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  2. bake agent for crowds

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  4. Simple RBD hanging

    I finally found how. rivet. *edit* Nah... It doesn't transfer the rotations ... will explore a bit more, see if unpacking can help to feed the rivet with proper info *RE-edit* Worked with unpacking.
  5. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    Hi there, anybody how to do the OPPOSITE ? the opposite of the Freeze button : Can I transfer the transforms from SOP level to Object level ?
  6. Hello, I tried to create a rather simple scatter tool for Unity to test a few things. Most things work but I have a few questions. 1) Since I am importing all my scatter-objects in one object merge node differentiating between them is not easy. I worked thorugh this by checking connectivity but I feel like this is not the intended way. 2) I want to weight the scattering and added a couple of float-parameters to the hda (weight1, weight2, ...). I have not found a way to hide the parameters when they are not needed though. I added an int-parameter that checks "numobj" in the object merge node and tried to use this value as a way of hiding my weight-parameters but it did not work. Example: int-parameter foo = ch("merge_scatter_objects/numobj") weight5 -> hide when { foo <= 5} When I made foo invisible I had no way to check the value of it in Unity, when I made it visible it was only driven by the slider next to it. Any idea what I did wrong? 3) The object merge node allows me to group the points, but having an integer with values from 0 to n would be much easier to handle. Is there a way to convert groups with a syntax of group_0, group_1, group_2, ... to an int "group" with values 0, 1, 2, ...? The way it is right now I have to cut strings and do other really slow and inefficient operations. I also have not watched the 4 hourse of Jeff Wagner talking about HDA buiilding/HDA in Engine so maybe my questions get answered there... HDA and .hip-File attached: Scatterer_hda.hdanc Scatterer_hip.hipnc
  7. Discretize 2d shapes

    Hi Antoine, to pixelate a curve put a grid on top of it and remove primitives by their distance to the curves surface before removing shared edges with the divide SOP. if(xyzdist(1, v@P) > 0.01) removeprim(0, @primnum, 1); gridify_curve.hipnc
  8. VDB From Primitive

    Thanks guys you are geniuses. Tony I already had the points with the pscale on them thats where I was copying the sphere to! Did not know I could go straight to VDB from particles, neat one! Evan that one slipped by, would have saved a lot of headaches. Thanks for the help!
  9. Copy collision cd to geo

  10. EDIT: Problem was an error in logic on my part.. Solution at end. Hello, On some frames I want to remove a point from a piece of geometry that has just one primitive. I can do this with a point wrangle and there are no problems. However as the project grew it made more sense to do this with a primitive wrangle instead. I rewrote the vex to serve primitives instead of points but now there is a problem: it seems like not all points are being considered in the frame after a point is removed. Points are created at one end of a line and move a little bit each frame towards the end of the line, then they're deleted once they've traveled the length of the line. Each point's @P attrib is set each frame with the same wrangle that might delete it if it reaches the end. When I use the prim wrangle (or a detail wrangle) instead of a point wrangle there's a noticeable stutter due to the lack of movement the frame after points are removed. The point that had just been created (which happens to be the same frame another point was removed) moves as much as it should, but the others do not. I have checked that there remains to be only one primitive. I'm at a loss.. Thanks for taking a look!! FYI I'm still pretty new to Houdini. Project file is attached and there are point and prim wrangles in the solver for comparison. SOLVED: I have another attrib @amt_cycle informing @P. When transferring to a prim wrangle instead of a point wrangle, I only removed the '@' symbol of @amt_cycle to turn the attrib into a regular variable in the code but I didn't recognize that the attribute was also being updated on that same line. To fix I just added a line for 'setpointattrib' to update the attrib. ptprimwrangles.hipnc
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  12. ok, a friend on the french houdini discord give me the response. The HScript command opextern -RM mat return a liste of all external references missing AND the name of the node who use them. -M Check each file to see if it exists, and only show the missing files. -R Recurse into networks and subnets.
  13. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    integration of mutual interaction for rigid bodies with vellum
  14. Hello Would you know how to find out which materials contain missing textures? I have a fairly large file that I was provided with in which they lack a lot of textures. I get a message from the console telling me the path of the textures but no indication on which node used them in houdini. And there are some who seem to be well hiding the naughty ones:). The problem is that Mantra doesn't want to render. I just want to get ride of the material who call these textures Doing a manual search in each channel of each material is a pain in the ass In c4d there is the Manager texture which allows you to see all the textures, their sources, and to rename them, replace them etc... Will there be an equivalent in houdini? ( if yes I don't find him) How do you do in this kind of case?
  15. Hey everyone! If we have particles colliding with an object and bouncing off, we can transfer colour to the hit position. Once the particles have bounced off the object, the colour is also removed. How do we get the Cd to remain on the object once the particles have bounced off? Any idea would be great! thanks
  16. Sorry my bad, I am not the best at explaining what issues I am having. I added a hip file that mostly shows how my setup is made. I am instancing hundreds of trees and I figured that instancing the branches and set of leaves per branch would make sense. I forgot to mention that I pack both the branches and leaves together for animation purposes. After the animation I use a unpack sop and I am then left with the branch instances and leaf instances separated. I will try using stylesheets and see if I can get something going
  17. Linux subprocess question

    for future reference this does work: subprocess.check_output('/usr/sbin/lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w', shell=True)
  18. Vimeo Profile is Online :)

