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  2. Clustering Objects individually

    Add this before the break: s@name = 'cluster_' + itoa(pt);
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  4. Thanks. Ok i will try that way. So i can not use the generic instancing method in redshift as same as mantra to control time.
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  6. Context in VOPS ?

    How do you bring another context into VOPS ?
  7. Clustering Objects individually

    Konstantin hi again i need a bit more help on the file and did not wanted to create a new topic How can I create a new name attribute based on those created clusters just like the "cluster sop" does ? Because right now if i send these to a dop sim its recognized as individual chunks instead of clusters..
  8. Creating Shader custom AOV in Houdini not working ?

    If your referring to the setting Use Input Value If Not Bound, since I'm plugging the Parameter bound into the other input of the Set Layer Export; there is no need for use the Use Input Value If Not Bound setting.
  9. Where is Measure Concave in H17.5 ?

    Thanks James ! I hadn't understanded that negative value of curvature that points to concave. It is exactly what I wanted.
  10. did you set the type in the bind export correctly? There is a setting to inherit it from the input value.
  11. step function from glsl

    Could you give me example on how it works? UPD: I got it) Thanks
  12. if in list (vex)

    as I mentioned if returned index by find() is negative it's not found your test simply tests if it's 0, which is actually still a valid index so you want to do : if (find(indexList, @index) < 0)
  13. Measure SOP Docs might help a bit to explain the curvature stuff. I think you're after the "Mean" method. measure_curvature.hip
  14. Hi. I want to re-fracturing my debris by voronoi depending on concave, but H17.5 measureSOP don't have curvature type "concave". ( there was it in H16). where did he go? Is there an alternative method?
  15. Render deep data with Mantra

    Alright, I figured out! Thank you very much.
  16. If your walk cycle is written to a .bgeo sequence, you can load the sequence in via a File SOP as a Packed Disk Sequence, and copy that single sequence to every point. From there, you can modify the "index" primitive intrinsic attribute to offset the timing of each copy, using the setprimintrinsic() VEX function.
  17. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    You could try to fill the missing pieces with inverted space carving (left) or by re-projecting depth maps (bottom) or rather their tracing curves (right).
  18. if in list (vex)

    I stored different index (integer number) in my primitives, and I want to create an array detail attribute with all my different index. sometimes my geometry could has 4 different index, for example (3,6,7,2), but in another case it could has 6 or 8 different numbers. my idea is store in a detail attribute that list of numbers (index) I create an primitive wrangle with this: int indexList[] = detailattrib(0, "indexList",0,1); if (!find(indexList, @index)){ push(indexList, (int)@index); setdetailattrib(0, "indexList", indexList); } but it does not work as I expect. what I am doing wrong? thanks
  19. if in list (vex)

    thans you!
  20. if in list (vex)

    You can use find() function, if the resulting index is negative, element is not in the array
  21. Hi, Simple question! "UV Texture" sop node has many projection types (e.g. Orthographic, Polar,...). One type is "Row & Columns", I've tried to use it but I did not understand how it works! Does anybody have a simple example or explanation what it means? The documentations says: "The U coordinates are placed along rows and the V coordinates along columns", but I did not understand it! Thanks
  22. if in list (vex)

    Hello how can I query if an element is in a list or not? in python is " if element in list: " thanks you.
  23. step function from glsl

  24. Exporting Transforms to Alembic

    Man, thaaaaanks a lot for the time/details you put in your answer, seriously, I really appreciate it Getting back to what I want to do: I am still experimenting/understanding the right way to do my task! the "task" general description is : use Houdini to create an alembic file has "many" empty transforms (i.e. each transform = translation + quaternion, maybe they are stored differently in Alembic format?), to be used by a render engine (called guerilla) for instantiation. Your analogy (between Maya and Houdini ) makes lots of sense, so since I am exporting only one geo, all particles underneath appear as one object in Alembic. As you said, if I really want to create many empty transforms then I need to create many empty geos as well (in python for sure!). I was thinking maybe, there is a way to tell Houdini: use each point @orient and @P attribute to create a transform and store them independently in Alembic, but this seems to be a very specific task and I need to do it manually (in python). Alright, I think I need to more research about my render engine and see exactly what it needs first, then take it from there. But what it seems like a fact is I need to write a python script that converts points @P and @orient as top geo empty nodes IF I just want a list of transforms in an alembic file... Once more, thaaaaaaaanks again
  25. Hello, I have a walk cycle want to distribute on a land using instance method, using redshift. how can I make the walkcycle in each instance have a random offset in time? Thanks
  26. step function from glsl

    Hi everyone! In GLSL they use this function called "step" that generates a step function by comparing two values. Is there any alternatives in vex ?
  27. Hej guys - how can I access the break threshold in the grain solver via an attribute? I was trying to set the break threshold for specific parts in a sop solver with a primitive wrangle and it doesn't work. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? Attached my scene aswell. Best Jack. grain.hiplc
  28. the attrib from volume should go in the first input so that the color is available for the pointwrangle. In the 2nd Input goes the peak or whatever you like.
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