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On 11/9/2017 at 2:07 PM, StepbyStepVFX said:

As this is a repository of random links, I share this one that I found interesting :


VEX being close to C, I was wondering if this structure packing was applicable, to improve the memory footprint of some code in VEX when instancing user defined structs....

I would imagine this is not very applicable to VEX, really because it's executed in SIMD fashion -- ie. Single Instruction Multiple Data -- which basically means that data isn't laid out in single data units as it appears in the code, but instead are each large uniform arrays in memory, loaded with data from the entities it's processing (eg. points, prims, etc). These arrays are dense and chewed through in a processor-pipeline-friendly fashion. If you look at the runVex() HOM command you can see how you need to provide arrays of data.

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