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  2. VDB maintain UVs

    @djiki, please can you repost the link to the vdb_attributes2
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  4. Added attribute visualizer. How to round a number so that only two characters are displayed after the comma? It was so 12.3256677. It is necessary to become so 12.33
  5. Subdividing of skin mesh

    Thank you guys, I've attached the hip file. Could you please check it. paper.hiplc I hope to make more complicated paper animation models in Unity, so I 'd like to do work of skin weight and bone animation to low poly mesh. And after I did work I 'd like to subdivide the skin mesh smoothly for good looks, But I have not found the method before I export the skin mesh to Unity. This is a link of the reference video. I hope my models in Unity become closer to this looks a bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm363Lds-mc
  6. Subdividing of skin mesh

    Try to do changes before Bone Deform. I don't know the underlying mechanism, but it worked for me with UE4 skinned mesh.
  7. making color "stick to moving particles ...

    On the popobject just change: /obj/ptScatterGeo/scatter1/ to /obj/ptScatterGeo/ but you're missing the geo for us to properly test it.
  8. San Francisco Houdini User Group

    The SF Houdini User Group will have a kick-off meeting at the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences on October 6th (6-9:30pm). We'll discuss everything procedural and listen to a presentation by the team of awesome Houdini artists creating the shows at the Planetarium! Event details can be found at the newly created San Francisco Houdini User Group Facebook Page - so please, join that as well if you live in the area. If you have any questions or want me to add you to the email list for the new SF HUG, let me know. Patricia
  9. Hi, I'm trying to replicate the way you can set color for a particle's "initial state" in a Maya particle system. I've looked through docs, tuts, etc, and have not been able to get this to work: Here's what I got so far: ---------------------------- I've scattered points over some terrain Geo, used a point Vop to create noise based color for the Cd attribute on the points, then used the points as the initial geometry in the popObject. The idea is to have textured "dust" blow over the Geo (I'm driving the pop animation with a Pyro sim). The animation works well, but I can't figure out how to transfer the Cd attribute of the scattered points to the particles. I played with creating the color with a PopVop in the Dop network, but the color is assigned by position so the particles animate but the color does not. I've attached my test scene. I'd appreciate any clues; thanks in advance bcs_partDustTest_v01.zip
  10. UV from Geo to Flip

    can you share your file?
  11. Subdividing of skin mesh

    can you please share the file to check?
  12. Melting/Tar simulation

    I just tested this in my laptop... is just an idea... good luck with the dev of the setup test_melt.hipnc
  13. Melting/Tar simulation

    Hey man. you can start with the melt object that houdini offers. Than you can use the heat within object. Then try to modify the volume that it creates with a vol vop and make some noise... you can animate the object from one side to the other and a turbulence can create a nice randomness to the melt. good luck
  14. Flip Fluid Object Follow Geometry

    Did you try using the suction force from the shelf? it works pretty cool for that.
  15. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    actually if you want to stick more increase the tangent scale... if you want to slide more along object put tangent low and normal high. you could also maybe create a custom force based on the surface vdb gradient but it would have similar results I think
  16. I want to shake the leaves in the picture but I can do that please help me!!!
  17. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    vop_getcomp is exactly same function, but vop_setcomp is actually different, it returns result rather than writing it in-place. Didn't know it myself. Check in $HFS/houdini/vex/include/voplib.h We don't use this functions in wrangles, better code equivalent is "@P.y = some_value". Make yourself familiar with this guide: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/snippets It covers most of the problems you encountered. Of course, if something is unclear, feel free to ask any questions. Check the fixed version of your code: ripples_fix.hipnc
  18. qLib Plugin Installation?

    Readme has instructions for unix machines. ; is a path separator on Windows & is a default path. Default for HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH is "$HFS/houdini/otls", for example. You could use Houdini Command Line Tools and execute "hconfig" to check what is set for this machine, "hconfig -p" to see it in expanded form with helpful descriptions. "hconfig -h" for the help on the rest. Also: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/config_env
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  20. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    Umm.. wix & a simple blogspot page come to mind. Anywhere where you can basically upload gifs to show the results might help. In fact this could be done for a bundle of fx in hou actually.. different rbd results and fem settings.. Matt has that sorta thing goin on with his page it's likely we can use the same sort of page potentially. Was twiddling a bit more today.. couldn't get flip sim to follow an animated mesh.. basically I was turning an alembic into a group of points from volume.. then trying to get that to drive flip point movement in dops. Couldn't get it to work.. was hoping to make it animated and then pass a sop solver in dops over it to lower viscosity so it drops away. Similar to Ben watts melting angel tutorial but with animated mesh. Kinda tough to do.
  21. Great thread, the unpacking method is viable though a bit weird to work with because of the bones and capturing. I recently wrote my own wrangle for normalizing, coloring for visualization, and creating densities per a set of different attributes of an incremental name(basically paint capture weights for a set of attribs). So for example you can display the hda and up stream you can paint in multiple paint nodes overriding the color paint attrib to your own attrib but make sure the names goes like attrib0, attrib1, attrib2, ... attribn. Of course you can make the name anything you want, for my purposes I named it fgroup, simply replace fgroup to your desired prefix, display the wrangle and paint upstream attribs! Happy painting! The multi-parm allows you to vary a density attrib by the amount specified in the channel per painted region, so fgroup0 corresponds to density0 and so on. Just make sure you have as many multiparms as you do painted attribs. Play around with it a bit and let me know if you have any questions, Link to HDA -> https://gum.co/TKCTM It's free but if you're up for giving me some support I'd be grateful!
  22. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Ive done it as you said so and I still encounter even heavier bugs using this method, although the snippet is working inside the VOP attribute, when taken out and used as point wrange or so, it doesnt work for the center to the edge of every collision. Here I attach the file, guess I will just stick to using the snippet for any wrangling I need, if somebody comes across a solution that allows for a normal point or attribute wrangle that be nice. RipplesPro.hip
  23. qLib Plugin Installation?

    Thank you f1480187 your exaple worked for me. this was confusing for me. in fact the read me file has this: QLIB=<<path to qLib install>> QOTL=$QLIB/otls HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = $QOTL/base:$QOTL/future:$QOTL/experimental:@/otls HOUDINI_GALLERY_PATH = $QLIB/gallery:@/gallery HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH = $QLIB/toolbar:@/toolbar HOUDINI_SCRIPT_PATH = $QLIB/scripts:@/scripts I did not know how to interpret this into what you provided. what is &; Is this hscript? thanks.
  24. Rendering light & shadow

    Haha yes, I suppose I was complicating the initial question, my apologies. Normally, as Dave mentioned, you would have to render it out in separate passes. One for the light, and for the shadows, and a beauty pass, possibly with matte objects. Fencer's file is doing just that (except for the beauty pass still showing the ground geometry.. which can easily be turned into a matte object). If you can download H16, you'd best check out his file
  25. Melting/Tar simulation

  26. Flip Fluid Object Follow Geometry

    hey guys is there a way to tackle this? I'm currently batting my head against a wall with it i mean i know there'll be a way but i'm just a little lost so any suggestions - i have got my sim setup and in a solver sop i'm passing an animated box over my mesh to adjust the viscosity. The prob just comes in me getting the particles (or flip) to follow the animation ?
  27. Background image

    It's a bug, the $F is lost so you need to set a key frame on the path to make it work. Please submit it As a bug to SESI as it's been there forever and needs to die. thx!
  28. Categories were introduced, so feel free to give us feedback on the split of channels. Some things are a trial to see if it takes off.
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