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  2. Is it possible to script or something, such that whenever I dive in this particular node, it will check and set the update mode to use "Auto Update"? Many thanks in advance!
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  4. point orbiting around another point

    Heres a file that aligns Orient to the velocity and spins around it. rotateAroundV.hiplc
  5. Freeze Copy

    I posted this on SESI but thought ppl here might be interested in having a look, that's all. (The orig question involves Timeshift....I did away with it altogether) (You can plug in a grid instead of a line if you like) vu_FreezeCopy.hipnc
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    that would be cool to have some AI based denoiser for mantra like the nvidia and pixar stuff https://developer.nvidia.com/optix-denoiser https://www.disneyresearch.com/innovations/denoising/
  7. Access sop parameter within popnet ?

    I was expecting a different answer, alright
  8. How do you make snow materials?

    You can use Subsurface Scattering and/or render your geometry as a volume with a volumetric shader. Also shaders.xyz had a snowball challenge. You could take a look there and see how some people constructed their shaders (different dcc's, but similar knowledge)
  9. Access sop parameter within popnet ?

    You can use a channel expression - ch("../../path/to/parameter")
  10. cycle animation every time a point is created

    My mistake! I always forget that expressions key with bezier() anim as well, but my method was flawed from the beginning as I was doing + as opposed to * anyways. If you go to both keyframes of your rising anim and change the + to a *, and copy the value from frame 24 to 1, it should fix this problem.
  11. cycle animation every time a point is created

    Aah...! Thanks for the glue Including random scale in Copy stamp seems to add additional y scale abruptly. Should find a work around for that...
  12. cycle animation every time a point is created

    You had all the pieces, just needed the glue to get it together I used your ID attribute that you generated to control the isolation of the points on a specific frame number. This ID effectively acts as a generation frame, so current frame minus this gives you an animation frame that starts each time a point is generated. All of this is controlled through copy stamping, no additional For Each is needed. I also provided a solution in the file for additional randomized Y scale. initialize_anim_H16_v2.hip
  13. Pyro Temperature Field Banding

    Hi guys. I'm trying to render a candle simulation using the temperature field, but my renders are getting noticeable colour banding. Looking at a cross section of the temperature field in the Pyro object node, there is clear banding. I'm wondering if there's a way to give this field better interpolation without changing the overall shape of the simulation? I've attached a picture of the temp field and a render. Thanks
  14. Nvidia Flex implementation

    Flex doesn't give you anything more than what you already have in Houdini with Grains on OpenCL. It's only as fast as your updates of simulation - which usually involve CPU (meshes, volumes) in real scenario. It's good for games I suppose (specially that they support AMD and Intel finally), but in FX you will quickly get back to realm of ordinary people using DOPs with total control and directibility. Saying that, I have to admit that having even basic hair simulation working in SOPs in realtime while animating rigged character is super fun to watch. You can check my messy github account for wire solver in Flex. But it useless in current state (I have slightly better implementation, but can't share it, sorry, and it isn't very practical anyway).
  15. You had the right idea with the solver! I did exactly as you were thinking additive velocity that controls a copy stamp that affects an upstream timeshift SOP. Your use of alembic frame is interesting and new to me; I don't have your test abc to see how that works, but you should be able to adapt my setup to work with yours. animation_playback_by_speed_v3.hip
  16. Hello ppl! I have a simple animated box (y scaled) copied to points that are accumulating over time using a solver. I want to cycle the animation every time the box gets copied to each points with random y scale on each copy.I know i have to use a Foreach and copystamp but the workflow is confusing me. Lil help please! Have attached the sample file. initialize_anim_H16.hip
  17. Quad Sphere ?

    Naaa.....I ask myself the same with a lot of stuff I see here
  18. Hello all, I have a question that apparently has been asked a few times in here and in the side fx forums but i still couldn't find the answer that i'm looking for and maybe some expert can help. So, i created an asset in houdini to use in Maya through the "houdini engine" plugin and it works perfectly, Side FX nailed the connection between the softwares. However, after closing Houdini, turning the machine off, going home, comeback to work and turn everything on again, it seems that i lost the ability to edit the asset throught the "type properties" window. First, the "type properties" window doesn't accept anything that i drag and drop in it. Second, even if i manually create parameters in the window, nothing is saved. Does anyone know if i can edit an asset after the Houdini scene is closed? If so, what would be the procedure? I'm using Houdini 16.5.405. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I´m excited about Nvidia Flex. I´ve seen the Implementation of Pedro Cabrera and wonder how to do the same thing in Houdini. What would be a good starting point to do so? I know some Python and Vex. This would be a fun project to learn more. Is someone with me? Maybe we can figure it out together https://developer.nvidia.com/flex
  20. Hello! Houdini noob here, asking what I'm sure has a straightforward answer, but I haven't been able to find anything that does quite what I need. Basically I've created a particle system that I'm instancing spiders onto, and I have a loopable Alembic-cached walk cycle of the spider. I'm trying to use the velocity of the particles to drive the playback speed of the walk cycle. So the faster the particle is moving, the quicker the walk cycle playback and vice versa. Where I seem to be hitting a wall is when the particles slow down, the animation starts playing in reverse. I tried to set up some sort of way to have the velocity cumulatively add to itself each frame with a Solver SOP, but I can't seem to get that working properly. Not sure how to best approach this at this point. I've attached a simple scene that has the basic setup I'm using, in case that's helpful. Thanks! animation_playback_by_speed.hip
  21. David, thank you for the detail information and I also learned how to use principlecore node, instead of principle shader.
  22. Houdini Lighting Artist - Interference Pattern

