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  2. Primitive counter on a parameter interface?

    Hi Noobini thanks for the tip I ended up using label aswell.
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  4. it's nothing but a label....easy peasy vu_Count_Label.hiplc
  5. painted metal shader

  6. Primitive counter on a parameter interface?

    Hey AntoineSfx It works! Nice. Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend /PP
  7. Modeler 1.0

    No, it works only in H18
  8. Modeler 1.0

    It's this working in 16.5 houdini ?
  9. VFX Artist Needed - Work Remotely

    Need a VFX Artist to help us with some VFX shots on our latest short film, The Sands of Time. The film is now in post-production. www.thesandsoftimefilm.com Shot 1 - A descending staircase in the sand. Both during the day and at sunset. They are only quick insert shots. To establish what it is they are climbing down. Don't really need to see any moment. Same shot but light for both times of the day. We can do the lighting during the grade if required. The attached image is a good example of what is required, but all of this would look like it is made out of sand. Similar angle to this. 4 seconds. Shot 2 - Two static actors pressed against each other dissolve into sand and vanish. The sides of them, as per the example below. So we start to see them dissolve and they vanish together. 7 seconds. Budget is tight. So this job would suit someone with experience who is keen to add to their credits. You will also get a copy of the film released. Will be doing a few projects this year, so a good opportunity to work together on other projects as well. www.sunsetaperture.com
  10. Modeler 1.0

    Free for all the DM 2.0 and 2.1 users. $70 for the DM 1.5 users
  11. 3D to 2D(UV) and back to 3D

    can't you just flatten the geometry before converting it back from "flat" (pseudo uv) to P, storing the elevation of the points which are no longer in the plane in an attribute, and move the points away from the surface along @N multiplied by that elevation attribute and some correction factor (because of changes in scale..) once you' re back in 3d space ?
  12. Primitive counter on a parameter interface?

    Add an integer parameter at Object level in your geometry, then use an expression that points to the quantity you want to display Example npoints("pack1/") pack1 being the name of a node in your geometry network In your network, you can use connectivity (primitives) and attribute promote (primitive -> detail (max) ) to compute the number of objects for example you can refer to said quantity with detail("attribpromote1/","class",0)+1 Click on the label once at object level to have the text box display the value instead of the formula.
  13. 3D to 2D(UV) and back to 3D

    Hi Rival; Please look for "ENTAGMA Knitting in 3d - Building a UV Deformer" in google. It helps a lot.
  14. Isometric view

    Hello :
  15. Modeler 1.0

    terrific update. is this upgrade free for those of us who purchased 1.5, upgraded to 2?
  16. Nature fun

    Soon they gonna swim
  17. Nature fun

  18. Primitive counter on a parameter interface?

    Hey rbesca Thanks for your response I am making copies of boards on every 60cm along the house wall, and not using copy to points.. so its bit different setup, and im not skilled enough in houdini to make use of your method in my setup. I have attached a simple version of my wall builder and a image to show where i would like to have a counter on parameter interface. Not sure if it possible at all.. but i think it would be a nice feature, and the data is right there, in the geometry spreadsheet, i just cant figure how to implement it. Cheers house_debug.hiplc
  19. Paperbag Strikes Back

    Vellum Paperbags have been taking a beating from RBD steel balls for far too long..... It's time to fight back !!! Vellum Paperbag Vs RBD Steel Ball
  20. Ignition Temp Scale Field

    inside the GasCombustion DOP, have a look at the "temp_to_burn" node there is a "constant" parameter, that's where your ignition temperature goes. you'll have to replace that node with a custom wrangle for example...
  21. pyro not straight?

    without more information no one can help you please post a simplified version of your scene so someone can help you
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  23. Ignition Temp Scale Field

    Is there any way to scale the ignition temperature with a field such to simulate different material combustion properties within a single pyro solver? I tried looking into how the Ignition Temperature parameter is implemented, but I only got as far as as the GAS Combustion DOP node and the trail seemed to go cold.
  24. hey do you mean like this? you can create a detail string that references your copy amount, click on it in the detail debug popup to get a popup in the viewport so you can see the amount. if you name the attribute with the string you'll get a warning, not sure what kind of issues you might get with that but it doesnt seem necessary. hope this helps showparameter.hiplc
  25. your name attribute is string, not int so instead of Assemble SOP use Connectivity SOP, to create primitive int attribute (by default named class), then bind that class attribute in your shader as int
  26. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    this is pretty amazing, thank you a lot. i still have troubles creating the "holes and concave" effect with worley noise in a volume vop as Jlassi Saber showed in his talk at siggraph 2017. I will keep trying. i think i ll post my file tomorrow, maybe someone can help me understand what i am doing wrong. have a nice day you folks
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