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Found 17 results

  1. Hey, First time posting on the forums looking for some help with a simulation I'm running. So I'm trying to create an effect similar to the ref video here: The effect is a macro shot of soap bubbles entering frame and sitting on top of a surface with some slight movement at rest. Again nothing has to move through the top surface. My current Idea and set up is to run a flip sim to get the motion, take points from the sim and pin some vellum sphere objects to some of those points at their center to get the soft bubbles "layer" then do some vdb combining of the vellum objects and the base fluid. Am I going down the right lines or is there a better way to mix flip and vellum together? Any input is very welcome along with any tests for similar problems people have faced. Also If this isn't in the right place let me know to move the thread! Can post my hip up if it helps. Thanks in advance! Media1_ref.mp4
  2. Hello, This is my first question here on odforce and I hope I'm posting it the right way. I'm now not quite sure how to approach the following effect, when a whole bunch of bubbles are flying towards the long tube and enveloping it after touching the surface (the video is attached). Should I play somehow with Vellum Fluid, Vellum Balloons, metaballs or something else? Thanks in advance for your help! Elvive_render_006.mp4
  3. Hi team! I have followed a good tutorial on Youtube as I was having issues with keeping fluid in a container, this tutorial also shows how to do bubbles in the water ( Tutorial here ) When the bubbles go through the water there is a loss of fluid and I have been playing around a lot trying to figure out how to prevent the loss, when the collision objects aren't connected there is no loss in the amount of fluid but when I connect the Collison object there is a loss of fluid and I cant figure out how to stop that. I was wondering if anyone else happened to know? Its just bothering me and I wanted to know the answer. Cheers! Hottub.hipnc
  4. Hi All, I have recently started working with Houdini Flip and while trying to achieve air bubble inside Flip simulation in a pouring liquid, I am failing quite miserably. I have used Air Incompressibility but unable to achieve the air bubbles while pouring the liquid something similar to https://www.facebook.com/particleskull/videos/1987853528104282? [www.facebook.com] Apart from that, I have a few questions and I am very hopeful that I will receive my answers here. When I reduce particle separation (high particle count) my collision fails and in order to fix it, I reduce grid size and increase iterations too. So my question is how should I proceed, What should I tweak first grid size or iterations so that I achieve a better collision? In the attached scene file I intentionally used low particle count in order to view and block out my sim but less particle count often cause my collision to fail, Is there any other way to achieve it so that I can save processing time with high particle count? My vessel (object) does have some thickness to it but sometimes collision fails, don't understand how can I control it and what if I needed a thin geometry in my shot, How can I make collisions to work with thin geo? Is there any correlation between the particle count or particle radius? e.g If I increase particle count then should I decrease particle radius considering the water-like liquid. How can I get rid of a few particles which got stuck with the surface of the vessel though the rest of the simulation works perfectly fine? Bottle_Project.rar
  5. Hello all, I've been trying an effect where a character runs into the water. As soon as the character starts moving and colliding with water little spheres or maybe bubbles start emitting and I don't know why. Below I have attached my hip. file and a screenshot of my exact problem. man_water_run_v11.hip
  6. Hey, I made a few Fx on a music video for the band GLU. Had to be done in a rush, so it's far from good : / here are some fx :
  7. Hello, Using Houdini 17.5 to create boat wake with white water. Using the white water solver I where I would like to emit foam and spray over the flip surface. However, I do not want the bubbles as I am under the impression this would reduce simulation time and memory consumption. That said, I couldn't figure out a way to stop the solver from emitting bubbles! Anyone was able to deal with this or any documentation or thread that could help?
  8. Hi there everyone, I am trying to recreate this shot from shutterstock as accurately as possible in Houdini: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-14617168-slow-motion-split-half-underwater-close-up Creating the wave I imagine is pretty straightforward, and have done so before using realflow with good results, but the main challenge would be how to handle the thickness of the surface of the water as it intersects the camera, how to render different environments for the under and above water portions, how to handle these (previously I used masking with mixed results), and then secondary elements like the bubbles that form with splashes and the distortion to the above water image caused by water splashing over the camera lens. Would ideally like to use redshift to render this, but anything that can go towards achieving a photorealistic result, or any idea or resources anyone might have or can point me towards would be great. I'm a beginner in Houdini but relatively experienced with 3d in general. Many thanks, H
  9. Hello, I am doing a big ocean simulation where a wave is hitting a object. And there I want to create whitewater(spray) splash. But I don't want to create foam and particles to spread in the whole tank instead of that I want the particles to spread in a particular defined area, So that simulation can run fast otherwise it is taking lot of time. Is there any way to do that?
