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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for a way to recreate a maya reflection occlusion setup in Houdini. I am however unable to figure out how to switch a material on object level based on the active rop. (object level, so not the entire scene has the same material.) This did not work and neither did adding ==1 If there is a way to leverage this And have it automatically render both setups as wel as allowing me to use 0 -1 value that whould b probably b the most usefull way. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi Magicians, I'm using some TOPs PDG to autogenerate stuff with data conmig from a CSV spreadsheet. I had the system working by having something like this: Where I used the "Hats_Type_Switch" to drive a Switch node (with Platinium / Gold / Brown) But the client is giving me a different format: I have imported this as CSV and I can read the attributes, I did a "Font" test with attribute "Mouth" that gives me the result "Carrot" My question is, how can I drive that switch with the attribute Mouth instead of 1, 2, 3? For example, if the attribute result for Mouth is Carrot, show the carrot, if the Mouth = Pipe, switch to Pipe Thanks!
  3. Hello ODF, Thanks for all the help, this is a great site for looking up things but i have to dip my toe in and ask a simple question: I'm having trouble with an expression inside a switch node, i want to change the switch from one input to another based on detail I've created from a filename I'm a complete novice when it comes to expressions, would someone steer me right here? Thanks in advance!
  4. so i create a subnet with a few options in the parameter interface. outside that - i created 3 options joined by a switch. so i have 2 questions. 1) how do i create an HDA that keeps my current menu from the subnet and include that with a menu for the switch? i hope i am asking that right. 2) rather than having a slider for the switch - is there a way to create a toggle button for each option?
  5. Hey! I'm fairly new to Houdini and have been trying for hours to work this out! I'm making a greeble tool want to be able to scatter assets on top of the greeble. The (placeholder) assets are in their own subnet and are all in the one object merge within the greeble node network. Is there any way I can randomly switch between these objects while they're in the one merge? So that then user could add more objects into the merge as well using the UI without having to edit things inside of the greeble node network?
  6. Hello; I would like to assign one material, to several objects, but changing Texture/Color based on an attribute (as an integer ID), so I add an assemble SOP to generate IDs, and a switch node in the material network, but it doesn't works. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Muti_Color_01.hip
  7. Hey, I have a simple question, i would like to have an expression in my switch node to return true if it find a group of the giving name in the input one, or false if their is no group of this name and so, switch to the input 1. Thank you !
  8. Hi guys, after a few tries to find the solution nothing comes handy. I suppose to choose two geometrys to scatter on a plane(using copy to points SOP). one of them animated the other freezed i made two groups based on a color value of the points. then i used an switch node to choose beetwen 0 or 1, zero suposed to be the GROUP A and 1 suppoed to be on GROUP B. how the hell i tell it to the switch node??? switch02.hip
  9. Hi, I try to make my default set up. Then I want to make a auto-enable setting for staticObject node, instead of creating/deleting the node every time. This is because whitewater solver, for instance, makes a strange collision artifact if staticObject node does not get any collision objects from SOP. So far, I tried a enableSolver, switch node with if(nprims(surface)>0, 0, 1), etc. None of them works well. Alternatively I made to insert a dummy object in SOP, then the staticObject takes it to avoid artifact. We could unlock the staticObject node and implement nodes in there, but I want to avoid this way because it causes a file size larger. Does anyone have smart ideas to do auto-enable/bypass staticObject node?
  10. I have multiple simulation output feeding into a switch node, and multiple filecahes on the output of it. I want filecache nodes to be generated based on the number of inputs connected to switch. I am looking for a way to make the switch connect to a specific filecache node depending on the input switch selects and be able to save all the filecaches in one go, instead of me having to do it manually.
