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Found 26 results

  1. whitewater - discount version

    Hey I need to create some splashes (only points) of a dolphin going out of water, I don't care about how the whitewater interact with the flip fluid, I just need a raw flip shape to emit whitewater from, and then the whitewater going up and down. camera is a side view and I don't see the surface of water. so at the moment I'm keeping the bbox of the fluid pretty big to contain the whitewater sim, I wonder if I can emit the whitewater from a small flip sim (or a cahed version of it previously cropped) and then let the whitewater go freely without boundaries from the flip sim..I really hope I made myself clear enough cheers!
  2. hi, I have a question about this display function: white water source > visualization > show surface Then blue object shows up. I know this object represent VDB, but I wonder how this tool creates the visualization. I dig into >edit parameter interface, but cannot find any particular trick. At least I found a reference null node inside of the tool. Does anyone know how to create this visualization?
  3. FLIP Spray not colliding

    Hello every one, I am doing a regular FLIP simulation where I have my particles colliding properly with a passive object. I have added a whitewater dopnetwork from shelf, and I re-created the collision setup in there. When I add foam and spray, everything goes as expected, but the spray just goes ballistic and completly ignores th collision borders. In the capture below you have an example of the overshooting particles (the ones making the correct form are the regular corefluid FLIP particles).
  4. I Speak Whale - Houdini Project

    Hi guys, i would like share with all of you my latest personal project i did on my spare time. Hope you like it.
  5. Hi there! I would like to render my water sim and whitewater in c4d to integrate it with an animated scene. I got two questions. 1. I was wondering what a good workflow is to render the simulation out over to c4d, are alembics still the best way to do this or is houdini engine faster or are there other ways? my 7 million points seem to be very very heavy for c4d in alembic... 2. How do I render out the whitewater correctly in c4d (octane render) does this need to be GEO or particles for rendering? and also how do I get that nice lifespan on it too. Thank you for taking the time to help me out! Cheers!
  6. whitewater setup on deformed wave

    Hi, I need some advice on how to create whitewater on a mesh? I created a deformed wave using a grid and Attribute VOP instead of the ocean tools. The reason for that is that I wanted my wave to curve in an unnatural way. I'm trying to set up whitewater, spray and mist for that wave at the moment and I'm not sure where to start. I can't just click whitewater from the tools because my mesh is not a flip sim. What's the best way to go about this? I thought of using vdb from polygons but then I'm stuck again and not sure where to go from there. Please help! Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks
  7. Canary Surge V2

    Hi there! this is my new Canary Surge V2, improved workflow for whitewater, foam and shading stuffs.Please watch in HD 720. Vimeo compression kill of the fine details sorry. http://ipsvfx.com/project/canary-surge-v2/
  8. Hello, I created this water simulation of water hitting some rocks on the shore. I'd appreciate any suggestions on improvements. My main issue I feel is the white water, it looks like sand and any advice on how to go about making that area in particular better would be greatly appreciated. Shore V1.0
  9. Hey there, I'm trying to manipulate my whitewater a bit since the scene is taking place on some turbulent ocean. So I want to apply noise on certain conditions. One is age the other should be the distance to the surface field. Without any distance my particles which are pretty close to the water surface are quite jiggly. So if in the air, apply noise. Unfortunately its not working that well. Is the surface field recognized withing the popvop? Withing the dop flip context its accessable pretty easy. Any hints maybe?
  10. Sourcing whitewater from points

    Hello! I feel like this has an easy solution that I'm just totally missing, so at the risk of sounding dim: I have some scattered points over some geometry, and I want to use those scattered points to emit/create whitewater. What is the process involved in having points used in the whitewater solver? Thank you!
  11. Houdini Whitewater Particle query

    Hi, I am creating a waterfall simulation to integrate into a Matt painting, and I cant figure out how to get the spherical particles in the screen shot below, to become more foam like and not so geometric. They are part of the whitewater simulation and i've searched a lot online and asked people and gone through the nodes, but cant figure out how to fix it? Is there maybe a way to create a material for just those particles and change it to a more foam like texture and consistency or smoke, or is there a better way to do it? Really appreciate any help, as quite new to Houdini and working to a fast approaching deadline for uni! :/ Thanks!
  12. Hi guys i'm sure there is a really simple answer to this but I as wondering what was the best way to render out Whitewater? I've tried the method that Houdini sets up by default and it comes out looking far more like fog than what i'd consider foam. I've tried rendering them as particles but to get the density that looks good it uses up way too much RAM (only have 24 GB). Meshing them with a particle fluid surface node also look laughably silly.
  13. I am creating a long animation of a boat on an ocean surface. I am using the new guided ocean surface with Houdini 16 to make use of the extended fluid surface blending to an infinite ocean. I am encountering a couple of problems, one being that as the sim continues the boat becomes a submarine due to so much fluid, but also, relating to the topic of this post, white water emission is occurring everywhere making blending into the ocean a problem. The question is, how to I use the volume mask created by the particle fluid mask node to reduce the velocity, curvature, and vorticity of the compressed fluid sim so that the white water emission will blend better with the infinite ocean? Any insight would be very welcome. Thanks
  14. Spray Ignores Colliders?

