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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I am having a question about collider type option in vdb projection nondivergent SOP. A basic method is working well, and I try to use input2's optional collider VDB slot with collider type. I am expecting projection of non-divergence should happen only outside of collider or get influence of collider's velocity. However, it's nothing happen or getting error. I am guessing input2 should have a certain format to plug in object. If anyone knows how to use that feature properly, I would appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I have a particles simulation wrapping around a sphere (with min_pos) , I need to prepare a render for Nuke, which has the simulation unwrapped 360 degrees (as HDRI), do you have any idea how to do it? Basically the unwrapped simulation needs to work as a texture in nuke where the compositor will be able to wrap it back to a sphere (an eye of a character).
  3. Hey Everyone, Can anyone give me information about baking a texture onto an object? So I projected camera footage onto an object however I'm making the object disintegrate like paper and need the projected texture to remain on the object after it has disintegrated. I can't seem to find any resources about this? Many thanks in advance
  4. Dive is video mapping project that was created for audio visual festival Signal 2015 in Prague. This event attracts around 100 000 visitors every year, the city becomes completely filed with the people that flows like river trough the city. As a surface was used the rococo facade of the Kinský Palace in the Old Town Square that normally functions as a National Gallery. This video mapping combines abstract shapes with existing architectural parts of the facade and illusions evoking a watery surface. In this way the projection penetrates the subconscious in an attempt to shatter the image of everyday reality. Concept: Petr Krejčík Animation: Petr Krejčík and Ati Sphere Music: Ondřej Skala http://cirquegaruda.cz https://www.instagram.com/cirque.garuda/
  5. I am trying to create a Ground collapse effect on tracked footage(tracked on 3dEqualizer) by projecting the ground texture on to my cube and then fracturing it. However, the texture from the projection is overlapping the effect even after it fractures so only the texture is visible in the scene. I'm a beginner when it comes to Houdini, sorry if its something simple that I have missed
  6. Hi! I'm trying to project a spherical map, an HDRI, onto geometry like so: Can't for the life of me figure out how... I'm using H17.5 and Redshift Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreicated. Kind regards!
  7. Hi Wizards I'm trying to convert a poly shape to a NURBS surface or curve. So that i'm able to project that polyshape onto another object. So that I can trim it. The goal is make it look like the shape has been carved out of the other object. Other solutions than projecting the NURBS surface are welcome too! Thank in advance Pattern on Ball.hipnc
  8. So I used the Triplanar Projection vop to give some geometry a diffuse texture. It was really easy, and I am happy with the results. However, now I want to add displacement to the same object with a displacement map which matches my diffuse texture. Since the triplanar projection vop only outputs color, how can I supply my shader the outN and doffset values that the Displace Texture vop supplies?
  9. Hi Guys, I have been trying to get my point's cd from a mesh with texture. I seen alot of method around that are using attribute promotes from vertex UV to points UV. However the UV I promoted are slightly off. I wonder if there's any way that I can use a vop to get closest surface texture's color info and project them to my point cd? Very much thanks and appreciate any help from you guys. I have attrached my file. texPoinntTex002.hip and the obj file (testAlembicCon.hip), just have to change the extension to.obj will do. texPointTex002.hip testAlembicCon.hip
  10. Hello, I am trying to render out a simple scene which comprises of a sphere with a partially reflective material on top of a backplate which depicts a table which the sphere sits on. I have included an environmental light with an HDRI environment map and two area lights which are in the approximate positions of their real-life couterparts. I have assigned a matteshadow shader to the table surface in order to 'catch' any shadows created by the sphere, and am getting shadows on the table surface when I composite the CG on top of the backplate: The problem is that I am also getting the reflection of the matteshadow (table top) holdout on the reflective sphere, and would like to instead have the sphere reflect the true texture of the table top surface. Now I know in Maya I can use mip_matteshadow and mip_cameramap shaders to successfully get this effect, however I have no idea where to start in Houdini for this. Is there any way of getting the diffuse of the table top geometry to simply read the backplate from the camera? I know how to camera project and bake out textures from the backplate in Houdini however I have no idea how to combine this technique with the matteshadow shader in order to get the effect I need. Anyone here know a method for doing this? Any help would be much appreciated! Chibley.
  11. Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for a few days now and can't figure it out so would really appreciate some help! I'm creating a procedural city which is on a deforming (ocean) ground. Procedurally modelling it is fine but I can't figure out a solid method for UVing the buildings - it seems Houdinis UV tools are slightly lacking.. So, currently i've done the following: 1. City block layout from voronoi pattern 2. Deform this surface 3. Create a base for every building in the blocks 3. Extrude the buildings upwards So its very simple but since the buildings are on a deforming surface they are not straight and are constantly moving, UVing them is a bit tricky (unless i'm being very stupid). My initial methods were: Do extrusions and UV buildings while on a flat surface then somehow transfer them back on to the deformed surface (rivet sop, copy sop??). Problem: buildings must be copied back in the same order to maintain the city layout. Convert primitive normal vector to rotation matrix and align UV project (cylindrical) node to building UV project (Y axis) city layout then edit UVs of the building walls with each extrusion problem: effectively results in a Z orthographic projection for the walls so UVs must be horizontally unwrapped ​​​​Iterate through building walls and calculate the area of the each primitive in UV space and scale it based on the area of the primitive in 3D space After UV projection of the city layout, duplicate the primitive and layout the points along the X axis in UV space based on their length, then all extrusions will be in proportion. Then transfer the UVs from the duplicated primitive back to the roof of the building I've attached a slightly simplified version of my scene with annotations. Thanks very much, Mike texture_problem.hipnc
  12. after rendering, i have many weird flickering issue of the camera projection with some artefacts. I have attached some files for reference. let me know if you know the problem. thank you. Best Regards, Tatsme flickerproblem.mov houdini14_ground.hipnc
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