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  2. Hello! I have recently been offered my FIRST FX job! I am familiar with Maya, and some Max, but this job requires that i use Houdini, so now i am all in! VERY EXCITED!!! I have a scene where i have to make some letters rise from sand. The issue is that i cannot get things to collide correctly. Doing my research i have tried using it as a RBD object, and using a trail sop to computer its velocity, but i still dont see any collisions. I use static object, pointing to a VDB smooth as the proxy geo, and all of the collision detection/mode set to volume, but no collisions still. I set the sim up with an initial state file too. Could that be the issue? When i take away the VDB to polygons and VDB smooth, delete and just run the sim as a regular static object, everything works! But...i get some weird artifacts rendering. What is the best approach to this method in Houdini? Im sure the solution is just a setting away, but im lost here. Any suggestions? LetterSetup_001_collProbs.hip
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  4. Thank you Tesan but I could not make it work... Here is a gif and my hiplc file... mixamo test 1.hiplc
  5. houdini dop inherit velocity

    Matt, you just saved my weekend! thank you!!!!
  6. play with this (maybe it's this that you want) Houdini 16 noise.hipnc
  7. post .hip file and someone gonna Play on Cd some noise. Just please post your file
  8. Nature fun

    Birdy DODO L-system
  9. Hi, I need to feed Cd with a noise that will stick to the surface of an imported animated character (fbx or alembic). Thanks for helping!
  10. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    @Thomas Helzle ok Thanx
  11. For the align topicsmay be you may check this video from entagma : TD Essentials: Parallel Transport. https://vimeo.com/251091418
  12. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Hahahah - funny. Just checked your thread and it seems we indeed had some similar ideas. :-) I don't share files of released artwork, but if you need help implementing the audio import code I linked to in my post, I'm happy to help. Although be warned: as I wrote it was my first ever python code, only works for 24Bit/48KHz wave files and it turned out quite slow being singlethreaded. I never liked chops so thought I should at least give it a try - and at least it was simpler than the C++ API... ;-) Still looking for a good OpenCL FFT, all I found on the web was embedded in C++ and I'm not good enough a programmer to extract it... I'm travelling right now but I can get back to you next week if you want. Cheers, Tom
  13. Hey everybody, some weeks I made a simple cave builder and it worked great. But since I only used round circles, it was quite simple. Now I want to create something similar, but with a flat ground, I attached an image what I mean. Actually, I want to align the shape along the TangentU what works perfect, but at the same time on the Y-Axis so that the floor is correct. The other thing is, that it makes no sense when the tunnel has a very steep angel, that ther is a floor - so there I want it based on the angel to become from the floor shape to a round shape. Is it possible, to controll that somehow with a ramp? Thanks alot and happy easter, sant0s
  14. Nature fun

  15. Nature fun

  16. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    ojjj i see someone (inspirationeee) niceeeeeeeeeee can you share some hip.. mmm i see that you got insp from my sharing ..can you share your on audio Wave please <3 or i asking for to much ...
  17. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Improve hou.Handle class so it can be used to get\set handle orientation\position
  18. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Organics: "Seed" Organics: "Bud" Organics: "Leaf" These were all rendered in Redshift at very high resolutions (10800 square/14400x9600) for printing: https://www.artstation.com/thomashelzle/prints Love it! :-) Cheers, Tom
  19. Zdepth - Extract

    Thank you for helping after 13 years
  20. VEX Function Source Code

    Thanks, that's good to know.
  21. Fill Selection

    thanks for sharing !
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  23. Nature fun

    This is some awesome stuff Tesan, thanks for sharing!
  24. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    fair enough that was just my guess at why it was playing up
  25. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    32 gigs should not be a problem
  26. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    Hi thanks for the quick reply My issue is that when I do cache out my sim as a bgeo.sc, it only caches out the first frame I load So if I first view my scene on frame 1030 and then cache out the sequence, it will save out many copies of frame 1030 I know the data is there though as when I just playback the .sim with a file sop then the whole sequence is there, the issue lies in the playback simulation feature. Thanks:)
  27. I want to get the distance of the radius of a circle to a primitive then apply it back to the circle radius. I'm using the pointDist expression to get a primitive on one mesh, followed by the point on the circle then dividing that based on the channel reference of another circle, but the expression is not evaluating ? ch("../circle1/radx")/pointdist("/obj/file1/polyextrude2/",10,"/obj/file1/circle3/",0,2)
  28. thickness to object ?

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