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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Guys, I am looking for a way to fix the orientation on the points after a vellum simulation on a spline. I want to create a rope simulation and afterwards use the sweep node to get some geo around my spline but it turns out there are some weird twists. (check pictures below) Ill attach the scene file below. (rope_simulation.zip) any help is highly appreciated. thank you guys so much in advance. rope_simulation.zip
  2. Straight Angle Noise

    Hello All, I'm working with attribute noise trying to create a line with only 90 degree angles. I'm pretty close but the line still comes to a point in some spots (see attached). Is there a quick way to fix this or adjust it post attribnoise? Thanks PointNoise_v01.hiplc
  3. 我是 c4d 的新 houdini 用户,我想制作这种效果 ,动画就像 07s-09s 我是从 ,但动画不是很好。 所以有人可以帮助我或给我一些教程来做这个效果 非常感谢你
  4. Abstract Spline in houdini?

    I'm a new houdini user from c4d and I want to make this effect , the animation like 07s-09s and I do this learn from , but the animation is not very well. So can some one help me or give me some tutorial to do this effect thank you very much
  5. I would like to know how to create a series of branching curves which are created from dummy objects in Unreal's World Outliner. So you would start with a primary branch/curve, and for every selected actor, the HDA would create a secondary curve starting at the actor's location. Or I can simplify this by asking - how would you make an HDA that can generate any number of curves which will become editable splines inside of Unreal? Creating a single, editable curve for Unreal is working fine, but I want to create an HDA which will allow for any number of extending secondary curves. branching_curves.hipnc
  6. Hello, guys. I am a newbie into Houdini, I am currently working on a personal project, the purpose is to acquire new skills throughout whole process. I was trying to copy a Circle Spline laid on ZX Plane, and base on its Scale Variation (Parameter set to Scale[1.05, 1.05, 1.05]), So copies will expand continuously on ZX Plane as Copy SOP total number increases. Then I wire into Popnet, trying to advect the Circle Splines by Pyro Sim. After Popnet I was trying to use Add SOP to connect all point and reestablishing its original look. (Tried both All Points and Group by Attribute) And it ended up wired looking connection, I even tried to use End SOP to close Polylines, but it doesn't work. Is anyone being kind to help me out? Thank you. I will attach screenshots and scene file. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. Jaala Hsu PyroSim Advection.hipnc
  7. Hello; I'm looking for some tutorials that explains how to manipulating values using VEX "Spline" functions. Thanks for helping.
  8. Brick wall tool works when moving the spline in x and z direction but when moved upwards the rotation of some of the bricks is rotated in a strange way. BrickWall.hipnc
  9. Hey guys, Anybody knows how can I get this effect? maybe with attribute transfer? I tried doing a plane with 10-1, resample, unroll, then tried to deform the body with ray sop and with attribute transfer with no luck. Maybe with particles that flows until touchs the surface and then continue?, I also tried doing a bunch of planes with a cookie sop but I get a mess. I'm also attaching 2 more samples that are similar, I'm more interested in the girl body one, I dont know why but I have the feeling that an attribute transfer may be the way to control at least the face, but im newbie. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, First time poster and fairly recent Houdini convert (half a year). I have a problem that I'm not sure how to tackle. I have a piece of geometry that I would like to wrap in string. Not necessarily overlapping and places where you can see the original geo (so not covered 100%). First I thought I should go the POP route but I can't figure out a way to crawl the object so the lines are somewhat neat. Painting where the lines will go is tedious and not really what I'm looking for. The POPs way would also mean I need to run the sim to get the object covered. I'm not sure if I have a lot of time to finish this look so I would love the quickest way to generate this on say 10 objects. Second I thought of using some sort of DOPs and attract the curves to the geo. This seems even messier and harder to control than the first route. Also I want to stay away from having to do this via a texture map to generate a displacement. I know I could do it fairly easily via a displacement map but at the same time I think this method would be the least accurate and not as procedural. If I can't do it procedurally I might as well hop back on C4D or Modo for the job and do it that way. I want to use the right tool for the job, you know? Any help would be super appreciated. I've fallen in love with Houdini and I am trying to use it in every project I do!
  11. I've been trying to abuse and use CHOPs for the first time, as much as possible, for a production I'm working on, mostly because of the knowledge that we have to render the whole thing now at 30fps and then repurpose it all later to render at 24fps. So I'm trying to time everything in seconds rather than frames, which CHOPs is suited for. The animation needs for this job are fairly straightforward, no character animation but a lot of long complicated camera work. Unfortunately it feels like there are some inherent limitations to it, for one that I can't seem to find a way to create bezier curves or other types of animation curves without resorting to hacks like resampling a polyspline or sampling keyframed dummy objects. Am I missing anything that would aid in this? The spline CHOP is only suited to modifying existing curves, and I don't see a way of creating beziers or cubic splines with a VOP CHOP. Really underrated context in Houdini though... I've been impressed by how powerful they are, limitations aside. Instead of typo-prone unreadable hscript expressions you get a clear network of nodes that can do most of the same tasks. -Jon
  12. Spline (curve) export possible?

    Hello all, I've done some googling, read the supported geometry file formats page and etc., but thought I'd swing by here to see if you guys knew the best thing to do or if this is even possible. My big picture goal is to get a (complicated) spline from C4D to Houdini and back again. Right now I'm trying to get any spline (curve) from Houdini to C4D (or even to another program and then to C4D). Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for the aid. ~Grey