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  2. it is better to avoid the Apple mp4 implementation. Choose h264 instead. this is the codec used by mp4 but in a quicktime container. (Mp4 is not a codec but a container). This work with AE. And as Atom pointed out, if you don't want temporal interpolation, but still some compression use photojpg (animation is losless but a bit heavy IMO)
  3. Hi, trying to do a « world war z » kind of shot, with human/zombies pyramids. I have only one clip for the moment (I wanted to manually animate my agents as a training), so no variations, no ragdolls yet. Just trying to layer my crowd in pyramid using a base terrain + local deformations on which i scatter points that are used as goals for my agents (with priority attribute to get the agent on the bottom of the pyramid arriving first... so lots of POP Wrangles and customs systems, but for a poor result yet :-) The plate is coming from a urban exploration group called Black Raven, that kindly accepted that I use it. Shot with a DJI phantom 3. I matchmoved it with 3dequalizer. Advises are welcome if you have ideas on how to reach these human pyramids :-)
  4. Flip Fluids deforming collision objects

    So I am quite new to Houdini, I have a fairly simple setup where I am simulating the behavior of a viscous material where viscosity is increasing exponentially with age and multiplier. So by frame 120 particles stop moving. I am emitting in a line in a loop back and forth so slowly the particles start creating a layered wall. However I have encountered 3 very intriguing problems which for the world in me I cannot seam to figure out: 1 - When meshing the particle data the particles that are close get meshed (obviously) and I don't really see the layering that I need to. Tried creating a very highrez model but didn't really work. (Is there a way to use the viscosity or age variable to stop particles from meshing together and keep the layering intact?) Currently using VDB from Poligons then converting it. 2 - Despite a very high Viscosity, the particles move somewhat when new layer of particle is added on top. Is there anything like Pop-State (as in previous releases) where I can freeze the particles with attributes? currently using (if viscosity>100000 {v = 0,0,0) to set velocity to 0 once viscosity is high enough. 3 - If I wanted to use a deformable (cloth/plastic/elastic) object to fill the flip fluid into how can I go about this? I hope some of you brilliant houdini artists have some advice or tips on how to go about solving these problems. Houdini file attached. SimCon1.hip
  5. I did nothing else than what I wrote above. I just went in the DOP network that is already inside the vellum solver SOP and changed the emission type. By default this parameter is not exposed so you have to do this or create your own DOP network as we usually do.
  6. Hi guys, im truggling to achieve an simple wires a t tached to geometry, actully it works in still points. but it should be attached to animated boxes. Thanks wire_moving.hip
  7. Sop vex ptnum vs cvex

    Tomas, your Houdini knowledge and numerous answers are truly amazing.
  8. Houdini "proxy"

    The @instancefile attribute is only for file based objects, you can't use op: pathing. In your case, write the rubbertoy to the disc, then reference that file. To leverage local geometry that is installed in your scene, there is a companion attribute @instance. You can use the op: with that attribute. But referencing large pieces of geometry, from memory, instead of disc, may reduce some of the gains achieved by instancing.
  9. A keyframe every frame? That kind of defeats the purpose of MPEG. Try using the Animation codec, instead.
  10. Hello; When I export a flipbook as a Quicktime file (MPEG4 codec), After Effects can't read it and makes error displayed in image bellow. (VLC player, plays my file without any problem). Any idea? Thanks.
  11. Advise Please- Buying new desktop optimised for houdini

    Two months ago I buyed a pc for Houdini, and I'm pretty happy with it, I have : - Ryzen 7 2700X - Corsair H150i - MSI X470 Pro Carbon - RTX 2080 MSI Aero - 4 * 16 Go DDR4 Corsair Ram - 970 Evo 250 Go for Windows and Softs - 6 To Seagate Barracuda for files (I'm thinking about investing some money in a nas for the future, and more SSD's) - Corsair Carbide 270r - Be Quiet! Straight Power Gold 750W It's pretty fast, stay cool when simulating or rendering (cpu doesn't exceed 60 degrees at 100% of use), but it's doing a bit of noise (which doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping), for a total cost of 2600 euros. I know I missed the 3900X and the rtx super series but I'll upgrade later. What I can advice you is to take the max ram you can, and one gpu to begin seems honest. With redshift 2.6, my 2080 does the job nicely and fast. I suggest you to go with the new Ryzen 9 3900X, 128 Go of ram if you can afford, and a 2080 Ti. This would be a nice pc for Houdini
  12. not going to for loop here , thanks and keep it going Jeff
  13. Hi; What is the fastest way to turn off showing all nodes, and show only selected node/nodes, temporarily in viewport? (and vice versa...). Or is there any way to grouping "display" flag (property) of nodes, something like other 3d software? Thanks for helping.
  14. OCIO Darker viewport

  15. Hello; To create a global variable like $HIP, I tried to define a network path called "NETDRIVE" in Aliases/Variables window. The problem is Houdini doesn't shows a $NETDRIVE name in the list (I mean under $HIP,$JOB ...) in a "File SOP" path ..! Any idea? Thanks.
  16. Houdini "proxy"

    well again you can display your instances as bounding boxes, or point cloud, and all should be fine...
  17. There is no patterns section in Houdini 17.5, but you can add a principled shader and right click: allow editing of contents, and add a pattern within this
  18. Houdini "proxy"

    Thank you davpe! I optimized my setup and using Pack Prim again, the response is a lot better, thank you! About using the flag for displaying and rendering, it works but it doesn't when I need to scatter that object around. Would you mind to let me know what other technical ways to do it?
  19. This is what I'm looking for--the actual "Patterns" section on the material palette (mine actually doesn't have a patterns section at all, much less the checkerboard):
  20. Yup--these are just a straight-off-the-shelf grid and sphere with a straight-out-of-the-tab-key uvunrwap on each:
  21. It sounds like you don't have good Uv mapping. Check your uv view to see if you have a shape other than just a line or nothing.
  22. I had found that, but it only gives me grey: (I did throw a quick UVUnwrap on the grid an sphere before applying it.) What am I doing wrong there? I don't remember where it was, but the recent H17 tutorial I found had the person actually grabbing the checkerboard from the palette, so I'm guessing they didn't just get rid of something so common to replace it with something that takes three more steps now, right? presetsAreSometimesPractical.hipnc
  23. So a few older tutorials I have been following have people dragging the Checkerboard from the Material palette onto an object. I thought maybe the checkerboard just was no more since the material system changed, but I recently saw a Houdini 17+ tutorial where someone did the same thing. My material palette has no Checkerboard pattern on it. Where can I find it? Is it something I have to opunhide?
  24. Last week
  25. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    You have to bind it to your data, to the left, and be sure to set "set always" and not "set initial", Cheers, Field_Force_fixed.hip
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