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  2. Animation workflow

    Animation of what and for what? All workflows can be pretty subjective, but your mileage may vary. If you're animating a character Houdini is geared towards doing all that in the Object context, not in the geometry context. Check out rigging tutorials. If you're creating procedurally animated geometry involving lots of SOPs that's better to do in a single (or several sensibly organized) Object.
  3. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Thank you Weish!
  4. The issue is related to UV. Add uvproject to both meshes. Should fix it.
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  6. Find materials of missing textures

    There is also the preflight scene option (Use the Render ▸ Preflight menu item to find references in the current scene file to resources outside the project)
  7. Breaking Glue Constraints - Bullet?

    Just a quick update, I can actually break constraints using targetv and pop force...it's just requires "big" values and constraints should be "somehow" easy to break (e.g. if I break some constraints, then the rest won't be able to withstand the force)...I guess, using a collision object is the safest and easiest way to break constraints... Seems like the only way to break constraints is either manually by placing them in broken group or a colliding object...
  8. Houdini Rendering Issue

    Do you know what the brightest values in the HDR are? If they're crazy-high it could give you problems like that. A max value of 6.0 is pretty good - maybe try a max value of 3.0 to see if that solves it. Definitely keep it below 20.0 whatever you do, that's just begging for trouble. Blurring it could also be the answer ; to get rid of hot spots. You'll have to take the HDR into something like Nuke to do this ( did Photoshop ever make this kind of work possible? I avoid it like the plague ) *edit, Houdini has its own comper, maybe you can use that, I don't know how - 10 is really high for light samples - I've almost never needed more than 1, 10 must be super-slow
  9. rbd into grains

    hello I have a simple rbd sim exploding outwards that I want to turn into vellum grains as they explode. I have a simple set up working but the issue is that my source is emitting grains at every frame due to the creation frame being at $F. Is there a way where I can emit the grains on only one frame as the rbd is exploding ? I tried a length function to try and delete slow moving pieces but it is still emitting for a good 10 frames. I am trying to get it to emit once when the rbd piece is moving the fastest. The idea is to make the rbd pieces look like it is breaking up into a finer sand. I hope this is not a very complicated issue. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you rbd_into_grains.hip
  10. Help needed for making Gear Generator

    Are you in a hurry? Because I was about to post a gear generation asset with a gear connexion part. I already do this but in another software. Unfortunately, I'm really in a hurry to finish a job an I can't dive inside for now (not in yours, not in mine). I don't think I can get back to it for another week or two. What I can say for now is the "connexion" is fairly simple and is more a UI problem. I think the for-each approch is not the best (but it's just a quick opinion). At least the iteration use, cause the gears speeds is just about teeth numbers. You should create an attribute "numTeeth" and use it. And by the way I get an "incomplet asset" message. At the object level I just see a line.
  11. Breaking Glue Constraints - Bullet?

    Hi, If you have glue constraints network (using Bullet), it's possible to break them using a colliding object (e.g. a moving sphere that is flagged as animated static). However, is it possible to break them using abstract forces (e.g. using field or fluid forces, or even uniform force)? I've tried many types of forces, but regardless of their strength they don't break constraints. I've noted that packed pieces don't have "F" attribute, neither the Glue primitives (i.e. impacts = 0)? I only get impacts if I use collision geo, and "F" I apply POP forces... Another related question: in addition to breaking constraints by colliding object, sop solver, and geometry wrangler, Is there another way to break glue constraints? Thanks
  12. Hi guys I'm trying to use rop file output node in for loop. I want to render multiple frame using for loop However It only renders last frame with rop file output node. When with file node's write mode, it works fine I need help. Any comments will be appreciated!! Thanks I attached hip file. Render Button is in the <rop_volume_texture1> node read smoke_39.bgeo at 'file1' node Questionfoorloop.hip smoke.39.bgeo
  13. hi guys I'm new to the Houdini, and I'm having hard time understanding how to make loop nodes what i want to do is to create a gear generator, which allows me to spawn connected gears with correct rotation speed something based on the link below, but using loop iteration number as gear name and doing the adding and multiplying based on previous gears information http://deborahrfowler.com/MathForVSFX/GearRatio.html where I'm stuck is figuring out the previous gears name and adding new gears info in it. any help will be appreciated!!! thank you in advance! GearGenearatorWIP3.hipnc
  14. Muscle Loose End

