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  2. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    @konstantin magnus thanxxx
  3. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    Welcome Harry, you could put a sine wave on the distance from each particle to the closest position on the rocks. zen.hipnc
  4. I found out that: "vdb"node follow by "vdb activate" will create exactly the vel attribute as one. Doesn't need to use the vector merge.
  5. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    @hmihalis1if you find your self lost play with this ..... srle01.hipnc
  6. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    yes definitely a great starting point, thanks!
  7. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    @hmihalis1 it is exactly what you want, Just have Fun trying it
  8. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    Hi @srletak Thanks very much this looks very promising!
  9. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    @hmihalis1 watch and learn and try (visit the page)
  10. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    @hmihalis1 If it was simple you shouldn't ask',, Jokes on side ....post your file or exakt image of that you want Please. And i think that you have here that file on odforce.. just search more specific
  11. Modelling Zen Stone Garden

    Hi there, I am a new user trying to get into the modelling side of Houdini after trying some simulation, and am currently working on a japanese stone/zen garden based on this image. I've found some great examples on how to create the stones (not worried about moss yet), but I was wondering if anyone out there had any idea how to create the combed patterns around the stones. I just finished doing some work with the ripple solver, but thats too realistic in this case. Ideally it would be something more simple involving grains or particles with instanced geomettry building up more based on a simple black and white image that i'd make in illustrator. Apologies if this is too simple a question, any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, H
  12. Laptop for houdini

    Hi, I am considering the same unit. The specs are really nice. What are your impressions? How about performance for long renders? (like several h/frame), or long sims? Best
  13. In/Active Constraints

    I'm trying to shoot a cannonball through a small castle. The cannonball animates and blasts through the walls, but the constraints look like they're being ignored (or they aren't hooked up properly), so the entire structure collapses the moment the sim begins. The clusters are being ignored as well, but I can't figure out why. Many thanks for you even reading this. v17.5 rookDestruction_chazS.hipnc
  14. Hi Guys, The scene is suppose to a transition bettween clear sky to cloudy wheater. I made an single cloud look using sphere feeding an cloud SOP then i animated the density field inside the sky SOP, after i convert the sky SOP to an polygon VDB. However when i try to use the polygon VDB to feed the cloud SOP, it wont work. (i figured out that was something when convert sky SOP to polygons, but not sure at all) my second attempt was export an sequence vdb, with no luck again. Any light on the tunnel???? anim_cloud_v00.hip
  15. Exploding Fruit!

    Hello, there good people, I really need help with this subject and I don't know what am I doing wrong to not get my replies on my posts If anyone knows why please help. Anyways I wanted to get a fruit to explode and be squishy, So Fracture RBD isn't really an option. And when I try FEM you can't really create a shell object as it fills the whole object with tets. Plus FEM is so slow and unstable -Don't know if I am doing something wrong-. Also, a sidenote how do I add custom exploding force to FEM Sims. Thank you so much in advance and I really hope someone helps me out as this is driving me crazy.
  16. Hair inherit groups from skin

    Well, nevermind i found out that the issue comes from the fact that the drop-down menu doesn't show the groups, you need to enter them manually.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hair inherit groups from skin

    Bumping this since i am facing the same issue now.
  19. RBD Collision Problem

    Hi everyone! I came across this "Emit packed prims into RBD sim" setup, but when i connect the sim to a collision object which is RBD Packed static object in this case, the emitted objects gets stuck to eachother any doesn't move properly. Any idea how can i fix this issue? I also attached the file, Thanks for checking Emit_packed_rbd_CollisionProblem.hipnc
  20. egg explosion

    If you post an example .hip file of what you have already attempted to do this, members of the forum will likely help.
  21. Add color to existing color based on attribute?

    lots of ways, but you can use for example Mix VOP in vops or lerp() function in VEX to mix colors by attribute (see example with both) vector color = chv("color"); v@Cd = lerp(v@Cd, color, f@eye); AddColorToExistingColor_fix.hipnc
  22. "Mud worms".Heightfields+SOP solver

    This is awesome dude! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  23. Permission Denied?

    I had this tonight also and felt silly. click on the button that says 'Main' in my screenshot. (probably says something dif on yours) and change it to Main Takes are great, just getting used to using them. MattB
  24. Vellum export alembic

    Hello, thanks for the reply!, I finally found that the Split Node worked perfectly!
  25. egg explosion

    There is not much lessons for it, but popfluids should be perfect for this.
  26. Vellum export alembic

    To export separate meshes as alembic you want to check "build heirarchy from attribute" on the alembic rop. It will separate each packed primitive into separate objects based on the path attribute.
  27. In fact, I have yet to find a operator definition type that has the 'New Output' option unlocked??
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