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Found 15 results

  1. PavelK

    3D Generalist

    Hi, my name is Pavel, I'm a multidisciplinary digital artist. I have extensive experience in creating high-quality visual digital content of any complexity, from developing a logo, banner, or landing page to creating a 3D visualization or product animation. I use Cinema 4D, Zbrush, TouchDesigner, Houdini FX, Adobe CC, Octane render, and other tools. I offer assistance in achieving goals, an individual approach, and a wide range of services in one place. Email me (info.pavel.kazlou@gmail.com) and we find the best options for Your Business! https://www.generative.pl/ https://www.behance.net/Pavel_Kazlou https://vimeo.com/user138639341 https://www.linkedin.com/in/PavelKazlou/ Best regards, Pavel
  2. Hello Peeps, does anyone know how to recreate this setup ? I'm really curious to learn
  3. Woodkid created an amazing lyric music video with Houdini and compositing in After Effects. He mentions (at 22:29) that he used Houdini to create the font. I wonder if he means he created the font from scratch in Houdini and animated it in Houdini. I'll love to know how to create motion typography graphics in Houdini (I'm familiar with After Effects, Houdini opens up new doors). How did he go about creating the animated text?
  4. Hello! My name is Gustavo Maia, best known as GUS and I'm a freelance Designer+Animator from Porto, Portugal. I love creating animations and I've been lucky enough to be doing some cool work with other talented people for the past 5 years. Feel free to check out my latest reel and portfolio at www.gusmaia.work If you have any questions about my experience or work, I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you for the consideration. Best regards, Gus
  5. Hello everyone! https://youtu.be/c4EsWQc7pAE In this tutorial we'll be going over the steps to generate a wavy pattern using simple VEX functions. This is more of a VEX oriented tutorial than my usual videos, but it should be easy to follow along since I will be giving a visual breakdown of each and every line and their effect on the geometry. Thanks to cgwiki's "JoyOfVex" guide that got me motivated to expand on this concept. I recommend you check out his series if you're interested in starting your journey in VEX. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex
  6. Hi everyone, I've been tasked to lay down a decent workflow pipeline plan for my team revolving around creating motion graphics or key visuals for advertising in houdini and I was hoping to find some help/suggestions for it. I chose houdini as the core element just to avoid extra plug-ins that from my experience were creating a wast amount of issues in the long run, but I feel I won't be able to do everything I need quick enough using it alone. My first idea was to get license for zbrush, substance and redshift to complement houdini, so basically it would be like this: start by modeling non procedural things in zbrush, texturing them in substance, animating everything in houdini and finally render in redshift. When I started testing the workflow, I immediately noticed that substance designer plugin is not compatible with latest versions of houdini and my biggest fear came back, since I was hopping to achieve something at least slightly more seamless. I am now considering making all maps and textures through photoshop and zbrush only, skipping substance altogether and sticking as much as possible to procedural shaders in houdini if I can produce them quick enough. Anyway, what kind of workflows do you guys have or recommend? Could you give me any tips on how I could make things go smoother and avoid unexpected compatibility issues? How was your experience using Substance painter or designer within the workflow so far? Cheers!
  7. Hello, Wondering if there is a simple way to create an effect like this:
  8. Christian Arnesen did an awesome piece of animation with MASH, and I wanted to replicate it in Houdini: Here is the breakdown of 3 techniques for doing so, using Alembic caches, Copy Stamping, and VEX (file is attached below or at the link): Hope it's helpful! arnesen_cubes_in_houdini.zip
  9. CAMP_2016_Behind_The_Scenes_on_626475235.mp4 Very nice piece in my opinion by Raw & Rendered! Inspiring. I believe the technique is related to curl noise and many examples I found in this forum. However, I am particular interested in this setup where the curl noise is actually controlled by guide curves/circles. Also interested in how the spheres are randomly scattered on the curves and flows with the motion. I have attached the actual references for the frames. I am very new to Houdini and love procedural. Have been experimenting with wrangler nodes, sops, vops and etc. It would be great if anyone could share the approach on creating a piece like this. Looking forward to your input. Great community I found here. CREDITS Directed & Designed by Raw & Rendered | Joey Camacho rawandrendered.com Special Thanks to Maxon | Cinema 4D - maxon.net Insydium | X-Particles - 3.x-particles.com/ Otoy | Octane Render - otoy.com Music and SFX by Jay Klos | soundcloud.com/jay-klos Produced by Olaf Blomerus | blmrs.com CAMP Opening Titles and behind the scenes.
  10. Hey guys, I would usually do this easily with a Copy Sop (Copy to Points now), just like on Rohan Dalvi's Mograph Series but, since the fragments are not over points, I have no idea on how to do this without a stamp. Here's something very similar from what I need: Thx, Alvaro
  11. Hey guys, I would usually do this easily with a Copy Sop (Copy to Points now), just like on Rohan Dalvi's Mograph Series but, since the fragments are not over points, I have no idea on how to do this without a stamp. Here's something very similar from what I need, it's just rotation and scale of the individual pieces: Thx, Alvaro
  12. Hi, I've been creating a series of videos on recreating the Mograph tool set from Cinema 4d in Houdini. Here are the first four videos. Cloner Object Falloff Step Effector Random Effector I'll keep updating this post with more videos as I make them. regards Rohan Dalvi
  13. Hi all, I've run a ground while building a set-up for creating centroid points from surface prims, animating/deforming the points, then applying the animation back to the prims via a matching prim_id or prim group_id. The prims in question are separated via facet and partition sops, and all their numbers do match/correspond to the animated/deforming point numbers. The lookdev would be sections of a surface dissolving/evolving via the incoming point motion. Something roughly in this direction: I'm just not sure how best to go about copying the motion back to the prims. After some heavy googling, I've been looking at forEach and copy_stamping as an approach but no luck so far. Have a look at the attached hip. Any help would be appreciated. prim_id_or_group_id__to_follow_point_id_motion.hip
  14. Hi Folks! My new tut is uploaded. Hope it will help! Please share with me if you have some better suggestion on this technique. THANKS in advance! CHEERS! Link:
  15. Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce my new training. The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the Motion Graphics animation shown in the promo. The idea is to create a variety of User Interface and Motion Graphics elements using a combination of SOPs, Particles and CHOPs in Houdini. The training will also cover setting up the materials, rendering and an overview of the final compositing in After Effects. The training is broken into 3 parts. Each part will cover the creation of individual elements required for the final animation. Final Animation Trailer Link to training http://www.rohandalvi.net/motion-graphics I have also put up a few free training videos over the last few weeks. I am putting the links for those down below as well Interior Rendering in Houdini Grow Ivy How to sell Digital Goods ( For anyone who is interesting in selling their own training videos) regards Rohan Dalvi
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