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Found 26 results

  1. Hey, I have time seeking any motion vector pass somewhere in odforce, nothing work as fine for now, so any know the method of get motion vector pass from mantra pbr using all scene animation as alembic, camera moving, etc with houdini 14 ? thanks in advance Carlos
  2. I did a simple test to double check motion blur with force matte objects and compositing separate passes together in houdini. Rendered a horizontal tube with a torus as object matte. Comping tube over torus is not good: you can see some of the background. Did this ever work?
  3. Motion Blur Fluid Source Particles

    Hey! I am trying to use particles as a source for pyro. For some reason the motion blur (from fluid source node) is not working as it should. I added a trail sop (to see what it would look like) and I am getting weird results. The first photo is with out the trail sop. Next photo is with it on. Clearly something is not right. You can see the same effect by viewing fuel as a slice and blurring it. What am I doing wrong? The particles were cached with velocity attribute. I also included the scene. thanks particleblur.zip
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to get Motion blur from a flip fluid sim that I Export from houdini and I Import in Cinema 4d. After researching I came to the conclusion that I could probably achieve that with the subframe cache workflow. Can someone please clarify this workflow to me ? thanx, Ioannis.
  5. Motion vector pass for pyro

    Hi GuysI faced a problem recently while rendering out my motion vector pass for pyro.I had cached out my pyro sim with a vel multiplier through volume vop as I did not want to change the shutter offset value more than 1 as it was giving me some artifacts.While rendering the motion blur what I get is fine as I have already a premultiplied velocity in my pyro cache.the issue is when I try to get a motion vector in my aov mantra doesnot show any info when I switch off the allow image motion blur option.When I keep it on then I get to see the aov. Strangely if I keep the allow image motion blur option switched off and put a value of shutter offset 1.1 then mantra starts showing the aov.I fail to understand this as I had already had vel multipler vop while caching it out and thus I dont need any shutter offset value(its at default value 1).NOTE: I tried h14 and h16 all same results.(just thought maybe due to some bug issue)Please advice.
  6. Hello everybody, Here is my first post so I will present myself in few words. I'm Thomas Renault, FX teacher in ESMA school (France). I'm using Houdini since two years now and I enjoy it more and more everyday. First of all I would like to thanks all the community and SideFx team for feeding us continually with documentation and tutorials. That's the first time I post in odforce because I uselly search and find my answer without requesting anyone. Here is my problem : I tryed to render volume in renderman (21,4) for Houdini (16) with motion blur without sucess. I found this on pixar documentation : https://rmanwiki.pixar.com/display/REN/PxrVolume but no fonctionnal blur at all in houdini... Any advice ?
  7. Hi all, I have a helicopter rig from Steve Knipping's Rigids III which uses an animated transform node to set up rotation on helicopter rotors prior to going into a rigid body sim. For reasons I can't figure out, this type of animation doesn't show the correct rounding in motion blur. As seen in attached pic, the geometry animated at scene level (in light red) has the correct rounding, but the white one animated at SOP level with Transform does not. What am I missing? rotationalmoblur.hiplc
  8. how to create the effect where the trail created by motion blur is faded off instead of being solid through out. in renderman it's achieved with shutter effects, but i could not find anything similar in mantra. Please help.
  9. Is there a way to calculate the angular velocity from spinning points that only hold "N" "v" and "up", without using the trail SOP?
  10. Sporadic Particle Motion Blur

    Houdini FX 15.0.313 Im working towards creating a stream of particles that hits two characters in the scene, mimicking water from a small hose at high pressure. Everything looks great in the view port but when I render the motion blur is sporadic and showing up as if the particles have very jittery motion when all they should be doing is travelling in one general direction. I tried using a trail node to generate velocity data but it doesnt seem to fix the issue. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Any way to get around it? waterSpray.hip
  11. Houdini FX 15.0.313 Im working on a scene where two characters are being hit with a stream of water (particles) and I cant seem to get what im looking for. When i set the particles to die when they hit the ground plane or even just change their life expectancy the motion blur becomes very sporadic as if the particle system is being affected by a noise filter. With the particles set to full life expectancy and the collision detector removed I get really nice motion blur but too many particles that stay way too long. Is there a way to get accurate motion blur without running into this issue? waterSpray_point.hip
  12. Hi guys I have a flip tank simulation from ocean surface and it has a displacement map created from the ocean below. So as I render the flip object with mantra when "Allow Motion Blur" is off everything is OK but when I turn on the "Allow Motion Blur" it can not create the displaced geometry in render time and it takes for ever although cpus are on 100% load. And I should say the "Allow Image Motion Blur" is off and I just want motion vector pass from rendering. I tried different rendering engines and raytrace motion blur but no change. I try to create a small hip from that now. I would be really thankful if you can help me with this problem. Update: I added hip file and sorry for the size. ForumFiles.rar
  13. Hi, I dont know why but I cached something, added a timeblend and even if i put my xform / geo time sample higher i see only 4 steps. timeblend works great (tested) Mantra THNX
  14. Motion blur in front of area light

