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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I got an animation from mixamo.com in fbx... used c4d to export out an abc - this file opens fine back in c4d. But doesn't show any geometry inside houdini. Is there something I am missing/ doing something wrong? If this won't work does anyone know a convenient way to get mixamo animation inside houdini? Thanks d.
  2. Sup guys, anybody knows how to read houdini color attributes in octane for c4d? I tried exporting as alembic, that gave me a vertex color tag wich I plug into a vertex map on a material, but isn't working, the native c4d render seems to load it, any tips on this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm doing a simulation where a car drives through a brick wall. The scene will eventually be imported via alembic into C4D for texturing and rendering so here is where I'm getting stuck: I imported the car as an obj, cleaned it, converted it to polysoup, made a low res proxy (using the ray sop) for simulation, and then after I get the sim the way I want I export the point data of the sim and then use transform pieces and connect the high resolution car. However, I'm not sure how to export the car with selection tags for texturing individual parts of the geo in C4D. I'm using alembic to export from Houdini to C4D. It seems like once I convert the car to regular polygon mesh, all the individual pieces of the car fall apart in the sim. I would use an HDA and the C4D Houdini Engine but we are on R16 at work and will not have R17 available to us for this project. Is there a way to save out texture tags in the polygon soup so that when I save the alembic file they are baked in? Any ideas are welcome! sim_example_js_v01.hipnc
  4. Got a DA DNA? Join Moment Factory, THE multimedia leader! julie@polyglotgroup.eu https://goo.gl/dOm7t4
  5. Hi! I'm using houdini engine with cinema 4D. I've got several C4D projects with a hda that read files. When I just click on render, my scene is rendered perfect, but when I added my project to render queue, C4D alerts me that it doesn't found my digital asset and I need to render several projects during the night and I cannot be all the time in front of the computer waiting until one project finished render to click and render the other project. Does anyone knows if there is a way to solve this?? Thanks!!
  6. Hey all, I exported out an alembic scene from C4D, imported into Houdini, made the proper scale adjustments and everything looks as it should. However, when I go to render in Mantra, I select the imported camera in my alembic scene and the preview is completely black. When I add a Houdini camera and render the scene looks as if it should but the alembic camera will not show up in the render. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Hello guys. I'm really digging Houdini and have been digging deep into training all over about it. It's a really steep learning curve but I'm seeing some of the rewards. I've been playing with Alembic import a lot as I'm used to Cinema 4D, and I find I can create things much faster there. I know the simulations are top notch in Houdini though so my pipeline ends up with me animating in C4D then sending it out. Importing has been the problem I've been running into. Right now I'm trying to scale with alembic node down. I read on a forum somewhere that I could plug a Null node up to the alembic archive and scale the whole thing down that way, but even with a basic cube in Houdini hooked up to a Null I'm getting no visual indication that any sort of scale is happening. I've clicked on just about everything I can think of in the Null settings. I can edit the transforms with the actual shapes themselves but I have a lot of shapes, and I'd like to take care of them in one go. I have a whole slew of other questions that just keep coming up that none of my training seems to cover, and I'm just trying to fill in the blanks here. The program is quite powerful, but so unwieldy at times.
  8. Hello all, I've done some googling, read the supported geometry file formats page and etc., but thought I'd swing by here to see if you guys knew the best thing to do or if this is even possible. My big picture goal is to get a (complicated) spline from C4D to Houdini and back again. Right now I'm trying to get any spline (curve) from Houdini to C4D (or even to another program and then to C4D). Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for the aid. ~Grey