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Houdini 19 Wishlist

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- animation Mixer/Sequencer a la XSI/Maya

- camera Mixer/Sequencer a la XSI/Maya

- parallel rig evaluation like in Maya https://download.autodesk.com/us/company/files/UsingParallelMaya/2020/UsingParallelMaya.pdf

- better outliner like in Blender/Maya , with ability to parent, organize, sort, rename all elements in your scene in a Hierarchical way without using the node tree.

- nodal context to create GLSL viewport shaders from nodes + glsl wrangle like maya shaderfx or babylon.js editor

- ability to export GLSL shading trees to UE/Unity

- 2d post process in the OpenGL viewport [ bloom, grain, vignet, CC ]

- reflection/light probe + screen space reflection for viewport

- ROP openGL that actually work as expected with 100% viewport fidelity

- MOPS kind of OTL integrated by default a la gamedevtool , but in the idea to have mographdevtool

- COPS on steroid

- CHOPS on steroid

- do not force USD workflow by default let the choice to use it or not, small boutique might not need USD




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- Stability , please no more crash when just changing viewport panel maximize to normal...

- Viewport performance on steroids. Eeve and redshift a good example... Key words of 2020 were virtual production with increase productivity, real time and interactive feedback. Try to figure why... 

- Performance enhancement. Basic operation like subd should be like multithread bevel which doesn't get randomly crazy with inset...

- Enhancement on daily functionality: Things like Drag and Drop , search tab feature for wrangle preset, viewport occlusion preview is a joke... When importing an geo, will like to be able to see  preview capture inside my nodal instead of a pet or car sticker, even if I love animal . Think importanting 50 megascan asset to do your layout and see why you would like such simple but useful things by default :)

- Dynamic and interactive sky and clouds painting like in Unreal, Real time material painting with decal placement, dedicaced better cloth brush sculpting. 

- Production-ready Python 3 version

-  Chop, Cops need attention...

- GPU support and not via external effort (Axiom)



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calculate each step of " Trail SOP Length " when using duplicate   ./ 

lot's of click for get one  flipbook :\ changed for lazy artists ;\

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In additional ,

-Smarter memory management, why houdini could spend 30min sot save a file after an heavy computation? 

-Better substance integration.  Have you already to compute only 2 maps at 4k from subtance sbsar files?  While in the current implementation, it slow as hell, not all useful parameters are exposed by default,blabla...

-Being doing env work for a decade, building one in unreal with dragdrop, Paint material like landscape surfaces on the  sly with mask makes a huge dramatic difference for productivity.  adding and interactive placement of dozen and dozen of Decals in Houdini... Well forget it but fact is i need all of that all the time

- Im not only interested in going to Unreal, i would also like to get thing from Unreal in case the engine doesn't allow me to address all my client's need.

- Didn't want but can't stop myself of asking again, please Better GPU render viewport, text search support for wrangler preset .

Saving attribute vop preset does not work to, need fix...


Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts


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On 31/01/2021 at 9:38 PM, ahmedhindy said:

a sparse GPU pyro solver like Axiom

Have you seen fluid ninja for Unreal?


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Things that would make life so much easier:

1. In manual mode truly don't cook anything!

2. If  ESC is pressed just chill and stop whatevery you where doing.

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