newb. I created a grain simulation in Houdini and exported it as an alembic, then brought it into c4d. When I imported it to C4d I imported the grains as polygon objects, and it looks fine in the viewport, but when I try to render nothing appears. The way it appears in the viewport The way it appears in render, with a hair material and render apply I did some googling and tried applying a hair material tag and render tag to the alembic particles, and now the material shows up in the render material but it looks nothing like the way it appears in Houdini or in the viewport. I also tried importing the alembic as particle geometry, then using thinking particles to assign geometry to the alembic, but my c4d crashes every time I try to render it. Anyone ever run into this issue before? Thanks!
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  19. Hi, In H17.5 the fuse sop has been replaced by a new one that doesn't have the unique tab any more. Any ideas on how to recreate the same feature using other SOPs? basically a way to split vertices that have common points and generate new points. Regards, IA
  20. Letter Rising from Sand/grains COLLISION issues

    So i just realizes that the artifacts are coming from the rising letter, reacting to the groundplane, stretching over it. It pishes the groundplane up, like its cloth. Is this correct? Do i need to figure out how to stop the letter from colliding with the plane, or is this correct, and i just have to hide the groundplane geo? I didnt even know that was possible!
  21. Hello! I have recently been offered my FIRST FX job! I am familiar with Maya, and some Max, but this job requires that i use Houdini, so now i am all in! VERY EXCITED!!! I have a scene where i have to make some letters rise from sand. The issue is that i cannot get things to collide correctly. Doing my research i have tried using it as a RBD object, and using a trail sop to computer its velocity, but i still dont see any collisions. I use static object, pointing to a VDB smooth as the proxy geo, and all of the collision detection/mode set to volume, but no collisions still. I set the sim up with an initial state file too. Could that be the issue? When i take away the VDB to polygons and VDB smooth, delete and just run the sim as a regular static object, everything works! But...i get some weird artifacts rendering. What is the best approach to this method in Houdini? Im sure the solution is just a setting away, but im lost here. Any suggestions? LetterSetup_001_collProbs.hip
  22. Thank you Tesan but I could not make it work... Here is a gif and my hiplc file... mixamo test 1.hiplc
  23. houdini dop inherit velocity

    Matt, you just saved my weekend! thank you!!!!
  24. play with this (maybe it's this that you want) Houdini 16 noise.hipnc
  25. post .hip file and someone gonna Play on Cd some noise. Just please post your file
  26. Nature fun

    Birdy DODO L-system
  27. Hi, I need to feed Cd with a noise that will stick to the surface of an imported animated character (fbx or alembic). Thanks for helping!
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