    Houdini Lighting Artist Interference Pattern are recruiting for a full-time Houdini Lighting Artist. The Role We are looking for a Houdini Artist to take a lead lighting role on projects. An ideal candidate would also be skilled in Nuke (or similar compositing package). The Role requires a broad knowledge and experience of the entire 3D Pipeline, with a focus on producing polished lit shots. We appreciate that potential candidates may have varying levels of experience; we are primarily looking a proven track record in turning out great looking work using Houdini and a candidate who can demonstrate a strong sense of visual aesthetics. Responsibilities Responsible for final Houdini 3D scene assembly and output, including Digital Asset creation, setting up lighting and rendering final outputs. Working closely with a project’s creative team, directors and clients to define the best approach and execution for projects. Optimize and troubleshoot lighting and rendering problems. Additionally candidates may be asked to work on compositing final shots dependant on experience. Shading/texturing work as and when required. Requirements Demonstrated knowledge and experience of Houdini within a production environment. Strong understanding of multi pass 3D rendering and compositing. Strong understanding of lighting/shading/texturing principles and techniques. Knowledge of rendering techniques and optimization processes to minimise render times. Ability to work within a style established by the Client / Creative lead. Experience with Nuke or similar compositing package (eg Fusion). Programming or scripting skills would be beneficial, but not essential. Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems. Strong communication skills are critical. Artist must be able to work within a team, taking direction and exercising attention to detail. Solid work ethic and a positive attitude in the face of challenges Strong time management skills and organization. Minimum of 3 years production experience and a degree qualification required. If candidates do not possess a degree, 5 years production experience required. Degree and work experience requirements may be waived if candidates can show exceptional skills. Currently be able to work in the UK. Able to be located on-site in Edinburgh About us We are a small and perfectly formed animation studio based in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. We do a diverse and interesting range of work, including documentary features, commercials and original shorts. Application process To apply, please send us your CV, cover letter and links to an online showreel or portfolio to info@interferencepattern.com Job Type: Full-time
  23. How do you make snow materials?

    嗨大家都想让这个雪材效果如何实现 http://cherkaska.land.gov.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/25.01.2016.jpg https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/3/eyJ3Ijo2MjB9/patreon-posts/0DOWobye3ksY6-L2raxa9MQHNB9RTxrqypWk8fhKNr2L1-VTPjlldTAUXkq32Zyh.jpg?token-time=1522713600&token-hash=EJZ9hqX-cs232EEKtkQoN-YswY1ClQUrEFzypr9Wrio%3D
  24. I know a way to scale polywire with UVs and width. But how to setup proper UVs for each branch? Currently, "Orthographic" Texture Type in uvtexture node gives me a scale in the global coordinate system (I need local space for each brunch). Uniform spline does not work. Any workaround? spaceColonization_02_out.hipnc
  25. Default autosave

    I'm trying to set this up for the whole studio, I have it working in my 456.py with: hou.hscript('autosave on') But autosave defaults to save every 1 minute, how can I change this (through the 456.py or some other method) to every 10 minutes for example? I can't find anything relevant in hscript or hou..
  26. Access sop parameter within popnet ?

    Yeah, but instead of a POP Wrangler a POP Op which takes VEXpressions.
  27. Hey, I just tested your file and applied the referencing to my tutorial test file: in the end, when I add new boxes it works, but after iteration 1 the new box just disappears. I double checked every line of code and every connection, but I can't seem to find the mistake. Also I can't find the option from the old for each network where you can not only edit the iteration number, but the overall "number" in x,y,z, where then the boxes are added. I really just want to achieve the same result as in the tutorial. Could anyone have a look at the file? Greets! PLH_01.hiplc
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