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Found 13 results

  1. Im trying to deform car with Conetwist contraint in each door, the constraint works if a separate the door of the car body, i guess is the collison with the rest of the car that prevents the door from moving. is there a way to clean those collision? thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a constraint network for simulating Car Suspensions, but with no results. I just need a simple "spring effect" between Body and Wheels (please find a video example attached). How I can do it? Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thank you! I've attached a simple file test I'm working on. Car Example.mp4 Cartest.hip
  3. Hey guys. On my "life goals" list there is this insane task of creating a dynamic car rig that is fully customizable for different shapes and sizes of cars (normal road cars, 4x4, race cars, etc) It should be something like the videos below. The reason behind this is I love cars (obviously) and I want to create a ton of car related stuff in houdini to learn dynamics, pyro, flip, grains but I don't want to spend too much time with setting up a vehicle and meticulously keyframe animate every aspect of it. The videos below look very realistic in terms of physics and they look like they're ready to be lit and rendered, and all these extra elements to be added. Needless to say that my intention is to share the setup if it ever gets this good. So what do you think would be the best way to approach this complex task? Is there already something out there that can be used for this? Ps: in the meantime I'm already downloading every hip and hda that is even remotely related to this topic
  4. Hi, does anyone have any insight on how I would go about modeling this bit of geometry procedurally? I've attached my attempt at creating the shape but I'm unsure of how to proceed. car_hood.hiplc
  5. Hey, guys. I'm making car destruction scene and I'm almost done. but I have some problem about make wheel steering and suspension I made a straight and backward drive system that used hard constraint. and now, I try make wheel steering and suspension but I don't know how to make it I found various ways through the search, but I don't know how to apply it to my situation. and then I don't wanna use CHOP... these are I found ways https://forums.odforce.net/topic/39684-how-create-a-constraint-network-for-simulating-car-suspensions/ https://forums.odforce.net/topic/39888-basic-rbd-vehicletruckcar-rig/?tab=comments#comment-192837 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duZAciX_CuQ&ab_channel=Houdini and attached file that my test hip file. Please let me know how to apply it to my situation...!!! car_v01.hip chassis_v01.bgeo.sc wheel_v01.bgeo.sc
  6. Hello guys, i have a problem with MOPS and rbd. I made a basic box, fractured it and i added tired that rotating in transform node. Then I merge them all and add animation to move forward. Then i changeg the active attribute with mops. Everything looks okey until it comes to rbd. In rbd, there is no animation at all, but it takes the active data from mops; how can i merge animation and the sim ? I want the rbd start while it moves. mops_car_test.hip test[1-50].mp4 whathappens.mp4
  7. Hi! I've been trying to replicate something similar to Arnold's coat IOR parameter in Mantra. Ideally I'd like to be able to control how much of a coat layer is visible depending on facing angles without affecting the underlying surface, even if this involves breaking the law of conservation of energy. Any ideas on where I could start? Thanks, Nathan
  8. hello. previously i saw a hip file in the forum about internal combustion of car engine pyro solver ignites and mooves the engine piston that in turn moves the gear of the car wheel. i searched for it but i cannot find it any help please thank you
  9. Hi, Unreal engine has a standard skeletal mesh they use for the default car rig- its set up a certain way with a set hierarchy and joints facing a certain way, Im trying to make it so i can import-modify-export this car rig through houdini using fbx. Ive managed to import it and then export it again getting the same thing, but im having trouble changing the rig in houdini before exporting.Im not very experienced riggng in houdini. Ive attached my hip file, this exports to unreal fine and works with their car physics component, but... 1- I dont know how to change the bind pose on the rig. I want to move the wheels forward or back in houdini to fit another car., i move the bone and capturedeform moves the wheel, but when i export the fbx the wheel goes back to its original position, it seems to be exporting the bind pose. How can i change the bind pose? 2. I want to attach new geometry to the rig but im unable to, the capture regions for the wheels dont seem to work? I probably dont even want to use capture regions- i want to do a rigid bind based on groups, im unsure how to do that. How can I bind new geometry to the rig? If i could make it work i could make a super useful hda to get cars into unreal. any help/suggestions would be awesome! unrealcar_01.hiplc
  10. http://cargocollective.com/pedrokobuti/Routine
  11. Hello there! I'm specialized in 3D animation, I work in Cinema 4D at the moment, but I'm a total beginner in VFX. I'm currently animating a car for a personal project, and wanted to try out Houdini for effects like flame, smoke, etc. I'm trying to learn the way the software work, but I still don't comprehend most of it, hence I'm asking for your help. Joined to this post is a hardware render of the animation of the exhaust of the car, and my trouble at the moment, is that I would like to make a flame to come off the exhaust at the end of the animation (some kind of turbo effect). The car (which contains this exhaust) rides along a spline, and I would like the flame to react to the direction of the car, its momentum, etc. Ideally I would place the flame inside the muffler of the exhaust, so that we can clearly see the flame coming out of it, But at the moment I have no idea how to make a flame follow a piece of geometry. I was planning to use the alembic file type from C4D to Houdini to import my scene with its animation (still on R16, I don't have the Houdini engine included) but then again I have no idea what is the best file type to export the simulation from Houdini. I'm using C4DtoA (Arnold Renderer) so I guess Open VDB? Most of these questions must be really basic and I'm sorry about it, but if you have the time to answer, I would be really thankful! TRIAL_EXHAUST_02.mov
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a car animation that is travles (at a certain point) through some dense dirt/mud and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I started some RnD last week and was using a high viscous flip solve, and was getting some decent results but wanted some more mud clumps or dirt clods. Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Demoreel: http://vimeo.com/60884195 This is my final Demoreel shot along with the Breakdowns. I am looking for opportunity as an Houdini FX-artist in Vancouver. - I am using Pyro simulation in Houdini for explosion and fire on the Car's Body and I have setup custom Pyro cluster for the other pieces that are flying around. - For the simulation of the car I am using RBD solver instead of bullet because the motion of the Car is looking much better at the point of impact with RBD. - For bending / smashing the body of the car I have used a Sopsolver and a magnet force to bend the body at the point of Impact. and the velocity from the explosion as an initial force for the simulation of the car. Any comments will be appreciated
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