    Hi Guys, my very first try on Houdini Rigging and Muscles, is it possible to make a muscle with one loose end? I need a rig dynamic udder. (cow) The other thing I experiencing is when I ad a "Muscle Displace" and connect muscles it strongly deform my skin.. Why?? Thanks.
  15. Mid/Senior FX Artist - Toronto

    https://mavericks-vfx.com/opportunities/ Mavericks VFX is a three-time Emmy-nominated VFX firm based on Toronto, Canada. Working as a collection of filmmakers—drawn from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and talents—we create outstanding visual effects for film and TV. We are proud of our family-vibe, but rely on our strong pipeline and learning from our seasoned artists to produce world-class visual effects. An excellent health and dental plan, complimentary gym memberships to Hone Fitness (in our building), beautiful offices, Cocktail Thursdays, a Softball Team, Blue Jays games, and a multitude of (non-mandatory) company outings…these are some of the ways that Mavericks VFX tries to give back to our employees for their stellar work and dedication. If Mavericks’ culture resonates with you and you are seeking to be a part of an exciting team-based environment, we’d love to hear from you. Responsibilities and Duties: Work closely with VFX Supervisors and Leads to determine the best approach to solve fx challenges and develop final look in shot development Work with other TDs, art directors and designers to create photo-real effects and physically accurate simulations Accurately interpret concept art and design from the Art Department Use and understand 3D / 2D applications such as Houdini, Maya, and Nuke Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughput Producing a final overall look that far exceeds client expectations. Create dynamics and simulation effects using rigid body, particle, fluid, pyro, cloth, fur and hair systems. Rendering FX elements or assisting in exporting to another renderer. Work within a collaborative team environment, contributing efficient design approaches for challenging FX shots. Regularly submit WIPs and take direction from CG and VFX Supervisors Demonstrate a broad range of FX abilities in a collaborative environment to conceptualize and create the overall look, attitude and style of the FX Interpret verbal direction and visual reference to understand the story context and aesthetic objectives of visual effects R&D and implement FX, run shots: particles, rigid body, fluids, large and small scale destruction, smoke, dust, lightning, fire, storms, explosions, etc. Support integration of effects into other department’s workflows and collaborate with them to ensure deliverables meet requirements Meet project deadlines and milestones, as set by the Production department and the Supervisors Provide suggestions and recommendations on technique and elements in the context of the scene Actively promote and communicate sound solutions to technical and creative issues Maintain and communicate a strong knowledge of innovative FX animation technologies Participate in the development of department procedures: workflows, toolsets, best practices Maintain positive, supportive and collaborative team dynamics Requirements: 3+ years of production experience using Houdini in film/commercials (knowledge of Autodesk Maya is a plus) Knowledge of particles, fluids (smoke, dust, water), fracturing, MEL/Python Thorough knowledge of VRay (Mantra a plus) Follow creative & technical briefs with regard to the production schedule and set milestones Work with animation, lighting & compositing as necessary in order to meet FX animation objectives A demo reel showing a strong sense of composition, light and colour Excellent communication skills and technical knowledge Must have the ability to work autonomously and meet tight deadlines Strong communication skills are critical Candidate must be able to work within a team environment Ideally, the Candidate would be Toronto- based and legally allowed to work in Canada
  16. Viscous fluid flow off emerging geometry's top

