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  2. Floating animated character on Flip

    Indeed, FLIP works best for mid/large scale sims. I think a ripple solver, plus some custom particle system can do the trick. Just in case you would need some ref for a ripple solver, Entagma did a series of videos 2 years ago :
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  4. particles acceleration limit?

    thanks! i understood the cause for this problem with your advice. i just use "pop_wind" in my network. i have applyed group option into "POP_Wind",only affect first stream. [^stream_frst] i made simple example fix this problem. POP_VOP_Acceleration_v001.001.hipnc
  5. Dynamically rotate geometry via VEX

    So managed to get this working but one curious glitch however is that the in the viewport it appears the lighting is 'baked'. When my geometry is rotating it appears as if the light is rotating with it. If I try and manually alter the rotation in the Transform this doesn't happen. matrix3 mat = ident(); float angle = atan(@P.x, @P.y); float r = length(set(@P.x, @P.y));//*chf('amount'); @P.x = sin((@Time*chf('amount'))+angle)*r ; @P.y = cos((@Time*chf('amount'))+angle)*r;
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  7. fire from small source

    thanks so much for your input
  8. Creating bubbling lava

    The animation is the most important part here. To get the popping effect you need a quick snap like motion. The ramp you were using to animate the bubbles pscale was a long smooth linear ramp. The bezier curve lets you create a very sharp curve that does not ease out and results in the snapping motion you need to propel the particles outward just before you delete the bubble. I also upped the resolution of the sim and added a few substeps make sure the snap is not missed since it happens over one to two frames.
  9. What about this effect has you worried? Side question, are you trying to get this effect 100% from Mantra or can you use compositing software like nuke or after effects?
  10. Creating bubbling lava

    Oh, man, this is wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm going to study what you did to try to figure out why mine wasn't working and yours is just an easy perfect solution. This is great. Thank you again!
  11. Floating animated character on Flip

    Flip kind of falls short on small scale simulations and ripple effects, especially things that need sheeting. Its better to work with geometry for this sort of thing OR use realflow if you have access to it. On a side note, Rhythm & Hues has a 2D ripple solver. It took a colored input as the source of the ripple, could take animated sources and incorporate obstacles as well using a similar color mapping method. It was the most useful little tool for all sorts of things. I haven't seen one since and every time I try to google something similar I can't so much as find an algorithm to work from. If anyone has something similar or can point me in the direction of an image based ripple solver I would really appreciate it!
  12. Yes, the camera has cropping options called "Screen Window" and there are several parameters to control it. Depending on what queue manager you use, there might be something there too. For example Jigsaw that's part of Thinkbox Deadline.
  13. So as a starting point am using VEX code from this thread but so far not working. I need to dynamically rotate geometry in VEX (the geometry is constantly rotating) and change the speed of rotation via a float parameter. I also tried this fairly simple code from cgwiki which gives me a constant rotation but am unable to dynamically alter the rate of rotation matrix3 mat = ident(); float angle = atan(@P.x, @P.y); float r = length(set(@P.x, @P.y));//*chf('amount'); @P.x = sin(@Time+angle)*r ; @P.y = cos(@Time+angle)*r;
  14. Vellum substep issue.

    Increasing the pscale without changing the constraint length is what is causing this sim to behave strangely. When the pscale is increased, it is making the sim fight against the constraint length and creates interpenetrations. At low substeps, the behaviour is not as noticable, but is still there (run the sim with the gravity off to see what I mean). This could be solved in a number of ways: - Turn off self collision. - Use another sop to run over the constraint geo and increase the length along with the pscale. - Turn down the stiffness of the stretch constraint.
  15. Creating bubbling lava

    For some reason the network from your scene kept having issues with 17.5.391 so I rebuilt the flipsolver network. This is be no means a great example but its functioning as I believe you were intending. The biggest difference is switching the animation of your pop from using a color ramp to a spline ramp so you can make use of a bezier curve to define the pop animation. Next is timing the deletion of the bubble geo to right after the pop animation occurs. Last I just used a rbd object because I knew for sure the collision would be interpreted correctly by the flipsolver. There are other ways of getting these collisions into flip that are probably faster but this was the quickest way to get a file together for you. boilingLava17.5.391.hiplc
  16. Fractal Flame

