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  2. Custom velocity field on grid

    Just combine from this site (plenty of tutorials and files ) https://cgworld.jp/regular/201807-hcb-090.html and https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops
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  4. Sim not to be sneezed at

    Technical Chief should be sacked. I mean for a billion dollar rig, they can't put a proxy PC/monitor in for collision...because that would be a far more accurate setup. Here's a hint, a simple box would do...cough....into elbow. (oh i'm %100 confident the rig could handle a few boxy colliders) (the internet should get with the time and add a coughing into elbow emoji !!!)
  5. Wheat field

    Thank you for this thread guys! Really helped. You guys are awesome!
  6. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.0.xxx\houdini\help\examples\nodes\dop\rbd* or sop\rbd*
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  8. Custom velocity field on grid

    I saw a tutorial in this he creates custom velocity field how i can create the same thing. Thanx in advance
  9. Simple Tree Tools

    Yes I do! I just created one Here you go!
  10. Shot sculpt alembic?

    Hi all, Im tryting to figure out how to go about sculpting an alembic file, say on a given frame and have that sculpt "stick" properly. Im trying to correct some shapes but when I sculpt and change frame, the points go crazy and don't "maintain" their relative position.. I would also like to keyframe this effect in-and-out.. Any pointers ? Im a bit of a newbiew here, I've been looking at documentation and so on, but I haven't found a clear process that helps. Thanks in advance for any tips, examples or anything
  11. Sim not to be sneezed at

    cool but they forgot to turn on the AC in the office, it's summer now
  12. Houdini HF to UE4 resolution

    Hi, when creating a higher resolution HF and importing the HDA into UE4, the resolution of the Terrain in UE4 is 2160*2160. The HF resoltution is 8k. Is there a way, to increase the resolution in UE4? Or do I have to split the HF into more parts to get better resolution in UE4 or something? Thank you
  13. HF Scatter Source Point Tag

    I tried the particle fluid surface SOP again. Since the HD is very big, it didnt work as expected first - so I scaled the points, used the particle fluid surface again and finaly scaled it back to normal size. That works.
  14. Hey, I've been stumped on this for a long time now and cant find any more useful resources online. I've been trying to dynamically add vellum patches over time for a project of mine. In the attached video you can see my current result, which is done by switching between the sopsolver that creates the golem, and the vellum solver that makes them go stringy. Ideally I'd like for vellum to take over for each worm as soon as the sopsolver is done growing it, thus on attribute presence. Hopefully someone can give me a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Wormguy.3.mp4
  15. Hi micro. Nope, I complete all rendering in Houdini now. In any case, as a data environment that can render massive vfx, houdini is It seems to be the best. I don't know about Autodesk or Foundry but... If you load RBDsim as "deform geometry" it will cost you a proportional amount of the number of polygons But you can managed to render it in C4D as well.
  16. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    It is true that it is not easy to find some on this particular subject. I had looked at this one. Not too bad even though it's in Turkish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_8aGjSnigU [edit] Just see your link. Interesting too.
  17. 2020 Effects Reel

    Just sharing my 2020 Reel. Im available. https://vimeo.com/429294957 Thanks! Daniel Moreno http://www.danmoreno.com https://vimeo.com/danmoreno https://www.linkedin.com/in/danmoreno https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1625127/
  18. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    I just found this one with very valuable and easy to understand examples in a hip file, in case it can help anyone: http://nicholas-taylor.com/assorted-bullet
  19. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here, I just discovered this Houdini forum today! Just to precise, I'm learning since only 4 months, it's an incredible 3d software but a little bit complex at the beginning... I've an unexpected problem: I've a rigid body simulation stored on my hdd where all are okay for me, and now I want to make the textures, but the DOPimport node keep the colors that were used during object creation!! You can watch it in the screenshot. Please, how can I change the color after the DOPimport node, or maybe how to keep the color of the Assemble node? (I'm working for a render with Mantra) Many (many!) thanks in advance for your tips/answers!
  20. Reverse Scatter

    That worked great, thanks!
  21. Reverse Scatter

    Try VDBFromParticles followed up by ConvertVDB to polygons. Or try ParticleFluidSurface node.
  22. I'm looking for a way to generate a surface from points (sort of like a reverse scatter), but can't seem to find a simple enough way to do this. Any suggestions?
  23. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/07/the-416-quadrillion-reasons-why-japans-supercomputer-is-number-1/
  24. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    I did but found almost no ressources that is not destruction/fracture based.
  25. Bullet and Constraints learning ressources?

    what about go here, search for whatever keywords you see fit, like constraint: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/
  26. Hello! Does anyone of you know about good ressources / masterclass / tutorials to get a better knowledge about rbd bullet sims ? I am looking after rigid body interactions with different constraint network, sliders, hinge, etc, not the "destruction/fracture" type. I find the attribute driven constraint network a bit hard to wrap my mind around when going for a bit evolved setups.
  27. Hello, I have a HF and already given points for trees from a LiDAR file. Instead of using a mask I would like to use the points to use HF scatter. I plugged the points into the "mask or scatter points" input and in HF scatter I chose "Per point count using source points" But nothing is scattered. I dont really get the "tag" field. Do I have to feed the HF scatter with some attribute? Thx alot
  28. Seriously, this takes less than a second to google:
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