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Found 20 results

  1. Hey people, Quick and simple question : anyone figured out how to setup and render a custom aov / render channel in Vray for Houdini ? I've been trying things but I can't for the life of me find how to do it. I'm beginning to think it's just not possible, and that would spell doom for the renderer which is otherwise quite okay as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Hello good people! So I have a few questions about VDB, mostly about things that I never cared about - until I had to. - Why are there translations on the fields of a VDB ? Most render engines do not seem to care, except for Vray. Vray apparently requires all those translatations to be the same for some reason - or else it will generate huge bounding boxes in Maya, and maybe even wrongly sample velocity. Resampling fields will "freeze" those transformations but I never had to do it with Arnold, RS, 3delight or Mantra. For extra giggle, putting a simple point wrangle with @P=0 apparently emulates how Vray see things. - Why can't I get rid of the "dopobject" and Cd attributes when saving to file ? The dopobject attribute is only added when importing the fields with a dopimport fields and not with an object merge. But with the dopimport it just keeps coming back from god knows where, and it makes no sense. - With Vray, am I stuck with having to use the same voxel size for all fields, including Vel, which can in turn creater HUGE files ? Doc indicates Vray can't handle vector fields and I can drop a vdb vector split, but there is nothing about voxel size. I have to accumulate tons of tricks to try and lower the file size. A 250mb VDB file with vel resampled to twice the voxel size can turn into a 1gb file with vel at the original voxel size - and because of how vray handles preview in the viewport, this is unbearable. Alternative is throwing the volume quality through the window to try and hope to reduce file size. I'll include a simple scene file with a few scenarios and oddities which just illustrate those quirks. As I said I usually have no issues but complaints from the Maya Vray departement upon long loading/refresh times ( even for mere 250mb files ) or motion blur not working forced me to approach things very differently... VDB_savingToFile.hip
  3. Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if this is not the right section to post this. I'm trying to find a solution to use Houdini Ocean Tools in Vray. I have the basic scene with the giant grid, which in Mantra is displaced at render time. At first I connected a material node with a basic Vray shader (without any displacement) after the Ocean evaluate node (I know that I will have a gigantic grid with many subdivisions but that isn't a problem) but it doesn't seem to pick up the full displacement value. Then I tried to export the textures from the Ocean Evaluate node but I'm having a problem with the displacement in the Vray shader. Has anyone ever achieved a realistic look with HOT in Vray? Thanks for the help
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to Vray in Houdini. I just had Vray installed. When I clicking the 'Show VFB' on the Shelf Tools, it's not showing. Does anyone know a solution to this?
  5. Sorry for the re-post, but we're still hiring, since we have more customers! We're a San Francisco-based startup focused on generating computer graphics for customers that build computer vision neural networks. At the moment, we have a Houdini + Cycles and Houdini + VRAY pipeline for specific asset niches. We are looking to expand the pipeline in terms of asset types as well. Remote is fine, so long as you are able to consistently work Pacific Time or Eastern Time hours. Python experience necessary since we use python within houdini to parse JSON. Please reach out to me, matt@synthesis.ai for more information.
  6. HI guys i have done this realistic bubble burst inside of houdini 18. please comment your thoughts, and do like and share.... Thank you..!
  7. Hello there, So I'm back on a V-ray project, and I have to scatter a few impact-like VDBs. I was thinking of going the traditionnal way, getting the point cloud, adding instancepath / instancefile, with a made up string including the much needed offset. Classic, right ? My issue is that I just can't get it to work with vray. It just renders nothing with no relevant info in the log - except "render's done". I tried with VDB files. I tried with vrscene files, tweaking the anim_start primintrinsic. I tried with copystamp and timeshift. I even tried by linking a geo diretly into the relevant instance field. Best I could get to render was instancing the same frame on all points. Instancepath and/or timeoffset look dead in the water. With no access to their own forums, I'm forced to come here to ask : How the heck are we supposed to instance from disk files or create a cloud of timeoffseted instances with Vray ? And all of this despite the V-ray beta 1 release notes stating this :
  8. Hello, Has anyone tried V-ray beta for houdini? Does it work also on version 17?
  9. hi, Export pyro sim with vdb, input vdb into VRay_VolumeGrid on 3dsMax, 3rd party chennel mapping smome=dencity, temperture=temperture, each velocity = vel, the grid show velocity wit purple marker. but the vray rendering image is empty VRay_Velocity Elements(strength Zero). VRay_Volume_Grid is sat "Volumetric_Geometry" mode.(need geometric vray render elments) whats wrong my setting? Vray 3.6.04 (3dsMax2017) Houdini 17.5
  10. Hello, So, first I exported flip tank particles in .abc format then I load that in 3ds max with vray proxy. But how to render them with proper whitewater or ocean shader? It is rendering a blobby mesh in my case. And there is also absence of particles in some frames and some kind of clipping in between. Can someone please guide me in this. Thanks in advance.