    From here: https://github.com/scottdraves/flam3 ? Nice!
  17. Ahh Thank you very much. So in materialBuilder context the displacementBound of the principled Shader don't work and you must use a mantra propertie ! it's sneaky IMO. I could never have found it on my own. And yet I searched. This should be indicated in bold and red in the displacement section of the doc. Thanks again
  18. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    Hej, yes bought this course. Really good. thanks for the file. It will help a lot. But it looks more complicated than i thought. How do I get this working on an animated collider/ rdb? Best
  19. Creating bubbling lava

    This is super helpful! You can upload your example file and I can forcibly upgrade to 17.5.391 (the version it was made in was 17.0.352). I've been holding off on doing that mostly out of laziness, so if you have a working copy I'd love to see how you did it, as I've wasted hours and hours trying to get this to work. Honestly thank you again.
  20. CROWDS : Walking over other agents

    To continue posting my experiments on crowds, on the same page, an example file about ragdolls and constraints. Can a ragdoll realistically climb a wall, providing some animated constraints ? Nope, but fun to watch... ragdollClimbing_v2.hip
  21. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    By the way, in order to find the limb on which a collision occured, the process is a bit long to explain, but know that there is an example in this course by Mikael Petersen on crowds. This guy is really an expert, I really recommend watching his courses. https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/crowds-for-feature-film-in-houdini-2
  22. Stick on collision - Ragdall

    You can create a constraint on the fly. i did some experiments recently, see the file attached (the constraints are even animated, as I wanted to see if the ragdoll could climb more or less realistically a wall... answer is no, but it can be useful to learn how to manipulate constraints on ragdolls :-) ragdollClimbing_v2.hip
  23. Flip Fluid Stalactite/Stalagmite Simulation

    You didn't ask a specific questions and so It seems like you're asking "I don't know how to do this, please do it for me". If you haven't already, first make an attempt and then when you're stuck, I'm happy to help you through it. If you don't know where to start, the first thing you're going to need to understand is flip fluid simulations. Next I would learn about the Viscosity attribute, sop solvers and attribute transfers in that order.
  24. Does anyone have an idea, how stick ragdolls on a collider based on collision? Best Jack.
  25. Hi there, I want share with you some of my tools/HDA I created in the time. Some is free and some not. For more of it you can I write also the documentation and create some tutorial. I'm also on orbolt and I think to publish some new tools soon... for now that and thanks for visit... mm Split RGB v.01 - tool for Houdini (Free/donation) https://gum.co/QUaFG Description: This tool was created for my patreon channel and from the question of my student in Italian school. Assign RGB Color with based on the range from 0 to 1. You can split the simulation like RBD or Particles, but also the elements (created with the copy sops for e.g.) and assign or extrapolate it with the color RGB. Video ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Plexus FX v.01 - tool for Houdini (free and pay) Description: You can create a Plexus effects inside Houdini. This tool is available in 3 version: lite (free-ware), complete and open HDA (you can edit it). LITE: https://gum.co/LKnCA The restrictions for Lite Version are Scatter Points limit to 50 Not available Load points options. Not available Extra points Shapes tab. Not available noise on line options. Not available triangles by Geometry options. Not available splitted BGEO cache options. Not available all ABC (Alembic) export options. If you use in Commercial Works quote my name and the name of tools (I appreciate a lot). Complete: https://gum.co/iYGZS Open HDA: https://gum.co/ANObdk ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Volume Fracture V 01.0 for Houdini 16 and up (free and pay) You can create the Voronoi Fracture and drive it with the Volume (vdb), apply the noise (if you want) on it and control the position of it in the space XYZ (if you want). Also you can: Apply more details on cut edge like a noise/distortion. Create a new smaller pieces inside your pieces based on the percentage of your original Voronoi Fracture. LITE: https://gum.co/lVIBm Complete: https://gum.co/OsGZn ______________________________________________________________________________________ Digital Asset "mm_Fast_ScatterFX" Houdini and Cinema 4D Very easy tools for create a fast and smart scatterFX, I think this digital asset for Cinema 4D users... The price is very symbolic for help me and continued to develop more tools also for Cinema 4D, Houdini and so on... https://gum.co/yvySD video:
  26. hello, I added the properties node to your network and now the displacment works. Kai Stavginski form sidefx explains the workflow in one of his shader-tutorials, but I have forgotten in which one - I belive it is the costum shader ... Displace_F2_v1.hipnc
  27. If you find the solution, let us know. Really curious to unserstand why it don't work in material builder !
  28. Hello; In Mantra, is it possible to render a region, in sequence? Thanks.
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