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  2. HELP!! import vdb to houdini

    I don't know about the tool you are describing, but .vdb files can be read with a file sop. Just drop a volume visualization and preview the appropriate fields, otherwise it will look like a box of smoke.
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  4. Proper Branching Topology

    Hey Kleer, Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Yeah, I'm technically an "environment" artist for games, but the future is procedural so I figured why not take the plunge. (Plus I really enjoy near drowning in Vex.) The prerendered stuff looks amazing out of Houdini, though, and is definitely something I need to get into, like FX. Especially FX. I didn't realize Houdini doesn't store project geo locally. (Also my base model was from Maya so it was grossly overscaled.) I'm trying to create topology that is four sided, so it can be subdivided into 8 sides (or more) with clean quads. I'm controlling this at the moment through Polywire, and the topology is relatively clean, just triangulated at the joints. As for the UV's I'm not really sure how to UV in Houdini at the moment, and I hadn't really got to that stage in my learning the program yet. I was just going to do them by hand in another 3D package and use textures I have made from Substance. I planned on using this tool as a sort of a vine generator that flexes using base blend shape animations in real time. I fixed up the tool with and added Tommy as the base instead of base Unreal Guy. Vine_PathGen_topo_002.hiplc
  5. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    You have redundant points after polybevel1. Use fuse node after it.
  6. Advice for making paint flow down a wall

    From what I understand you want the fluid to reconnect into a coherent stream after colliding with the bottle. This is actually counter to the behavior of the viscosity. Viscosity is basically the fluid trying to move the same as its neighbor. The higher the viscosity the less each point in the sim wants to spread out. And you want some spread. And unless you put in some additional forces to make it flow around the bottle it's never going to happen. Also it looks like your collision object of the wall and floor could use some additional definition. Try upping the divisions to 120 or so until the blue collision preview geo matches more closely to your poly geo. Here are some things to help make it look like you want: (mix and match at will) 1) Put the bottle in a little divot, in a little downward bump for the fluid to fill up as it goes around. A little smooth cup under the bottle with a wide downward slope. Maybe an extra radius around on each side and as deep as twice to four times your particle separation. 2) Put the whole shelf on a downward angle going down to the back where the wall is. Just one degree or less. Make sure you have enough definition in your collision object. 3) Make an advection field around your bottle. This is probably one of the trickier solutions and might look odd and require a bit of fussyness. It's more of an advanced trick. 4) Radically reduce your viscosity. You can thicken up the fluid later when you're surfacing or turn down gravity if it's flowing too fast.
  7. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    I think is also because of the details. I assume this is a small scale thing, right? If so, you should use surface tension, right now it looks like a large scale one with lack of splashing detail, if you want more detail at large scale try to use the "swirly kernel" on the solver, this will preserve even more the momentum of the sim but will smooth a bit the violence and chaos behavior in comparison with the "splashing kernel", but will give you much better splashing details. Then on the skinning stage, you can try an old school method: with a VDB pipeline use: Dilate - Smooth - Erode. Cheers! Alejandro
  8. stretch and squeeze by map along geometry

    Hey everybody, I just found out that you can't set the tension per point or primitive with Spring SOP see: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/2104/?page=1#post-8680 I tried Cloth as well but I did't found any way to expand or shrink it with point attributes. Basically I want to set a force per point to repeal or attract the other points (but in a cloth or softbody like manner): Do you guys have any hints which solver or method I should use? Thanks a lot! Flo
  9. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    Pack your pieces, and then do a for each loop where you unpack and bevel them individually, and repack them after
  10. Hey, I'm working on a building generator and I can't find a way to align my windows properly when the base shape of the building is oval. When it's a circle everything is okay : But when the shape starts to be oval, it looks like this : Here's the vop network I built to align it with a circle shape, but not functionning with an oval shape : I don't know what I miss to get it working... Cheers,
  11. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    is this what you need? polybevel_voronoi_jl_v02.hip
  12. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    To me it looks okay, maybe try to work more your shading, and add some motion blur. Did you try to play with the @pscale value ? Maybe decreasing it could help to get more details
  13. Hello all, We are relaunching the Seattle Houdini User Group as we have hit critical mass in the Puget Sound region so we can host this events regularly. The first meetup is a smaller get together so feel free to come by if you are in the area. Thanks, - LaidlawFX
  14. Good evening everyone! One problem PolyBevel does not work. Can someone tell me? I can’t get a smooth bevel around the edge. See here that I uploaded a GIF video and also a HIP project. polybevel_voronoi.hip
  15. Vellum Constraint Attributes, what do they all do?

    Thanks a lot Johner, That was really helpful!
  16. For Each problèm in Houdini 17

    Hi @6ril The easiest way would be to create the attribute value when you create the groups. Otherwise I found a way using Python to do it afterwards it's less ideal but should still work. example.hip
  17. lookat Vex function

    Thanks that's clear now. I will try on an elf head and see it works too.
  18. FOR EACH LOOP metadata

    Thanks, but, I have this "Feedback each iteration" but it output all generations...
  19. Camera Projection from Moving camera

    Hi there, I have been scratching my head about how to project a texture form a moving camera that gradually reveals the footage onto a deforming. Everyting good and easy if the camera is still, but the problem arises becasue this particluar shot has a long back dolly close to the ground so i guess i would need to project all the frames of the said plate onto it. In other words, in frame number 1 you can not see some part of the plate that you can see in frame number 100. How would i need to approach this problem? Mny Thanks Frankie
  20. lookat Vex function

    Hi Antoine, the lookat() function is mainly there to make pigheads stare at spheres. But it might also work on lines ; ) vector pos_target = point(1, 'P', 0); vector pos_geo = getbbox_center(0); matrix3 rot = lookat(pos_geo, pos_target); v@P -= pos_geo; v@P *= rot; v@P += pos_geo; lookat.hipnc
  21. FOR EACH LOOP metadata

    use Feedback mode in Block End / Gather mode. That way, you only output the last generation.
  22. Advice for making paint flow down a wall

    Same I need help with this as well, somehow the liquid is just too thick and I couldn't control it no matter what attribute I adjust.
  23. Большое спасибо, работает!
  24. lookat Vex function

    https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/lookat.html Computes a rotation matrix or angles to orient the z-axis along the vector (to-from) under the transformation. matrix3 lookat(vector from, vector to) matrix3 lookat(vector from, vector to, float roll) matrix3 lookat(vector from, vector to, vector up) Can you explain me how to use this function to have a line along the z axis, anywhere is space, point to another point in space ? I don't understand what the from and to vector are.
  25. Audio channel to controll motion from MotionFX.

    Ah thanks Ikoon. I was afraid I couldn't just pick a frequency for just the drums and voice. Thanks for detailed explanation. I noticed that MOPs actually uses the COPS nods and such. Just installed it, did a small tutorial about it. MOPS seems to give a better overview on the controls from CHOP. So this might work Probably will dive into sonicvisualiser later Thanks again Ikoon t
  26. And a comparison of "Polyreduce" SOP vs "GameDev Dissolve Flat Edges" SOP :
  27. You may try the MOPs Audio Falloff: https://vimeo.com/273252739 Or you may dive into CHOPs, and use Band EQ Chop https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/chop/band.html and then, on equalized spectrum, try to use the Trigger Chop https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/chop/trigger.html
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