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  2. @luidox nice can you share now the solution
  3. Put in simple terms, I’m using an attribVops 4 inputs to blend separate tree stems. In my case I couldn't put a cost effective blur inside my established “all in one” attrib vop so I broke up the info into separate vops with an attrib blur added to each. Then I’m multiplying them back together through a single attribvop. So far it works. It was just a matter of adding the position of the vop with a few “import points” set to 2nd-4rth inputs.
  4. TOPs video mosaic for simulations

    Haven't used PDG yet myself, but from what I understand the generate_contact_sheet is an imagemagick node set to montage. And the gather_matching_frames would be a partitionbyframe node to make sure the mosaic renders the animations in sync. Check out Entagma's PDG series, part 1b specifically for creating mosaics.
  5. Trying without much luck to recreate the video wedging mosaic demoed by Scott Keating here https://www.sidefx.com/products/pdg/ For some peculiar reason the video is not directly linkable and there is no .hip file but it is halfway down the page in the AUTOMATE section, Wedging video. I am trying to create the TOPs node graph in the attached but not sure what all the nodes are. In the left column green box of course is a ROP geometry output , and in the right column red box there are 5 nodes. #1 is ROP Fetch I think, #s 4 and 5 are Wait For All and I think FFMPEG Encode Video respectively. But what are numbers 2 and 3 in the right column, Generate_Contact_Sheet Wait_for_Entire_Sequence ? Also anyone know of a working example of TOPs based video mosaic for simulations?
  6. Pretty contemptuous attitude. The truth is, no one really understands what you want to do. You don't post any files or sketches. Despite everything, people are trying to help you. If it's just mixing two nodes, noise or something else in a vop, like in the video, toadstorm gave you the answer in his file. He took time to make this file for you and you don't even bother to tell him if his proposal is close or far from what you want. If you have more appropriate answers on the sideFX forum, share them, it can be useful for everyone.
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  8. That video I posted basically did the job. More or less. not too impressed with this forum. It’s like talking to socially awkward programmers. Not to mention the whole down voting is a bit classless. Last time I saw such a system was in my daughters preschool. I do appreciate people chiming in and trying to help but all in all I got more help from the sidefx forum. Perhaps it’s topic dependent better luck next time I guess :/
  9. The White Water Solver 'Add state attributes' doesn't add bubble, foam, and spray point attributes? Thanks Josh
  10. Hi Having a huge headache simply trying to install this shelf tool for PDG wedging. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pdg-mutagen-toolset-walkthrough/ At first it seemed to install correctly, could load the shelf tool and see the icons but when trying to load the python panel got a Non-ASCII character '\xc3' error. So tried adding #coding=utf-8 to the top of the file. Also mistakenly rightclicked the shelf tool and chose "Delete Shelf Tab" However now I cannot even add the pdg mutagen shelf tool back! It no longer exists in the drop down when I click the + icon and choose "Shelves". Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?
  11. New Color Schemes

    thanks for share it, I try soon. Matteo
  12. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Added a transform to rotate before the polysplits.....Thanks @Paul Corfield for the idea!!!
  13. New Color Schemes

    @DaJuice I put the theme colors into the /config sub-folder but my icons are not changing, in this case to the look of the soot theme ?
  14. Hi, I am trying to achieve a similar effect of flag simulation with a stitched mark like in the videos below. playing around for few days with no luck as I have very little knowledge about vellum solver. Can someone please point me to the right direction? Few tips and tricks would be much appreciated.
  15. I pushed a lot of things (I started Houdini on behalf of the administrator), reinstalled the licenses, and now she asks for the winlicense password. I deleted everything, installed a new one, and again asks for a winlicense password. What to do?
  16. Animated noise on guides or hair

    I just got into fur and hair in 17.5 and I'm wondering how would I go about having guides or hair animated with some noise on direction or bend with each guide as seed. I'm not looking to simulate hair as I have many characters with the same fur and simulating would be too much. Ideally I would like to have each character with a different seed offset on the noise (I have a for loop and deforming the original guides on sop level using groomfetch etc) but maybe that's me getting ahead of myself. The guide process nodes don't seem to have an option for animating with noise so please let me know if you know if and how that would be possible. Thank you.
  17. as you can see at the picture the the points only delete when inside the object, and when the points is not anymore inside the object it still there, not permanently deleted.
  18. Hi, how come in my file the points is not deleted permanently, it only deleting the points when inside the object h
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0pch-MkNg4
  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0pch-MkNg4 Much like this guy combines two ops, same is true for what I’m trying to do except with two vops into one vop Hmmm I can’t seem to post links. How interesting
  21. Women Character Rigging

    Hey, Hi, I want to rig a realistic women character, Can someone tell me what is the way to rig a realistic character I'm planning to use a Advanced skeleton in maya, and including the blendshapes can also be helpful? or else painting my own weights will give the better result? ThankU.
  22. Does anyone know how to install fonts on Ubuntu 18.04? I used the standard right-click Open With Fonts, and the INSTALL button. After a reboot, Gimp can see my new font, but Houdini can't?
  23. VOPs don't work in a vacuum; they modify geometry. If you want to combine the results of multiple VOPs, you'd have to either daisy chain multiple VOPs that all bound the noise function to a geometry attribute, or import some kind of attribute from both VOPs so that you know what the value is you're trying to read in. I'm attaching both approaches. layering_noise.hip
  24. Hey Jie, Thank you for the response. Conceptually that all makes sense. I'm still pretty new to dops and I can't seem to get the dop import node working in the sop solver. If you find the time, would you mind elaborating on the setup required in order to have the dop import node work by changing the 0 to a 1 in the mask parameter? Merging the rbd objects before the multisolver seemed like an intuitive solution, but I can't seem to get that working. Thanks again!! - Here's my latest attempt.. Would probably serve as a better starting point than the first file: sample_02.hipnc
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