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  3. About creep

    I'm trying to wrap a line around a tube, how can I do to prevent the polywire to cross the initial tube ? Thx creep01.hipnc
  4. PBD attribute equivalent to pin to animation

    Hi, Is there an attribute that we can use with PBD to basically pin points? I tried using targetP haven't been able to "pin" per say. The only way I've found is overwritting @P in a pop wrangle. Thanks! tentacles_v001.hipnc
  5. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    Jumping in late, but researching X570 chipset boards right now. Although most appear to have shifted to a 4-slot DIMM design (as opposed to the traditional 8-slot), many of them support up to 128GB of RAM. Guess we just have to be a little more careful with our upgrade planning...
  6. Hi. I want to make activation and constraint coexist to get this↓ result. I made RnD, but it doesn't work. How should I modify it? Active_RnD.hip
  7. File type outputed

    Okay so I'm still pretty new at this. I've been able to make a video by exporting a sequence of pngs but for some reason whenever I've done it since I only export file type files that can't be opened. I don't know what I'm done goofing here. I've tried going through the default directory, a new directory fold and the desktop, and tried exporting as pngs, exrs, and pics but it only ever outputs files. Any help is appreciated
  8. imported geometry pivot

    thank you guys. very helpful
  9. Advanced Bubbles - Flat Intersection

    Can you share the shader files or give some tutors for other guys,thx.
  10. Script to resume crashed render

    If you're rendering with Mantra, you might want to look into "checkpointing" -- which can help a partially rendered frame pick up from where it left off. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/props/mantra.html -- search for vm_writecheckpoint
  11. Delete grains over volume ?

    I have a simulation but the grains in this case are bleeding over the edge of my extruded volume. How can I delete all those points which go past the extruded volume
  12. If you have a multi plane texture like a .exr, or a rendered image from mantra extra image planes you just type in the name of the channel. In the attached scene it loads up temp.exr which is a combo of the butterfly and mandril. They are on channels Cr and C respectively. With Cr typed into the respective parameter it renders that image instead. You can use mplay, to view the different channels in the .exr. temp.exr MultiChannelTexture.hip
  13. Yesterday
  14. Part of FEM Object

    Hello. I want to know is it possible apply FEM effect to part of animated object? I can do it with Vellum with simple VEX and paint or color node(With paint white-black to geometry): int @stopped = 1; int @gluetoanimation = 1; if(@Cd.r == 0) { @stopped = 0; @stopped = 0; } But when im done with Vellum, the result does not satisfy me(cause im noob of noob of Houdini, I do not fully understand the parameters of Vellum) Can i use same or similar way with FEM?
  15. RBD Material Fracture Door hinges and constraints

    Thanks you very much for your reply! I actually used the help docs to create that scene. guess i still have alot to learn. I had no idea that using packed geometry was the issue. Its seems like i always see people using the RBD packed object, so using the RBD fracture node was new to me. But why is this? Is it because im using constraints generated by the RBD fracture material? Also when it comes to naming constraints, i dont have to use a wrangle node and manually type them in, right? I thought that the RBD constraint properties node took care of all of that. And i also was under the impression that if you have the same constraint name, in SOPS and DOPS that everything should work fine. One thing i am curious about is why and when do you delete the channels on the Overwrite with SOP parameter in the Constraint Network node in dops? Do you do this every time you use a SOP Solver, or is it only used in specific instances?
  16. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    I'm really struggling with this same exact thing as the OP, could you possibly share your workflow for some of the images you posted?
  17. Volumesample with Noise

    I've been going down the same route you were trying to figure out how he pulled the rock noise off. Do you think you could elaborate a bit on this?
  18. Because today was another day where I went nuts trying to figure out retiming to be 'right', I now took a bit of time to build this retimer, which works a bit more intuitively. It works via a solver - so now you can animate the speed of the input, like in Premiere, and the output duration essentially gets stretched and squashed automatically. Because the solver is simply a recursive calculation, the solving is instant - when you re-animate the input time, just hit "Reset Simulation" and you're good. Maybe it's useful to somebody! Here it is for download: retime_solver.hdanc (H17.5) (While it's just a non-commercial asset, it can easily be rebuilt in a couple of minutes. The groundwork is done. All the best, Martin PS: I also added a fun-toggle, where you can tweak your retime with spinning test-geo in case you have heavy input geo! (... which we always do, right?)
  19. houdini 17 Bullet Bendable Constraints

    Hi guys, I've been trying to make the constraints bend. I've taken a lot of documentation and made a simple setup, but it's not very successful. I don't know where the problem is. Below I will upload my file, please help me to see where the problem is, how to make the right settings. Thank you all. test_bend.hip
  20. imported geometry pivot

    Try Alembic then! if you import in Houdini you will have a Alembic Xform Node that should hold all the pivot information you need.
  21. imported geometry pivot

    As I know obj don't retain original tranformation. FBX, 3ds, Alembic, collada, does, but I don't try all these in houdini, just fbx and Alembic.
  22. or Measure SOP, which was updated in 17.5 and has several useful curvature modes
  23. because you are using RBD Solver and that doesn't care about packed geometry use Bullet Solver or Rigid Body Solver with Bullet engine
  24. GameDev_measure_curvature node and maybe this helps
  25. Hi Guys; Is there any way to select and masking curvature (cavity) on a geometry, something like ambient occlusion masking (or erodes)? Thanks.
  26. Hi; In my very simple "RBD" simulation, the RBD solver simulates all of my packed geometries as a single object. How can I fix it? Thanks. RBDPacked.hip
  27. Thank you "LaidlawFX", so is there any example or tutorial about how to use it?
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