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  2. Simulating flip from bottle

    Hey so I'm not sure if this is a Hiplc problem or not, hopefully someone else can chime in on this but I'm not seeing baked geo in the locked file nodes. I know this used to work just fine in 16, you could lock a null or whatever to bake the geo into the hip file but I wonder if this changed for 17.5.+?
  3. I imagine my answer is not ideal but the only instance I've seen that enables lighting output from Maya and Houdini to match is using Arnold. Scene descriptions from Arnold produce exactly the same result as they use the same lights and materials. This means your Houdini scenes only use Arnold lights, Arnold materials etc and similarly your maya scenes only use Arnold lights and materials. Without Arnold you're stuck kind of guessing and trying to match by eye or making up for it in comp later. When this is done properly, lighting setups can be passed back and forth between the two packages so long as the scene scales match.
  4. How to drive smoke and blend shape

    Where, in this hour long video, Is the effect you're trying to recreate?
  5. [SOLVED]Expression in Geometry ROP node

    Turns out expression doesn`t error out if it can`t find light in the path. so no need to use if statement. All works now. Cheers
  6. Exploding vellum grains

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to setup a test of vellum grains with loose sand and clumps falling from 1m down on a pighead-collider (grain size of around 0.001). I did lots of tests already but can't manage to get a stable result where the clumps (more or less) keep together on impact. They stick together mid air, but as soon as they hit, explode and spread in numerous pieces. Scene and sim is according to realworld scale. Settings I use are all default but: Common-Tab: Substeps 12 Constr. Iterations 2000 (That high since I was told it needs to be roughly the amount of grains you want to pile up, and having grains around 0.001 in size makes pretty huge stacks.) Static Friction 0.75 Dyn. Friction 0.15 Advanced Tab: Repulsion: 1500 Attraction weight 1 (weighted/multiplied with a point attribute (0 to 1 values) that defines loose sand and clumps based on a noise pattern.) Attraction 100 It would be very cool if someone help me figure out why this is not working. Any hint or even a example-scene is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!
  7. [SOLVED]Expression in Geometry ROP node

    I need to get an if statement that replaces /light/ to /fx/ only if there is a /light/ in the path, if there isn`t then just leave it as it is.
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  9. [SOLVED]Expression in Geometry ROP node

    Are you overthinking it? strreplace($HIP, "light", "fx") right?
  10. Hi could anyone help me with this expression that I use in Geometry ROP node in OUT context? basically I just need to look for /light/ in the string and if it`s there replace it with /fx/ Here`s what my expression looks now. and If I save hiop somewhere else expression breaks `strreplace(strreplace($HIP, houdini/hip, cache), P:, V:)`/cache_001.$F4.bgeo.sc V:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/fx/work/cache/cache_001.0957.bgeo.sc $HIP - P:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/fx/work/houdini/hip $HIP(in lighting) - P:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/light/work/houdini/hip look for /light/ if there is no /light/ in the string do nothing else replace with /fx/ Thanks a lot Janis
  11. Delete please, double post

    Delete please, double post
  12. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Binding of mouse buttons for hot keys and what not Some mouses have multiple buttons that currently are unused. For example the back and forward buttons. These could be used to dive in and out of a node. Ability to intersect console messages using python that are send by vex (printf). For example this would allow for the creation of a python panel that intersects the console messages sort and colour codes them.Making it more useful as a debug tool for vex codes A better option for the Houdini console window. Currently it's just popping up and always in the way. If this would be a proper panel it could be doct like any other panel.
  13. nail polish texture

    Hi Konstantin, thank you it's exactly what can helps me!!!! Best Regards. Nems
  14. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    1- inside "geometry wrangle" and "pop wrangle" active by default the inputs "first, second, third and fourth" 2- a radial wind like in 3DS Max Mat p.s.: ok, I can setting it and then save like permanent and default, but you can do that every time changes workstation/desk or studios...
  15. Solver SOP Prev_Frame problem

    hey tortele, thanks for the reply, I figured out the group thing yesterday... and made some logic change everythings work as intended now! I'm still new to Houdini and there's so much stuff to keep in check haha XD
  16. nail polish texture

    Put the noise into a modulo to repeat it and feed this into a color ramp. noise_ramp_modulo.hipnc
  17. Tried everything but cant make it work so it would be great if someone can edit the file i upload. Basically i would like to be able to use material fracture + cluster sop but also able to cluster individual objects together and have intra cluster and cluster to cluster groups output.
  18. Crowd Agents Bundle

    Hi all, Do you know if exists any bundle of houdini agents that we can buy? Not just the geometry and animations but a pre-existing HDA that offers models and movements that we can use in ours crowd pipeline.... Thanks
  19. Polybevel issue

    As you can see, you have disconnected primitive. Use fuse and join sop to reconnect them before the bevel. but probably you must rebuild your group.
  20. nail polish texture

    Hi Guys, I would like to get this kind of result with curl noise and then animate it. I began with scattering point on grid then add attribfromMap but realise that my color will not follow beacause it should be created at noise vop.. Thank you for help. https://www.123rf.com/photo_28311864_nail-polish-texture.html
  21. i see. how about just creating those "missing" constraints yourself, merging them with the ones coming from the material fracture?
  22. I see, yes Voronoi has that option but i am using material fracture sop in the scene and it does not so i kind of need a manuel solution for this
  23. not sure if that option exists in other versions but in 17.5 it's at the bottom of the voronoi fracture
  24. Solver SOP Prev_Frame problem

    When u transfer attributes u atransfer all but not group "emitter". So when u set points in group in wranle node("check_point_v") u set it by condition if(waiting==1). But at next frame "waiting" gets 0 and and condition in wrangle("check_point_v") not performed that is why points go out from group "emitter". So, decisions: 1) at wrangle set another condition if(@waiting==0) @time-=.1; 2) put grouptransfer node By the way, i decreace solver's substep to 1. Becouse @time behavws weird. And i did some changes to improve work. Hope it will help. panda_dust.hipnc
  25. not looking at your file but it sounds like you want to set Connectivity Partition to None
  26. CROWDS : Walking over other agents / Constraint Network

    Hi, have you read this topic?
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