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  3. For now I have achieved some similar things but I want to learn more. How could we achieve something similar without a lot of experience and without a team of 10 people? Here is the file with some organic lines deforming, I'm sure we can get something interesting! Lines_growth_03.hiplc
  4. Hi, I'm doing a vellum hair simulation on a character that starts partially under a ground geo. I also do other vellum sims (as foliage) that need collision with the ground. But my hair gets stuck under de ground geo. How can I make sure that only the other sims are colliding with the ground and not the hair? Thanks!
  5. Maybe a simple or stupid question but Is there a way to have these 3 bars (color correction ...) always visible in the render viewer ? I've tried saving as desktop butit doesn't work thx
  6. Hello I imported a geo into Houdini from Maya. I want to rotate it around its pivot, but the transform node doesn't respect the imported geo's pivot.It sets it to the origin. is there any thing I can do so Houdini uses the original imported pivot for transformation? thank you
  7. how get attributes name?

    it's all i want.THANK YOU Jiri!Cheers!
  8. how get attributes name?

    Hi Jorb, there are four detail intrinsic, as in the attached image ... which store what you need. You can access these intrinsic attributes with python or VEX. With VEX, you can access them like this: s[]@pointattributes = detailintrinsic(0,"pointattributes");
  9. how get attributes name?

    Hi odforce, i have a small problem,its confused me a few days.how can i get the attributes name use vex or python(vex is better,because im not familiar with python)? for example,i have a geometry with some point attirbutes like "v" "Cd" "mass" "aaa",and prim attributes like "prima" "primb".if i want create a new string attribute and store all the attributes,how do i achieve that?
  10. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    I know I could write script directly in python_remote_control node import hou a = hou.node('/obj/pipeline/python_target') a.parm('result').set('C') but I would like to know how to control/execute the code of 'python_target' node indirectly
  11. there are 2 nodes, and can we remotely execute a python script by another node, especially def too? For instance, there is a python_target null node. If I click its execute button, it writes C in result as I expect. Then I want to do same thing by a code of another python_remote_control null node. After succeeding controlling remotely, I also like to execute setA() remotely, too. Is that possible?
  12. store getbbox into attribute

    Hi Matt, according to the docs, void getbbox(vector &min, vector &max) is deprecated. We should use three arguments, first is the geometry input (integer number or "op:" string reference). getbbox (0, v@min, v@max); This one line is also what you asked for. It stores the bounding box into two vector attributes.
  13. store getbbox into attribute

    vector min; vector max; getbbox(min,max); v@bbox_min = min; v@bbox_max = max; //or as array containing both v[]@bbox = array(min, max);
  14. store getbbox into attribute

    Hello again I come with another vex question. This time I am trying to figure out the function getbbox and store it into an attribute to see what the values are actually doing,.... The help cards states: Sets two vectors to the minimum and maximum corners of the bounding box for the geometry. void getbbox(vector &min, vector &max) So I am trying to follow this exactly. vector min; vector max; getbbox(min,max); @P.x *= (@P.y/max.y); Now, I found this simple pieces of code on the forums somewhere and it works great. However, I am trying to store the getbbox into my own attribute so I can actually see the values but when I try, it gives me an error. This is what im doing: vector min; vector max; v@myBound= getbbox(min,max); @P.x *= (@P.y/max.y); What exactly am I doing wrong here? Why does the getbbox function not let me store its values into an attribute?
  15. Converting integer to string atoi

    @Skybarthank you!
  16. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    My two cents, I raised my desk, lean my chair back and lower it, so that my arms lay on the desk and there is no bend to my wrist. I can work many continuous hours this way.
  17. Thank you for the example file, will look at that when Im back home!
  18. Crowd agent transition issue

    After playing around with the scene, the problem seems to be substeps. Your collider is moving very fast so it is actually passing through the agents, sometimes. The crowdsolver defaults to 5 min and 5 max substeps. Set the crowdsolver min max substeps to 1,1. Jump one level,and set the crowdsim dop network substeps to 5. This will cause all nodes, inside the dop network, to run five times, for every frame. A little slower to sim, but this seems to solve the RBD transition problem. ap_crowd_ragdoll_Collision_RBD_071519.hiplc
  19. Yesterday
  20. Renderman 22 on Debian/Mint installation issues

    Hey, there is an entire page for „shading a fireball with renderman“ in the docs. https://rmanwiki.pixar.com/display/RfH/Shading+a+Fireball Actually its quite similar to mantra and Arnold when it comes to volume shading
  21. odd behavior of carve / pscale

    @animThank you! You saved me from the sleepless night:)
  22. Script to resume crashed render

    Thanks. Do you know if the free version of Deadline has this functionality?
  23. [SOLVED] VEX: rotate vector by degrees or matrix

    Hi, ok it looks like you want to chain transformations. Have you tried to multiply the matrices? Quaternions can be another option if you have many operations ... . Check my example. It contains 3 rotations matrices which are applied on a geometry in a specific order. If you look into my example, you can see that the first matrix rotates the box around its diagonal line. If you apply the second rotation the box still rotates around its diagonal line, if you change the angle for the first rotation, but now in the transformed space. matrix_chain.hipnc
  24. fbx imported anim not colliding with flat tank

    Hi Gnarlog I was wondering if you may share a bit more on how the velocity magnitude can be increased? Ie process of setup of your animation. I have an imported alembic which I can compute velocity using Trail but not too sure how to mutliply the magnitue for the imported alembic ATM, I getting very little water splash on the upward thrust and for the downward thrust, I can't get any splash from the FLIP, it looks almost that the water gets sucked into the vortex that the whale animation has during downthrust. Thanks. Edited 16/07/19 : Found solution in adding velocity, I have been pulling my hair the past few days but I found the solution to solving it!! Great
  25. to achieve that, you don't need VEX, just some years of experience ! And the second clip is simply made by theMill. So you will also need a team of ten people each with years of experience
  26. "For each" - Shift last keyframe

    If you want to get more procedural ease in/out you can use the smooth() with pow() functions easythere.hip
  27. carve will interpolate the attributes so if one point has pscale of 1 and second 2, then if you carve in the middle the new point will have interpolated value in the middle of 1 and 2 so 1.5 then if you base your random on @primnum both points will have the same value so even interpolated value will be the same
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