    Hi All, I have a working FLIP sim of a water fall that is colliding with my terrain mesh. I have added whitewater to the simulation and when I visualize the GREEN spray particles I can clearly see that they ignore my collision object. Is there any way to make the GREEN spray collide with the same surface as the WHITE foam?
  15. Canary Surge

    Hi there, i would like to show my latest personal project, just for fun. Hope you like it. https://youtu.be/u_oTSpCITQk
  16. Flip Whitewater problem

    I'm creating a white water effect, and was stuck at this point: there are streak effects on the white water. And in the snapshot, you can see my network connection. It seems that there is a rectangular outline around the boat.
  17. Whitewater simulation

    Hi all, i'm trying to create foam for my fluid simulation. I used the shelf to creare the Whitewater but i'm experiencing some problems. -How can i control the amount of particles generated? I tried with Birth Rate but it affects all the particles; it will be great to control separately the ones on the stream of liquid and the ones during collisions with other object -In the WhitewaterObject there are Surface and Velocity guides but if i enable those nothing change, the help file doens't help in this case; so i was wondering how to visualize those. -I'd like to make 2 differente passes for Foam and Spray (bubbles are not needed), but i noticed that the spray isn't generated form a cached foam...it's normal? I attached a screenshot to show you my situation. The left one is the particle simulation, the right one is the whitewater added to it. As you can see, the whitewater basically cover all the particles and i don't know if it's a regular behaviour Thanks in advance ^^
  18. Hello guys, I work whitewater for splash. I made a whitewater source particle. I want high velocity pariticle delete. So I made a high velocity group made. However, The pariticle are removed from the group while slower speeds. For example is parabolic movement. But If I want to continue to maintain, including once in the group based on the ID. I try it use sop solver. but point count changes does not work. Is there any way what? Many thanks, Hyungi Jeon.
  19. Hello fellow VFX-ers! I am experimenting with fluid sims to create a waterfall. I have done up to creating a particle emitter with a static landscape RBD, but I keep seeing the fluid simulation passing through the static geo. Am I doing something wrong? Oh, and as far as adding the whitewater part of this simulation, since its houdini 15 what is the next step in this process? selecting the flipfluidobject SOP in the autoDop? Any help would be great! Please see attached .hip file waterfallBigger.hipnc
  20. Flip simulation + RBD temple around 60 mil flip + 50 mil at the peak foam+spray +bubbles pass: houdini any suggestions how to make it more dynamic? Flip simulation + RBD temple around 60 mil flip + 50 mil at the peak foam+spray +bubbles https://vimeo.com/153490031 pass: houdini any suggestions how to make it more dynamic? I will of course add camera shake in post and move camera. and ocean waves on top of flip. Now the simulation is 300 frames. I think I will bump it down to 240 and make Venus statue drop faster. Also forgot to check stick on collision at the time when i was writing out flip. SO gonna run this simulation again. Just wanted to ask for some suggestions because want to make it better before spending 3 days on writing this out to disk. Amends that I`m going to make now: * check stick on collision *maybe bump down velocity smoothing a bit so it\s more dynamic *extend the foam life, so it stays longer *bump down drag force on spray Also wanted to ask about bubbles particles. Is there any way to simulate them but not write out to disk ? they take more than half of all the whitewater, but I\m not gonna use them. If I cancel bubbles at all, then I get less foam particles, because when bubbles reach the surface they turn to foam, if I understand that correctly.
  21. Whitewater with ocean evaluate

    Hi guys! I have a Flat tank sim which I deformed in post using the ocean evaluate to get waves on the surface. but now my white water doesn't follow the surface because of the ocean evaluate how do I get the white water from the original sim to follow the surface of the ocean evaluate? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers!
  22. Hi guys! I'm having problems with the Whitewater solver. My memory fills up and around 360 frames I crash. I've read the following article about it: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=37350&sid=c91c1025b83c0c6f7780e546ec4248d1 But I don't think this applies to my scene. I've written out the entire .sim sequence from my DOP network (I needed all the collision data as well) so all the fields should be there. Just as a precaution I've loaded only the "surface" and "vel" fields via a dopfields import as my whitewater source. So that no irrelevant data is loaded into the whitewater sim. This seems to be working correctly. No matter how I cache the White-water solve though...my memory always seems to fill up rather quickly and eventually crashes my houdini. the scene is rather large though...but I'm writing directly to disk. Am I missing something? any comments or advice is, as always, greatly appreciated .
  23. Hey Guys!! I basically want to simulate my flip tank, export the simulation cache, and then read the base fluid cache to simulate whitewater. First i'm exporting my simulation cache using an "Rop_Output_Driver" like this.. Then i drop in a "file_node" to import my cached base fluid .bgeo like this.. I have about 4millions particles in this scene so i'm not expecting a realtime playback, but just jumping to a random frame takes ages, it feels really heavy like it's trying to simulate/cache base fluid again! I want to read the cache files and use them to simulate whitewater without having to simulate my base fluid again.. I've also attached the scene file, hope someone can help me figure this out Scene_File_Caching.hip
  24. Hi, Has anybody ever used a Realflow simulation as base for Whitewater generation in Houdini13? I loaded a particle cache (RPC) from Realflow into Houdini and fed it into the whitewatersource node. The Realflow particles are having attributes like position, vortrictiy or velocity and I can read this information in Houdini. In the manual for H13's whitewater source node, it says: Input can also consist of particles from a Particle Fluid simulation or another simulation package, in which case this SOP can generate compatible volumes.(...) However, it seems like Houdini doesn't really understand the information coming from Realflow's RPC particles as there are no emission particles created, no matter how I set things up. I might need to further convert those into something different and rename some attributes so it matches the way Houdini's usually naming things. Anyway, if there is anybody out here who's done that before, or has some ideas on it and is willing to share some knowledge, this was very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  25. hello, Someone know why the foam from whitewater doesnt dispear in houdini 13? only can be dispear using Life Expectancy in whitewater_emitter but that is not normal, must dispear using foam> min life span and max lifespan, i have tried 0,1 (default are 2,4)... probally is buged? i am using houdini 13.0.237, in H 12,5 the foam works fine and dispear... thanks in advance Carlos