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Found 8 results

  1. The Embassy is a Canadian, Oscar-nominated production house, specializing in live-action production, post-production, and animation for feature films & commercials. We are currently looking for a Senior Compositor to join our team for work on upcoming feature, television and commercial work. We require someone who is able to work in a fast-paced environment to deliver an extremely high level of work. Please note: at this time we are accepting applications only from those artists who are legally eligible to work in Canada (ie Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or currently hold a work permit). Click here to apply: https://the-embassy-vfx-inc.hiringthing.com/job/25436/senior-compositor-contract-position Duties Establish certain looks and/or solve particular design or effects challenges for key visual effects shots Full shot compositing including paint and roto when required Working within studio best practices, follow guidelines, and keep scenes clean and organized Prioritize and revise work based on direction from supervisors Meet project milestones and deadlines on time. Requirements Strong knowledge of compositing workflow and other major aspects of post-production Possess a keen eye for colour and colour matching Ideal candidate will have 7+ years industry experience in commercials, film or TV Strong understanding of multiple aspects of the VFX pipeline Be comfortable working with clients Excellent communication skills We offer Competitive salary based on experience A fun and collaborative environment Emphasis on work/life balance Ample cross-training opportunities Dog-friendly workplace
  2. Dropped Frames and COPs Cache

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing weird behavior in COPs where some frames tend to drop? (shows up as black) And some frames even shows up as some sort of random lines. Resulting on my final render to have random flickers due to incomplete passes. This is a capture of me scrubbing the timeline.. I'm using a VOP Cop filter that simply copies the Pz channel to R G and B: I couldn't figure out a proper repo yet as it is occurring quite randomly. Sometimes, after a fresh scene, it would exhibit the dropping.. sometimes it won't. I'm thinking that it is related to how COPs handles the image cache.. so I tried clearing/refreshing them with these methods: Reload the File SOP. Cleared the Compositing Cache from Edit menu. Cleared the Cache from the Houdini Preferences Window. Also Increased Cache Sizes. (Restarted Houdini) Used python to clear out more cached elements: hou.hscript("glcache -c") print("Cleared GL Cache") hou.hscript("texcache -c") print("Cleared Texture Cache") hou.hscript("compfree -c") print("Freed Comp Cache") I also noticed that it seems to be related to multi-channel EXR/PIC files. I almost gave up on the scene that I'm working on and was about to jump to Natron. But as a last ditch effort, I tried just rendering my scene as separate sequences per pass. (RGB, A, Z, Normal, etc..) Finally when I rendered the comp, I got no dropped frames. As soon as I can track down a repo step, I'll send an RFE to sidefx. Do you guys encounter similar problems when using COPs?
  3. Hi guys, i have a small problem in comp . As you can see when i did the comp in houdini 15 we can see the shadow of the box through the box . I mean the box is transparent and i don't know why. Could you please help me? Thanks
  4. Depth pass comp issue

    Hi, I am facing a weird issue when i am trying to comp my z depth from file rendered from Houdini in Nuke. I am getting weird red edges even if its not in focus that blurs it. Also blur is so weird. I know for sure its not the problem of Nuke because z defocus node is working well with another exr I downloaded over internet. I don't know what I am missing. Any pointer will be very helpful. Thanks
  5. Hi! I've got a scene with a box and a volume. I am trying to split the rendering of each object into a different pass. In the `/out` network from the attached scene, the `composite_premult_matte` node regroups a first setup of render nodes, each rendering a specific object while setting the other(s) as “forced matte”. When adding the resulting passes in compositing, I get back the beauty as expected. Now I've set up `composite_extracted_matte` which this time extracts the mattes into the alpha layer of different files. For each “nomatte” render pass, the object(s) not to be rendered are set to “phantom”. When compositing the whole in Nuke, I don't get the same result as the beauty. I tracked it down to this Nuke's graph below, where post-multiplying the matte of the volume doesn't seem to match with the pre-multiplied version: `volume_nomatte x volume_matte != volume`. Note that this issue seems to happen only when dealing with volumes (transparent?) objects. Is there something that I'm missing within my rendering setup? Cheers! composite_volume.hipnc
  6. I wanna do some slap comps without using nuke, I need shuffle some channels to create the comp. there is a node like shuffle in houdini? Thanks
  7. Dust hits

    Normally all the effects I've made I've had geometry provided to me/modeled it myself. What I'm wondering now how to make it interact with the plate as well/render passes I can give my comper to deform the plate. For example a dust hit. Obviously, there is dirt involved, so I guess my question is how would I go about making this within Houdini? It's the kind of "dirt" you would have for a soccer field. I've applied a vopsop with a turbulent displacement for some jagged/rocky type looks and added some interior detail to my vornoi but I guess I'm wondering what the next step would be or possibly something I may be overlooking? I've also tried adding subtle fur aswell for some grass. It's a slow motion shot/dust hit action sequence so I want to really nail the overall look. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi all, first of all, I'd like to say I'm new to this website, and have only been working on Houdini for about four months. I really like the interface, and I'd say I've made some pretty 'okay' stuff for a beginner. But now, I'd kind of like to take a step up and begin putting my work into real videos. I've looked at the composite view tab, but as far as I can tell, it only handles images. Would I have to export it to an external program and then insert my video? Or is Houdini even capable of this? Also, as of right now, my only sources for tutorials are youtube (hardly any) and the Houdini Tutorial Archive over at papicrunch, which is getting more and more limited. I'm not so sure I'm ready to move on to Houdini Papers yet, as I'm mainly a visual/tactile learner, but I did a Voronoi destruction scene based on a paper. I would really enjoy if you could point me towards some more beginner/moderate tutorials that are preferably videos. Thanks!