    My Vimeo Profile is online too for Tutorials https://vimeo.com/user95633319
  19. Material Builder to Layer

    hi, it's not very clear what are you trying to achieve. pictures are not helping much so it's hard to give any advice. anyways, there is a masterclass on materials mixing in case you haven't seen it: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-16-masterclass-custom-shading/
  20. Errors while rendering

    It could be easy for you to analyze, what the problem is, so, I'd like to share but I'm afraid that I can not share the hip file because the file is made when I was following a paid online tutorial. I don't want any trouble with the instructor. Anyway, I was rendering cached moving geometry, foam, white water, and fluid simulation. As soon as I read your post I checked that I cached simulation. And I found that I made cache files of "compressed_cache" of the fluid simulation, but I did not make a cache of "surface_cache". Then, I started making a cache file of the "surface_cache", Houdini shows the same error message afterward. So I checked the points number, it was 3.6mil. Is this a High setting for my hardware? My cpu is AMD Ryzen 7 2700, ddr4 ram 64gb, Geforce GTX 1060 3gb, and my hdd is 4TB. I attached a screen shot of "particlefluidsurface".
  21. hi, 1. if you post a hipfile demonstrating the issue it will be easier to help you. 2. do you have any special reason to pack things in a way you do? i mean, having multiple packed levels isn't typically a great idea. can you pack leaves and branches separately? alongside that, unless your branches are duplicate geometries, there is no benefit from packing them. 3. materials should work fine if assigned on primitive level before packing. if you need to assign them after packing use material stylesheets, or Packed Edit SOP (simpler but doesn't offer that much)
  22. VDB From Primitive

    If you want to use actual geometry have you tried using polygons but on the copy node turning on pack and instance.
  23. Visual Effects Artists Needed - Work Remotely

    Hi Can you provide email Thanks
  24. Errors while rendering

    Hi! What are you rendering? It's a sim? Is it cached on disk or is simulating and rendering? From those messages is seems like the video card is running out of memory, but if it's just a render and not a sim running on OpenCL ... that's strange. Can you share the hip?
  25. Linux subprocess question

    I want to check if an external movie file is being used by another process before continuing with a script. If I run this in the terminal it returns 1 (which I think is correct as it is being used by rv) lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w if I run this in a python script in houdini it returns 0. subprocess.call(' lsof -t /mydirectory/mymovie.mov | wc -w', shell=True) Any idea as to why this is the case? Truth be told - I don't really know what I'm doing here.....
  26. Hey! I'm in a situation where I have cached a huge amount of points on disk and I want to render those points. What I do in the scene is reading the bgeo.sc caches, merge them all together, trail the points to calculate velocity, apply a pscale, assign a shader and render. If I run it on the farm with IFDs it takes a lot of time to generate the IFDs for render, and I'm trying to reduce the time of this task. I noticed that the IFD itself is tiny, the big part is that under the IFD folder there's a storage folder where basically I have a huge bgeo.sc file per frame which I suppose is the geometry I'm about to render. I wonder if all of this is not redundant since all those operation can be done at rendertime I suppose...I tried to set the file sop in "packed disk primitive" but it seems I cannot apply pscale after that, all the points render at pscale 1...
  27. Hi! I am creating a digital asset with some paint nodes inside. I am promoting their interfaces to the hda UI. I have set the parameter in Type properties/Node/Default State to paint. This way when I click on the show handle brush it switches to the paint tool (in the bar above the viewport). The problem is that the brush circle doesn't appear and when I try to paint on the mesh it does nothing. I just found this thread about the topic but I haven't been able to make it work, maybe because a lot of things are changed from 2010. Any ideas on how to do it?
  28. Discretize 2d shapes

    Given a shape, how could you process it to make it a good starting point for copying those various elements at its points ? At first it looked like something related to the Bresenham algorithm, but neighbor pieces have to have one common edge.. The anti aliasing algorithm avoids such situation, so it won't work I wonder what other mathematical problem this is related to.Could it be as simple as a snap (fuse), to a grid, then take care of the 45 degree edges ? I'm trying to have a polygon that is made only of segments oriented along one axis only at a time, and is an approximation of the initial geometry.
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