  10. Hello ! I'm trying to add temperature to a flip sim, but it doesn't seem to work well... I have bubbles going through the particles and affecting them with their velocity, but the temperature doesn't seem to be added. Each of these bubbles/strands/thingy are supposed to be white. The bubbles are converted to a VDB, with wich I specify to transfer vel and temperature (temperature's been set to a static float value prior to it). Scene included below. Thanks ! temperature_flip_test.hipnc
  11. Hey, I have to to some fluid stuff for a cofe. It needs to have some cream/foam/bubbles on top. It shall run in from the top of the glas and generate that stuff on top. Pretty tough deadline. Any ideas on how to approach this in an efficiant way? Maybe using the surface field and change the chading on top depending on the distance? Any tipps are appreciated
  12. Hi Troops One of my first sims of water pouring into a glass (and with bubbles.) Not sure there isn't any motion blur on the bubbles and I had trouble having just a few bubbles at the start and grading to more at the end even though I keyed the scatter node. Anyway, here it is. C&C always welcome. Peace Josh Whiskey_Bubbles.mp4
  13. Hello everyone, I'm attempting to recreate the shapes of large bubbles forming. My initial tests have been involving FLIP fluids, adding surface tension and removing gravity to create a jiggling ball of particles. Once it is meshed, I could then apply a refractive shader to get transparency. See the attached .mp4 for a flipbook of one of my tests for creating a small, single bubble. However, I'm curious as to how other artists might approach this problem. How would you go about creating these large, wobbly shapes so that they act naturally? How would you allow for art direction if you went with a simulation approach? Please share your ideas, I'd be very interested to hear what you think! Thank you! There is a good example of the shape I'm trying to create at 2:55 in the video below, although the whole bubble sequence is quite useful. bubbles_rnd_0708_01.single_bubble.mp4
  14. Flip simulation + RBD temple around 60 mil flip + 50 mil at the peak foam+spray +bubbles pass: houdini any suggestions how to make it more dynamic? Flip simulation + RBD temple around 60 mil flip + 50 mil at the peak foam+spray +bubbles https://vimeo.com/153490031 pass: houdini any suggestions how to make it more dynamic? I will of course add camera shake in post and move camera. and ocean waves on top of flip. Now the simulation is 300 frames. I think I will bump it down to 240 and make Venus statue drop faster. Also forgot to check stick on collision at the time when i was writing out flip. SO gonna run this simulation again. Just wanted to ask for some suggestions because want to make it better before spending 3 days on writing this out to disk. Amends that I`m going to make now: * check stick on collision *maybe bump down velocity smoothing a bit so it\s more dynamic *extend the foam life, so it stays longer *bump down drag force on spray Also wanted to ask about bubbles particles. Is there any way to simulate them but not write out to disk ? they take more than half of all the whitewater, but I\m not gonna use them. If I cancel bubbles at all, then I get less foam particles, because when bubbles reach the surface they turn to foam, if I understand that correctly.
  15. Hi Odforce. I got this video from vimeo. I wonder how to get the bubbles force inside flip before the ship is going up same as this vid. Can we use PUMP source for flp or which methods can we archive this result? Thanks for helping me
  16. Hi, I kind of new into Houdini, I been study by my own for almost one year ... The problem that I'm facing right now is that I can not make the bubbles to work into a splash tank (I need it in a splash tank due that is part of a scene that is using splash Tank), I creating a variable for the density and transfer that value with some particles. the setup works fine with a FlipTank but once I tried with the splash tank it stop working, I have also try RBD collision but it didn't work as expected. I'll really appreciate any help that you can give or if you have a better way to approach in how to make bubble in the splash tank I'll be more than happy to hear it. Thanks. Carlos
  17. Separating bubbles from foam to treat them differently in the white water tool. Bubbles turn into foam which is desired yet if not treated the same, same shader, same geometry...there's an obvious flicker as the points move from bubbles to foam and back again... any tips?
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