    Thanks so much for the effort, Max. Looks like a great approach, but I couldn't really get it to work. Ended up using a force field for the top of the logo. But I learned quite a bit by going through your setup. Cheers!
  17. Hi people, been lurking around here and gathering all the knowledge you are sharing, so thanks to each of you contributing to the forum. Lately I've been trying to understand another side of Smoke simulations and ways of controlling them. Before posting this I've gone through the most popular posts on the forum like "getting rid of mushroom" and others where there is tons of knowledge to pick up, I've also read the documentation on Microsolvers (Analysis, Match Field,...) multiple times in hope to understand which nodes to use and how to properly set them up. Could somebody point me to any resource to understand the workflow on building custom fields, how to use Gas Analysis, how it's related to Gas Match Field and some other aspects of these MS. I've been trying to understand what the documentation is saying and it's still a bit blurry to me compared to how other nodes are so well explained. A few days ago I've only read a quick post about building one but it doesn't explain much, it's more in the likes of "click this and click that, done". Apart from cracking open the Pyro Solver and individual Gas Microsolvers, where have you people picked up the knowledge / workflow on building custom fields. For what I've noticed people making tutorials and forum posts tend to steer away from anything that isn't Gas Turbulence, Shredding, Disturbance. Even a quick clarification on Gas Analysis / Calculate and it's common uses from you experienced people would be a massive help. Many Thanks!
  18. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    Nice to see it's doable. Too bad you can't share the hip. But how is the orientation grabbed in the actual dop? Are there any extra nodes or does the smokeobject actually read the orientation? Because I'm pretty sure I had orient and defined @N, @up and even @side. As pointposition that is used in the tutorial by trzanko didn't work for me which is what I tried.
  19. Animation workflow

    I'm trying to understand the best workflow for animation and I would like to hear your take on how you animate stuff. What I'm trying to turn my head around is if should animate inside SOP (transform) or outside SOP. Also, what are the cons and pros of doing so?
  20. Hi there, I already asked this question in the SideFx Forums -Maybe im lucky here! I created some fur on a sphere. (Doesn't matter, where I create it on, the error is always the same.) In the direction of one spot, the hair is getting thinner and I dont know why. Even if I generate it on a cube, the same happens. the strange thing is, that all the guides look completely good. Can anyone help? Thx in advance!
  21. I am creating a carpet bombing simulation based upon the beach napalm scene in Apocalypse now. I am setting up sources for pyro and particles and using a POP network to simulate the white phosphorous fuse and white smoke as the initial layer of the effect but I have run into a hurdle with the impulse activation. I have created spheres with animated noise and copied to points along a line. What i want is to cascade the activation of each sphere along the line as though the bombs are hitting the ground at different times. I originally thought of animating a separate sphere along the line, applying a color value of 1 and using attribute transfer to the source points which have a colour value of 0 and then setting the impulseactiveate value (sic mispelt but correct as per houdini tooltip) via a POP wrangle in line after the POP source referencing the Cd.x of the source points but this did not seem to work. @impulseactivate = @Cd.x; Maybe i have made an error as my vex knowledge and POPs knowledge is as a student very new. The only other method i can think of is to create a group for each sphere and then run a separate POP network for each sphere and keyframe the activation. This is very time consuming and I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to offer some advice on how to achieve what I need.
  22. Vellum Clothing on rigged character

    Oh I didn't have freeze at frame option selected. That is pretty neat to have that though.
  23. Bullet to Fluid and Vellum

    Hello Everyone, I have just create tutorial of making dynamic to fluid and vellum in Houdini 17. Check in here: https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/bullet-to-fluid-and-vellum Best Regards,
  24. Get Parent Expression

    You can use __display_sop__ or __render_sop__ in the path instead of the name of a real surface node name to have Houdini use whatever node has the display flag or render flag.
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  26. Convert tris to quads

    there is a great tool out there for that: https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes
  27. Earthworms Jim in Houdini?

    Really cool Andrea, that looks great! Soon as I get a chance I'll play around some more. Hopefully I can achieve a similar result! Thanks for the tips.
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