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  2. selective bevel problem

    it works thanks
  3. selective bevel problem

    Hey, when I load your file it doesn't seem to be working properly. However, in your switch node, you're using @class%2==0. As far as I know you can't use attributes in a switch like that. Try getting the attribute like this: prim("../foreach_begin2", 0, "class", 0) % 2 https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/prim.html Hope it works!
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  5. selective bevel problem

    I'm trying to make a cannon, but here is my problem, each piece are bevelled but top one have a different bevel, I put a switch but the switch never occurs, any idea plz ? thanks hdni_old_cannon.hiplc
  6. the question about pc open (solved)

    cool! thank you. I think it could be bind out the parameter directly then check from the sop level.
  7. the question about pc open (solved)

    thx for your reply. now I understand how it works. problem solved! thank you.
  8. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    No the final reply I got from sidefx is that it's the driver so need to contact the manufacturer, still waiting for a rely from Microsoft
  9. Hi ! my friends who can help me solve this problem Thank you very much $CEX GCX BBX ? how to move the pivot.hipnc
  10. for (int point_num : findattribval(0, "point", "class", i@class)) { if (inpointgroup(0, "part",point_num)) { @group_part = 1; continue; } } Class is the connectivity point attribute you have earlier from connectivity SOP and "part is the portion group name you initiate and capture "partial" model
  11. Thank you for your reply, the file type we are using is .LAS and please can you elaborate and show the process as we are new to the software. To be more specific we are trying to generate a colored 3D model from a colored LiDAR point cloud (.las) and now as you said we are able to get an uncolored 3D model from colored point cloud but we aren't able to extract the colors from the colored point cloud. So, basically what we need is to extract the colors from colored point cloud to generate a colored 3D model. Here you can find attached .hipnc and .las files. Kindly please help us. Sample_point_cloud.hipnc Point cloud(.las): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b172f2f39b25eb74e1e696121ca062a620191213040418/7025222bf122a5ea5ff8a0dafb020edc20191213040419/f47d6d
  12. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    @cloud68 yes, the example was fairly simple but what if you want accumulate impredicatable datas or datas from another stream ? All those things that make you have to use a sop solver, while in "classic", C style language you juste declare a variable global or static. I know it's not recommended, but it's often very convenient.
  13. The simple example: using the bounding region option in the group sop, if the bound was to select a partial amount or even a single point/prim of an "island"/piece geo, is there a way to extend the group to cover the whole of the connectivity. another example: a wheel that has a rim, hubcap and lugnuts as part of one imported model, would like to tell my group node, or wrangle to select whatever is in the top 10% of the bbox, then extend the partial selection to just the tire piece/name/class. if the bound were to select the top 30%, it would be both the whole tire and rim, minus the lugnuts and hubcap being 40% from the outer diameter. The idea is to create a connected pieces group, procedurally, without addressing a name/class that could possibly change if the input were transformed or changed topology. H18 i feel i could accomplish this easily with the group expand by surface, but unfortunately im unable to use H18 for a while. Im fairly good at wrapping my head around vex scripting, no hesitation to trying to coding this if im not missing an easier technique. Thanks!
  14. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Export clouds, pyro, volumes, water to engines without much hassle
  15. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    What about utilizing $F to achieve this? fit($F,100,200, 1,999) floor(($F-startFrame)/3) will increase a value by 1 every 3 frames. floor(($F-startFrame)/10)*2 will double a value by every 10 frames. I do this a lot with fake pop simulation. A lot you can do with animating $F variable without simulation
  16. Could you use an Add SOP and build the line from 0-$N ?
  17. Ah, that’s a nice coincidence.. It’s a pretty huge list of options of which I randomly tried a few and I already found it strange this seemingly complex code/name worked so well.
  18. addvertex() on existing line?

    Hi, I am trying to recreate this: https://entagma.com/procedural-subdivision-curves/ But then after primitves have already been generated. (I do this for technical, project specific reasons) This means that I run it on a Primitive Wrangle instead of a Point Wrangle, and try to use addvertex() after the addpoint() function calls. But this does not create the vertices on the extant primitve. Instead it extends the primitive. I've tried messing about with setprimvertex(). I've tried to remove the verts already extant so the prim would disconnect (https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/59183/) but both didn't work for me. Is there some way I can create those vertices on the existing prim line or disconnect the prim before placing the new verts? I know I can remove the prim and start again with a new prim, but I actually need the 'new' prim to be the same @primnum as the currently processed prim. That's important. Here is a sample hip: dingi.hipnc Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Hi there, If you are using static object WITHOUT proxy volume, the solver will create sdf every frame if your object is animated or deformed. But if you create the sdf outside of the dopnet, the dop will just read in whatever sdf from sop level and calculate it i.e. gasenforceboundary microsolver, or using proxy volumes in static object. You can cache out your collision sdf so the dop will just read in the disk file. Also here is some information about collision from sidefx: Hope this would help.
  21. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Sorry I was a bit unclear. A variable that persists over time to be able to accumulate a value. Be abble to write in a wrangler global int count =0; count++; and at frame 4 you get count = 3; (What we're doing with sop solver for now.) may be the correct term would be static ? (I'm not an expert
  22. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    What do you mean by this? You mean global like $F, $T? Because you can create a custom one and also accessible in wrangler
  23. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I wish sideFX introduce some sort of global variable in VEX. This would avoid the use of a sop solver in many cases. I suspect that if they didn't do it, they must have good reasons. But since they are in a logic of reducing the back and forth between different contexts, this could be cool.
  24. Color into smoke from combustion

    I think that'd be a shader thing with a switch and bunch of hand tuned Material SOPs. And then have the same switch controlling which of several pyro solver gets output. That's what I'd do if it were one setup per burning material/solver. Several burning materials in one solver? I'd have switches pumping in different emission volumes into the solver too. Not a trivial exercise, sounds like fun!
  25. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    Great, thanks a lot, this has really helped. Just a question: from this angle we don't see much of the repetition, as the camera moves up, the repetition is blatantly obvious, how do you deal with repetition (even seamless) in the texture map?
  26. the question about pc open (solved)

    Also volume is not like points or prims, you can not just directly use spreadsheet to check the information in spread sheet. If you really need to check the P information, I would suggest create a vector field name it Position, then store the P into Position and I would scatter the points to sample the Position field by using volumesamplev.
  27. Our company (Synthesis AI) is interested in working with freelance "Houdini Grooming Artists" for an ongoing project. Candidates should show their skills through work samples from previously completed projects (demo reel, still renders). Please let me know if you or anyone in your network is interested: ali@synthesis.ai Regards -Ali
  28. Smoke from scratch, add force

    Thank you, Johannes! The gas wind node was a great hint. I found an additional mistake that I made: the border type of my fields was set to streak but it had to be constant. my_solver_fixed.hiplc
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