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Found 3 results

  1. Senior Groom TD - Trixter Munich

    TRIXTER is one of Germany’s leading animation projects and visual effects studios, offering a wide range of high quality services in digital production for motion pictures and TV. We are proud to have worked on international feature films and series such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America, Ant-Man, White House Down, Cloud Atlas and Wolfblood. We are currently looking for a Hair & Fur Groomer for our next feature film project to start as soon as possible. Location: Munich, Germany Groom TD's are responsible for delivering high quality hair, fur, feathers and organic elements for our 3D characters and environments. Description: Grooming Hair/Fur styles for CG characters in Yeti to a photorealistic level of finish. Ability to light hair/fur assets in Arnold a major plus. Organic Modeling skills a major plus Requirements: Minimum of 3 years feature film or equivalent high-res (2K) experience Extensive production experience using Yeti for grooming Strong artistic and technical background Great communication and problem solving skills Ability to work well within a team Good English language skills EU citizenship or an existing German work permit. Please send your application by email to jobs@trixter.de We are very much looking forward to meeting you! www.trixter.de
  2. Hello all, I wanted to share a Houdini OTL asset I've made and am testing out for the beta release: "https://www.psynema.com/houdini-procedural-hair-cards-game-meshes/" The link above is the documentation and download links (available on Orbolt) The asset takes Houdini's Hair system, then procedurally makes a low poly hair card for each hair clump, so your hair generate nodes will need a hairclump node within to initialize a clumpid attribute. Simply plug your hair generate node into the asset and the left output will give you a low poly hair card wig and the right output gives you a high poly mesh that's exportable. (Houdini's hair system is actually NOT geometry that's exportable to other software, so the asset takes care of converting it). MORE IMPORTANTLY - the asset procedurally creates a GROUP NAME for each hair card that MATCHES its high poly hair clump. That's important because Substance Designer can take that information and BAKE EACH HAIR CARD SEPARATELY without interference from other hairs belonging to other cards, something Houdini has yet to implement, a "match by mesh name" feature. Let me know what you all think as I'd like to build upon the asset. Thanks, Gary
  3. Hi , im quite new to the houdini world, and thanks to the forum and lots of free video tutorial im getting quite excited about it. I was wondering if you can point me out to the right direction on understanding better the way Fur grooming works in houdini . For example what kind of techniques should i use to add custom guides to a groom, how would i go into modeling or comb the length of the existing guides ( for example if i want to create an Elvis looking spline/guides), Should i model the Guides splines or the Clumps ones (i know Guides are for dynamics but in other softwares are also for the look, what about clumps?) ? From the fur preset i can only enter the guides/clumps as a whole, can i separate them to act on a one by one? or at least is there an easy way to get to one curve only components at time? How can i set a rest/goal pose for the dynamic curves guides, can i act on indivudual guides aswell??? Do you think would be possible to paint in view port a curve, moving the mouse around on a view plane/surface (with the paint tool?), and tell the surrounding guides to follow that painted curve? Or is there a way of selecting few exact guides and make them follow a poligonal surface ( i tought maybe modeling out a modified poly cilinder and making the surrounding guides to snap on the cilinder lenght )? The brush comb that houdini uses at the moment, are only working from the bottom of the guides i think they are nice but when it comes to a more advanced/specific type of creature/groom, i find them hard to use. I come from a maya background, and im trying to get my head around houdini, i simply fell in love with mantra and im trying to switch my fur/render pipeline from maya to houdini. thanks