  11. I needed a setup where I have point network with a deformer turbulizing it and then I would need on per point point basis, driven by a switch attribute, have another deformer doing a dispersion effect on the points. But I would need to do the second from the last deformed position and delta. So this is what I came up with: PRB_VibratingGraphDispersion_01.hipnc I'm quite newbie about the Solver SOP so I'm wondering if there would be other ways maybe not even needing simulation scrub to apply a deformer from a fixed position of the previous deformer and also account for the passage of time after the switch. Thanks
  12. Hey, For a side project I'm working on I'm trying to create random/periodic lighting strikes. I'm trying to get a line with animated noise on it to increase its length to a set max value, pause for a few frames, return to a length value of 0 then have it hit the max value again after holding its value again. I have multiple [lines] with different length values (with a point VOP to create the noise) feeding into a [switch] I've tried using multiple expressions like floor($F/24) and $F % 2 and a fit range. I've gotten the values to switch after 24 seconds but not switch back; and to switch back and forth but it does it every frame and it's too fast. I've also gotten the switch to count up every X seconds (i.e. 1, pause, 2, pause, 3, pause) but not count back down. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hello, I'm trying to build something similar to this : http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19041-pbr-rayswitch/ I try to avoid inline code as import ray node is now present (at least in H15, maybe in some older version) My issue come from the ray import node. It always return me an error 'call to undefined function 'simport''. The import surface variable node raise the same error if it can help.. Am i using it wrong? Thanks ! Edit: I may be in the wrong section (maybe rendering is more appropriate). Don't hesitate to move it ! rayImport.hipnc
  14. Hey guys. I know I've seen this in other peoples OTL's but Im at a loss how to do it. I'm looking to create an override toggle in the Parameters pane: If the toggle is turned off, I want a second parameter to become locked/greyed out. Can anyone point me to how to accomplish this?
  15. I've been trying to switch the input for a Sweep SOP between a Null SOP and several Curve SOPs to disable/generate a bunch of profiled lines. However, on switching to the Null SOP, the Sweep SOP still produces geometry (that's handled by other nodes further downstream) even though the input contains no geometry (I middle mouse clicked on the Switch to confirm this). One solution I could find was to refresh the Sweep SOP by double clicking on Bypass, then it decides that there is no geometry coming in and accordingly produces no output. However, I have to do this each time the Null is switched to. The other solution is to have a second switch after the Sweep and switch to the Null there. I don't know why this has to be a workaround, it feels a little less intuitive than just switching the input of the Sweep to a Null. Anyone else encountered this? HIP file: sweepbug.hip
  16. Hey guys, I've been trying to solve one problem I have with RGB applying to voronoi pieces, which are driven by particles. So in the beginning I create a box and voronoi it, create centroid point for each piece and move the points to affect the movement of voronoi pieces with a copy node. Now, the effect I'm trying to achieve is that when the particle turns red, the particle stops moving, and the voronoi piece that the particle is driving stops as well (velocity becomes 0). The problem I have is, that if the particles are not moving (its just static voronoi cube) the switch to RGB works perfectly. But as soon as I add curl noise on particles or any movement, the RGB simulation messes up. You can see that in my .hip file when you go to - box_object1 - popnet1 and you visualise the "BROKEN_SIM" node (which makes the particle stop when they turn red). If you visualise CORRECT_SIM, everything works just fine. Could it be that the rest position takes the frame 1 position of voronoi and then messes up, because voronoi has moved? Does anyone have an idea what could I be missing? dropFreakingOut.hipnc
  17. http://vimeo.com/5086298 THIS IS A MAGNETIC FLUX IN XSI ICE THIS IS SO AWESOME. SO I TRIED IT IN HOUDINI, BUT THERE ARE SOME PROBLEMS. I MADE A POPNET AND SWITCH IT BY CONTROLLER ANGLE If i start with 0 it works, and if controller is under 0 angle cubics are falldown. but after that controller doesn't work. it works only onetime. PLEASE HELP ME. THIS IS MY HIP FILE. (switch null node is controller, you can controll it by its angle, 0 = on & any other angle is off) magnetic.hip
  18. Hello, Is this setup valid/possible inside DOP? Basically I want to animate impulse value multiple times between fixed set of values. But when tweaking those values I have to shift all keys in channel editor. It would be nice if I can put them in some predefined place and then just use switcher to choose. Thanks
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