  11. I just wanted to let everyone who might be interested know, that Chaosgroup have released a beta version of Vray for Houdini. More info can be found here: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/houdini
  12. Combine clustered pyro into one domain/object to export for render in v-ray Maya? Thanks in advance.
  13. I am coming up to my final term at Gnomon school of vfx and have the option to do an internship/externship as part of my credits. I feel working in production is where my studies fall short but other that I am rearing to go and become part of a team. I have been working mostly in houdini and rendering in Mantra, Redshift or Vray. Focusing on fx with a side interest in lighting and compositing(nuke). Please take a look at my reel, all of my contact details on in my reel, any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
  14. hey all thought i'd just drop a grenade of Houdini work i put together over 2016 & early 2017 - nothing particularly complex - most of this is all stuff i've learnt off this forum and youtube video tutorials by ppl like @mestela @ParticleSkull @Farmfield @rohandalvi the guys at Entagma, Sidefx, and a bundle of other ppl whom i cant seem to tag like Ben Watts - i just want to say thankyou for all your help and tutorage on forums and the time you guys take to put all those epic videos together and encouraging me to learn cheers ant hoob (houdini noob geddit?!) this was my first project set in houdini - following tutorials and clearly inspired by Method (who isn't c'mon) and their video.. I then went away and did some more twiddling with sop based stuff to try some more fun effects - had alot of fun with this one - i love balloon boy lol... this was inspired by all the Hydraulic press channels and just trying a fun few setups... this one was inspired by Erik Fergusons fem stuff... and this one was an attempt to try some fun ragdoll/crowd sim stuff :)
  15. hey guys we are hitting a wall. kinda thought it should be simple, but the motion blur in Mantra isn't matching the motion blur coming from Maya-Vray render. any tips or the reason why this would happen? thanks
  16. We are bringing our D&AD Black Pencil and Cannes Gold Lion awarded design and motion studio Stateside in Summer 2016 and are looking for world-class talent to join our core LA team. You will be one of the elite founding members: ready to jump into high-concept projects for forward-thinking brands immediately. Our formula in London the past nine years has been simple and successful: produce exciting, high-end creative and effective work, executed by best-in-class 3D and VFX technical artists. And, crucially, to have fun doing it. We are all creative contributors, whether we work on the more conceptual or technical end of the spectrum. We thrive on a melting pot mentality, where artists can take pride and ownership in producing shots from start to finish using their broad range of skill sets, while still contributing their knowledge and expertise on a collective scale for the greater good of the studio. We are looking for middleweight and senior talent: Designers, Directors and VFX/3D artists with a strong design sensibility. We are not proscriptive about the path that you’ve taken to get here. Whether you’ve arrived at 3D and motion design via the fine arts, engineering or natural sciences, we appreciate unusual perspectives. Some processes and programs that we like to use: Our main pipeline tool is Cinema4D. We render in Arnold or VRay4C4D. Houdini is our big gun for the more complex stuff. From time to time we like to use Maya as well. Compositing happens either in AfterEffects or Nuke. Available Roles: Senior Designer/Creative Lead 3D/VFX Artist Motion Designer Applications may be sent to LA@mvsm.com. All applicants must be legally able to work in the United States. The ManvsMachine team in LA will enjoy the same generous vacation allowance as their London counterparts. Just like them, you should have a great sense of humor, a belief that mass communication should never preclude good design, and a devastating ping pong serve.
  17. I do import particles in the alembic to render using vrayproxy. Why particles have no motion blur? motion blur.zip
  18. Hi everyone, I come here today to ask you if it's possible to import a Vray Cam from 3ds max to houdini keeping all parameters. I don't know if the post is in the good category, if not sorry Have a good day ! Thanks.
  19. Hello everyone this is my first Houdini project. Hooray! https://vimeo.com/67691318
  20. Hi folks. Very new here, haven't even tried hot yet in maya but I would like to ask is there any Vray support. We use Vray for all our scenes and water is becoming a major prob. We need to have object interacting with the water for reflections but is this possible with HOT for Maya? Thanks for any help. S
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