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  2. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    That's exactly what I meant. Transparent Volume on the foreground. The worst-case scenario for the render time. It seems normal to have a rendering 3x longer than the "simple" scene. is your volume material is emissive ? How much lights contribute to the volume ? In this case contrary to what I said above, it may be necessary to raise brute force samples. You can also try to clamp the rays, set the max sub sample intensity to 1 (Sample filtering section) However 8mn for the "simple" scene seems too long for me. but honestly, it's hard to say what's going on, without looking at the file. So much interactions materials, lights, and setting in your project can lead to these results !
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  4. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    sry for the late response, OD force doesnt let me upload pictures somehow so I used Imgur; Anyways: Simple (there is noise but "Acceptable") Complex with some noise on the volume: OMG ignore this last picture of coronavirus I seriously cant erase it from the post, I dont know how it got inserted
  5. Streaky Portal Effect [SOLVED]

    That s really nice, looking forward your progress on this one
  6. Hello, I have a rigged character in H 18 and my Groom is not following the characters animation. This only occurs once I have placed a guidegroom modifier in the Groom node. If I bypass the guidegroom the animation works and the hair deforms properly. Of course, without the guidegroom the hair simply stands up and looks incorrect. I have attached a sample file highlighting the problem. How can I fix this? Test_Rig_hair_NoShaders.hiplc
  7. Vellum (repeat effect with fabric)

    May trying using another approach than just Vellum?
  8. The little things about houdini

    I've been using Houdini for about 2 years now (came from C4D also) and the one thing which drives me nuts is how sometimes things do not happen as expected. like I create a node and then click enter and I have no handles in view port, try again nothing, select move - enter no handles, rotate - enter no handles, scale - enter no handles, back to show handles - enter for third time then they pop up. ARG
  9. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    Can you show what you name a simple shot ? cause 8mn for 1280x720 simple shot seem a long time. For volumes it depends on density and transparency. A far opque dense smoke don't take much time. On the other side transparent vaporous volume can require high settting thus up the render time. It's cases where I use denoiser. Can you post a file of the 8mn "simple shot" ? I have a little station with 1660 super which is roughly equivalent to your 1070 ti
  10. some UI scripting questions

    Hello, I want to build an UI plugin for houdini. Can you help me with some things: how do I change a parameter of the selected node in the parameter window programatically (for example parameter distance of the extrude node)? There must be a setter function which gets the specific path to the parameter and sets the parameter I guess?! get the parameter edit box under the position of the mouse (if one navigates to an edit box) or the unique path of the parameter under the mouse? set a global mouse hook (global in the sense that it gets all events of the houdini main UI)? Would be cool if someone could name some python objects which will help me. Preferable python+pyside. Thanks!
  11. The little things about houdini

    I just imagine a long-time Houdini expert opening a hip file created by a bunch of "everything-must-be-simple" designers showing a "it's gotta work like my program" attitude.. He probably dies instantly
  12. Actually that s would be quite usefull to have it natively
  13. The little things about houdini

    Respect to everyone here but in my humble opinion, its does not reflect today production reality to think you need 10 or 20 years of experience in Houdini to be able to reach your deadline with great results. That s not how this industry or the world works today and Sidefx is trying to reach a larger audience now, smaller team, with wider mixed experience. I believe it could be beneficial for everyone and i would be interested to have thing natively working as drag and drop instead of having prebuilt HDA to make a building, pipe or whatever. Not saying this to someone personally here but , Years passing, and the more you have specialized yourself in to software and the more technical, sometimes on the other side the narrow your vision could also become. That s why working with open team spirit is invaluable and will always be
  14. Hi guys, I have a rigid body sim with constraint network, I want to access the previous frame and current frame data of the constraints (impact, forces etc) inside a sop solver in DOPs. Currently when I call the attribute in a wrangle from the relationship geometry node I don't know if it's current frame data or previous frame. How to get both the current and previous frame data in a wrangle in sop solver in dops?
  15. Setting the edge color

    Oh! That was it. Sorry, I am not good at English. I will refer to your answers. Thanks.
  16. Setting the edge color

    well this sounds like you DO understand...
  17. Setting the edge color

    You are very kind. Thank you.
  18. Setting the edge color

    Um ... I don't understand, but I will render the edge colors individually as paths. And I am trying to give glow effect in comp.
  19. Houdini Hive 2020

    8 hrs marathon
  20. Setting the edge color

    Maybe it Helps ..You can convert Later in your mat(vop) . Just play with that Colors.hipnc
  21. Setting the edge color

    i'm not sure if it's possible to edge-colour if your geo hasn't been converted to line...i mean unless you colour the edges that HAVE been converted...then comp in on top of your orig geo render ?
  22. Setting the edge color

    Ultimately, what I want to do is the edge that I want in geometry to shine. Or ... it's to specify the color. (Like image) I am not sure if my approach is right. Thank you for answer.
  23. Setting the edge color

    not sure how to answer that, i just selected manually in viewport, shift click edges sequentially...
  24. Setting the edge color

    Sorry to ask you again, but maybe .. Is there a good way to select the edge I want? Thank you.
  25. Setting the edge color

    haha!! WoW !!! It was helpful. Thank you !!!
  26. Setting the edge color

    ehhhhhh...FWIW, i fumbled around with visualising the damn thing coloredges2.hiplc
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