    I am trying to create motion blur on a rotating object which is placed in front of an area light. What's missing to get it working? vent.hiplc
  15. NEW TUTORIAL: Alembic Vector Motion Blur Tutorial- A Houdini, Maya, Arnold and Fusion or Nuke Workflow Thanks for watching and Sharing! If you have any suggestion, please come them in! Thanks
  16. Hey all, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I'm trying to understand the motion blur in the rop alembic OUT node. I need to make them match with XSI, that why I need to understand them better. Here what I think, correct me if I'm wrong... - If I check the "use motion blur" box : Samples : 0 Linear interpolation with no motion blur sub-frames. (ie frame: 5 / 6 ) Samples : 2 2 sub-frames (ie frame: 5 / 5.33 / 5.66 / 6 ) The Shutter also give me interrogation: The XSI default is set to 0.25 - 0.75. Do I need to make my ROP alembic Shutter match with the one from XSI ? thanks Doum After some test, I've clarified the meaning of these setting and make them match in XSI(arnold). - If I check the "use motion blur" box : Samples : 2 mean 1 sub-frames and the next frame. (ie frame: 5 / 5.5 / 6 ) Samples : 4 mean 3 sub-frames and the next frame. (ie frame: 5 / 5.25 / 5.5 / 5.75 / 6 ) For the shutter part, it's seam to clip between the values you give. Sorry, I'm not able to explain in number what it would gives, but I let it to the default values 0-1. I hope it could help someone
  17. Hi, I exported an animation out of Maya using Alembic and imported it into Houdini. I do not see an option to turn on geometry motion blur anywhere. I have tried putting down a trail SOP and timeblend SOP after the Alembic SOP but still get nothing. Any ideas? If anyone has solved this or have a better way of getting animated geometry from Maya into Houdini please let me know. Thanks!
  18. vrayproxy motion blur

    I do import particles in the alembic to render using vrayproxy. Why particles have no motion blur? motion blur.zip
  19. Smoke motion blur from alembic

    I am having a problem with getting continuous smoke emitting from an object. The emitter object is parented to an imported (and animated) alembic file which is moving quite fast. To try and rectify this I watched Peter Quint's videos on smoke in H12, and in the second video (the part on moving objects and motion blur) he mentions that to activate motion blur the animation (of the emitter object) should be on geometry level as opposed to the scene level. Could it be that my motion blur (and essentially continuous smoke) is not working because the animation is coming from the alembic file? And if there is another way to get continuous smoke emitting from a fast moving object (like smoke "substeps") please let me know =/ Thanks!
  20. Whitewater workflow for Maya

    Hello, I think I've just blown my head trying to figure out a solution for this but I hope you can help me I made a simulation of water and whitewater in Houdini and then used alembic to send the mesh to Maya for rendering. The whitewater particles were sent via the Realflow connectivity plugin in .bin format. Maya had no problem opening both the water mesh and the whitewater particles, but my problem is that Maya can't compute any motion blur, I think this is because the files I exported do not have any motion vector information in them. Is there any way I can export this information and use it in Maya? To export the water mesh, I created the simulation and then I exported it to .bgeo sequence from the import node, then I re imported the .bgeo sequence in a new geometry file and created the mesh using the "particle fluid surface node" and from there I connected a ROP alembic output node. To export the white water I got into the whitewater source node and in that level I created the RF Particle Export node and in it's properties I referenced whitewatersource.cache in the SOP Path Also, I saw a video where v-ray proxy import is used to generate motion blur with some realflow mesh with the same problem, I don't know if I can do the same in Arnold, which is what I'm using for rendering. I'm quite new to the software but I'm loving it, if you can help me I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
  21. Hello guys I need some help. I am trying to get a nice tail for the marbles in this DOP simulation. Under the Geometry node "Geometry Velocity Blur" us checked and in the Mantra node I am enabling to render Motion Blur. Is there a way to re-calculate the direction of the blur based on the particle's velocity? Cannot figure out why the direction of the blur sometimes is even perpendicular to the velocity vector! Here is the video: https://vimeo.com/112666106 Any suggestion? Thanks a lot guys!
  22. Hi! I have pyro sims on the disk, including vel fields, using .vdb file format. I use a point instance procedural to load the caches. The points are not moving, no point velocity. I need rendered 3d motion blur on the fluids coming from each instance`s velocity field. Is it possible? Thank you in advance! Cheers
  23. I recently built a animating instance geometry system. The instancefile attribute is used to select between different files. There is subframe instancefile selection information as well and the feature for subframe motion bur is enabled on the SOP. I am unable to achieve motion blur with this setup. I was under the impression that if Mantra received subframe information of the same geometry(same number of vertices and points, with the same numbers and attributes) it would be able to compute the motion blur. At the current state I don't have velocities attribute associated with the loaded geometry. This is an undesired way to achieve motion blur. Any help would be appreciated. I can post a .HIP file when I simplify the method down to a few nodes.
  24. Hi all, Having some more issues with the new raytraced sss model. This is going to be one of those annoying posts where I can't upload a file so let me try and describe the issue.... So the file is setup as follows - smelly maya animator -> alembic export\import of character -> timeblend to create subframes -> surface model shader with SSS model set to "raytrace" -> pbr mantra with geo time samples > 1 and allow motion blur checked on and frame centred moblur. Now the issue we're getting is when rendering with motion blur (plain mantra deformation or trail calculated "v" based geo blur) large swathes of the sss pass are coming out very very dark, almost like there's a shadow moving across the character. Without moblur all is well and terribly sexy. Now interestingly increasing the raytracing bias mitigates the issue to some degree... which might be a workaround except that it creates a whole bunch of other non related issues in the process (with other objects etc...). Using a mix of local brdf and global point cache also seems to be stable across frames, but the end result is different enough to not be acceptable at this stage in the process. I know it's hard to comment without seeing a file but can anyone think of settings or areas to investigate? I've done quite a bit of troubleshooting already but i'll leave it open for any and all suggestions... Thanks again, Dave.
  25. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a waterfall Simulation using FLIP in houdini. I am using Geometry velocity blur to get the motion blur which is giving line streaks in render. How to achieve curved motion blur? I tried using deformation motion blur with more Geo Time samples but it is not working. Any suggestions? Regards, Gowthaman Ilango M.F.A Graduate Student Digital Production Arts Clemson University