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Found 9 results

  1. i have uvs for my geo but there is still space for more. i would like to pack the uvs of a second geo into the existing uvs of the first geo without moving what's already in place. Essentially i want to pack the second geo around the uvs of the first. Makes sense? is this possible?
  2. Custom importer for Quixel Megascans Bridge inside Houdini Sop. These videos shows an example of working with 3D Scans and Surfaces https://github.com/andrey214/aa_tools https://vimeo.com/638435887 https://vimeo.com/638435845
  3. Hey magicians, I'm fighting to get proper UVs to substance, I made a signage with multiple elements, each one got their UVs working. Now I'm trying to export each uv organized and in separated UV islands, tryed uv layout but make's the UVs weird, if I change scale to "Fixed" they look good, but they dont have layout per island in the UV viewport. Any advice will be super helpful Thanks!
  4. Hi there...hoping to fix my current issue. placing nodes in the scene will propagate in a diagonal fashion. haven't been able to find out if there is a way to customize this ability. i tend to want my nodes to always go straight down, as i constantly have to reorder them in the view so they fit on my screen. such like they will go behind the parameter window and its kinda frustrating. halp
  5. Hey, thought I'd share this here. Preview of tree and foliage creation and layout tools now available on Gumroad. I've released them as "pay what you want" as my contribution to the community. I plan to keep supporting and improving these tools in future as well as releasing other tools. Let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions and I look forward to seeing what people create with them. Enjoy! https://gumroad.com/l/zWFNX
  6. Hi guys; I have two questions, please: 1) When I group some nodes using "Network Box" (SHIFT + O), why text is appearing outside of it? Is there any way to wrap text inside network box? 2) " CTRL + L " doesn't works inside network box, is there any way to auto layout inside a network box? Thanks.
  7. I'm having an issue where some of my instanced objects are not casting shadows when rendering to Arnold. In my example project that I've uploaded, box_instance_1 is not casting shadows on the ground plane where as box_instance_2 is casting shadows perfectly fine. Even stranger, when I hide box_instance_1 from render, box_instance_2 suddenly does not cast shadows. As far as I know I've set up both instances in the same way. Clearly something weird is going on, and I'd love to know if anyone else has encountered this issue? I'm on version 16.5.439 rock_instances.hip
  8. Hi Folks, Just updated my reel since my time at SideFX is coming to an end and am looking for work as an FX Artist/ TD. Breakdown to follow but here's the link. https://vimeo.com/53809110 Software used is Houdini, Maya, Nuke and more. Best Saqib
  9. Mr. X Inc. is seeking a Senior/Intermediate Matchmove/Tracking Artist for upcoming feature film projects. Responsibilities include: 3D Camera tracking - recreating the movement of a stereo live-action camera in 3D, set extensions - ensuring 3d objects placed in a 3D virtual environment are accurately tracked. Using the measurements and pictures of the live-action set, camera information, distortion grids, and scaling reference of characters and objects to recreate a virtual set in 3D. Matchmoving rigid and non-rigid objects on moving elements in the plate. Removing lens distortion from the plates to aid in the solving of tracks. Qualifications: Expert knowledge of PFTrack or 3Dequalizer (knowledge of Boujou a plus). Thorough knowledge and experience with Maya. On set production experience is desirable. Previous stereoscopic film production experience a plus Knowledge of a tracking software's scripting language is desirable. Meticulous attention to detail with a great eye for camera, blocking plus composition and must work well under pressure for potentially short turnaround deadines. Able to take direction and feedback well from supervisor. A minimum of two years of feature film experience required. All interested applicants should email their resumes to recruiting@mrxfx.com with the subject reading “Matchmover". Please include the address of your web portfolio in your cover letter and/or resume or send a DVD of your demo reel to: Attn: Recruiting/Matchmover Mr X Inc. 35 McCaul Street, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M5T 1V7 We invite you to visit our website @ www.mrxfx.com. No phone calls please.
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