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  2. This .hip needs more work to do but yes, i think it is possible too. heightfield on such shape_01.hipnc
  3. Disable Simulations on Startup

    Add these lines to `scripts/456.py`: # Disable simulation updates hou.setSimulationEnabled(False) # Set cook update mode to manual hou.setUpdateMode(hou.updateMode.Manual)
  4. Select Outside Edges Only

    Hi guys.. How does one convert them to edges?
  5. Hello, Here is short video showing how volumes can be used to shade and texture semi-translucent organic things. Volumes For Organic Assets This approach allows to achieve close-up realistic organic look for semi-transclucent assets where SSS or colored refraction is not enough. An object with UV's is converted to signed distance volume with UVW grid. Then volume is used to set density and perform uv lookup in rendering. This way density can be adjusted by depth. I.e. not so dense near the surface and very dense at the core. Or not very dense, then dense patch like island of fat, then not dense again. UVW grid is used to texture volume. Different textures can be used at different depth. This approach allows very flexible yet powerful way to place any texture at given depth. Texture X at depth Y. I.e. big veins are 5mm under the surface. This approach is best for close up organic hero renders where SSS or refraction are not looking good enough. Attaching example file volumetric_textures_example.hip
  6. Rotate orthographic (top) view?

    Hi, maybe you could make a camera pointing down (for a top view) and make that camera orthogonal. Then you should be able to rotate it along y-axis. ?
  7. Hi, many ways to do that... here is one: make a "group by range" node, choose points as a group type, and put 0 for start, 1 for end, and check inverse range. This will select the last point. make another group, with point 0. blast those 2 groups. a shorter way would be a wrangler: put down a point wrangler node. and type this : removepoint(0,0); if(@ptnum == (@numpt-1)) removepoint(0,@ptnum); first line remove point 0 (the first point of the line). (0,0)means : (geometry entering slot number 0 of the node , point number 0) second line reads : if the actual point number is equal to the number of points minus one (the last point of the line) third line : remove that point
  8. MSI GL63 8SE laptop

    I`d like to install 17.5 houdini version and not QT ( that i installed because it`s the only version that work )..
  9. Hi, When I use a Remesh on my mesh, it doesn't do anything. Tried changing any parameter. Anyone has an idea why this is? Was also wondering why I can't choose quadrilaterals in my PolyFill. modeling questions.hip Help would be appreciated.
  10. Hello. I'm trying to delete first point and last point of geometry made with line node. Somebody have a solution for this?
  11. Rotate orthographic (top) view?

    Okay thanks. But what if I want specifically the top view? Or if I want the top view 90 rotated?
  12. Neighbour count doesn't seem(?) to work?

    Allright thanks.. The example I had picked up here didn't have that. But it has 'input_index', instead of 'filename'? https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/13933/?page=1#post-65825 What did it do now exactly without this OpInput1 connected? Where did these 0's, 2's and 3's come from?
  13. Is it also possible when you have, say, a shape like this? Can you cut out what's in the height field grid which is not the same is this shape (from top view, I guess)? heightfield on such shape.hip
  14. Neighbour count doesn't seem(?) to work?

    Make sure in your countneighbours vop you plug in OpInput1 into filename like this:
  15. MSI GL63 8SE laptop

    Assuming you're not using anything that relies on the older version of Qt, I'd try updating the video card drivers (downloaded directly from Nvidia) and update Windows. If that doesn't change anything then maybe try a vanilla install of Windows instead of the manufacturer provided Windows. If you're using something that relies on the older version of Qt then continue with the version of Houdini, with legacy Qt support, that works.
  16. Hi, I want to procedurally select the two end points of my shape. I read I could achieve this by counting the neighbours and using a group expression. You would think every point on my shape would have 2 neighbours, instead of only the two end points, who would have 1 neighbour. But I get very strange results. Lots have 0, a few have 3 and 2.. I don't understand it. Can someone please explain to me what is happening? neighbours doesnt work.hip Thanks!
  17. Project points on geo

    Added projection from the top...lidar_test_intersect2.hipnc
  18. Project points on geo

    I wonder if intersect_all() would give you what you need.. lidar_test_intersect.hipnc
  19. question for pcopne() function

    In your current scenario I think each point in your grid is doing a pointcloud lookup on the single point in input 2 and if it is in the radius will always only find 1 point. I think you need something like this which only does the point cloud lookup once in detail mode. Scott82N_detail.hipnc
  20. Rotate orthographic (top) view?

    Hi, Space+2 - top view, Space+2 one more time - bottom view. The same behavior for the others shortcuts for set view.
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  22. Rendering Cola

    Man vs Machine recently completed this project for Pepsi. I have been trying to render a similar look using a setup that involves adjusting adsorption in the materials and setting the IOR for the cola @ 1.33 and the bubbles @ 1.0 but I can never get anywhere close to this look. Does anyone know if this look can be achieved with Mantra? If so, can you offer some advice on how to achieve this look? Thanks in advance.
  23. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    I don't trust products from ASRock but otherwise I think that's a decent plan. I had a server board from ASRock die three times for the same reason. They replaced it twice under warranty and the third time it was out of warranty (replaced it with a different brand board). That was my first and last board from ASRock.
  24. Hi! Was wondering how I could flip my top view, so that Z is points in the opposite direction. Thank you.
  25. += in setpointattrib?

    @Cd in detail mode will create Cd as detail attribute, so Cd point attribute that you are creating using setpointattrib() will always have priority in the viewport as its more granular, use addpointattrib() function to initialize Cd to certain default value if it doesn't exist yet, or just initialize it in a point wrangle before direct assignments to @Cd in point mode will be executed in parallel per point first then all setpointattrib() commands are queued afterwards as a single threaded operation as those can possibly affect any point, therefore even if in your code v@Cd = 0; is after setpointattrib() on @ptnum it will still be executed before
  26. Simple RBD hanging

    Hey everyone ! I'm miserably failing at making a simple dynamic set up : / I'm trying to hang a RBD object at the end of a rope. I can't get it to work with wire solver and bullet. I've only managed to attach the rbd at then end of the rope, but the attached rbd isn't affecting the rope. And with vellum it works, but I don't want a soft body object. I tried with vellum, thinking I could stiffen the softbody until it looks like a rigid object, but vellum bugs with I reach high stiffness value ! And anyway, I don't know how to replace that softbody by my final object : / If someone could help me back on the correct track, that would be great attched is a hip file with my 2 failing attempts.6ril_RBD-hang++.hipnc
  27. Hi; I am curious about these things and can't find any help in ODFORCE website: Thanks.
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