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  2. I am trying to animate the rotation and position of transform node inside of an object. The keys seem to be forced to linear interpolation and I can't seem to convert them to anything else or modify the handles. I can see and move the handles but they don't change the curvature of the animation spline.
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  4. Suggestion for procedural hardsurface head modeling

  5. Sketch and etch style

    Like everyone else, I use a bunch of tools for my work. But I found myself using Houdini more and more for 2d work, including making a sketch or etch style of pictures like these. I did it using sops, and while I imagine there is at least a million ways to do that in Houdini, it was bloody fast, took just a few nodes, and with plentiful variations.
  6. Hi Have switched to primarily using the TOPs ROP Geometry Output TOP for caching my simulations. Was wondering if it is possibly to pause or cacnel a caching operation half way thru (Dirty Selected Node) and then continue later by re cooking the node (With changed starting frame in Frame range). I have 'All Frames in One batch' selected under ROP Fetch tab. When I attempt this however I am always stuck on the first frame-workitem when re-cooking the ROP geo Output node.
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  8. Animate the assembly of an object

    With anything like this it's best to work backwards. Have the thing arranged they way you want all together, by hand. Then disassemble it, again by hand, into the arrangement you want. Then, use dynamics to coordinate the positions of the in-progress pieces. You'll probably need to work in groups and layers of interactions, that is, not all at once. This is going to give you the fastest and most predictable results.
  9. Bullet - Increasing Glue Strengths lower Impacts?

    Did you ever learn more about this? I'm also trying to wrap my head around how exactly glue/impacts/propagationiterates play with each other.
  10. Animate the assembly of an object

    Did you find any other info on this, I am interested as well. Would like to have a bunch of objects lying on a table and the assemble into the final object but with collisions enabled (similar to the new Houdini 18 Solaris physically based USD layout). Thanks, Stefan!
  11. Raining Fuel (No Clustering)

    Now with synchronized large chunk fracture. I've activated Impact records on the PopSolver and use that to generate all the impact points. There is no constraint network, only managing the i@active attribute for the pre-fractured pieces. Trying to keep the scene as light weight as possible. Timed metaballs appear, hold in place, and disappear at the impact points to introduce force on the newly activated pieces. ap_raining_fuel_trails_fracture_111919.hiplc
  12. So unclear whether this is a Houdini specific error or there is possibly something wrong with my Redshift materials. But when I simply try and cook a ROP Geometry Output node in TOPs I get lots of the following errors Similar to this error but I am not using HQUEUE or submitting to a farm https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/69162/
  13. Hi, you can set a detail attribute for example and call in the detail() function in copy node. copy_detail_attr.hipnc
  14. Ramp Parameter Purple Color

    NEVERMIND SOLVED. Expression Language was Changed from HScript to Python. So changed it back to HScript. Wasted the Whole Day for this...
  15. Ramp Parameter Purple Color

    Im having this Purple color channel in the Ramp referenced Parameter. I did this before but only encountered this now. It was working perfectly with my Previous HDA. Screenshot:
  16. Hi there, Couldn't get anything working with Number of copies. Can I feed any integer into Copy node as a number of objects (ncy parameter) ? Is is available at all?
  17. You can also try Extract Transform - it can convert the geometry transforms to point representation.
  18. I'm trying to work a bit on terrain, but there how can we avoid tiling for textures ? In world creator there is an option "eliminate tiling" bit how can we do this in Houdini, event with Triplanar I have tiling ... any suggestion pls ? th
  19. Open Gl Render without Lighting

    Remove the lights from "Candidate Lights" on the OpenGL ROP.
  20. What can I do with SideFX Web API?

    I imagined that, but I was still hoping it could fit my needs. Thank you for explanation @symek.
  21. control GRAIN breakthreshold via attribute - not working

    Could anybody take a look? I don't get it to work. Thanks in advanced. jack
  22. Hi! The open gl render rop seems not to have the option to turn off lighting. Or am I just blind? Is there a way to get it working?
  23. you're right, this is a terrible place and you should probably leave
  24. See what I mean with this forum?
  25. Raining Fuel (No Clustering)

    Interesting, when the particle impacts; how did you do the impact ?
  26. visualize groups

    How can I visualize groups ? And how can I loop over all groups and rename each group; I probably can do the latter in python but wondering about the vex method ?
  27. Raining Fuel (No Clustering)

    Here is a modification where the impact particle is set to slide. A trail sop is used to generate a line length, for the sliding particle, which is turned into a tapered polywire. The sliding polywire becomes the fuel source. ap_raining_fuel_trails_111819.hiplc
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