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Found 16 results

  1. I'm having trouble figuring out this phong/normals issue. The picture shows it best but I extruded a shell to give it some depth. On the edge I pointed the normals where I thought they needed to be but I'm still getting a weird shading issue. I'm not sure whats causing it. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks AJ
  2. I'm running into a problem with the new Copy to Points node in 16. I'm running through one of Rohan Dalvi's tutorials, the hard surface modeling one, and the step that I'm at is to copy a profile to the points of a partial circle and skin the result. The problem is that the copies of the primitive have their primitive normals facing in opposite directions depending on whether the copy is on the negative or the positive x side of the x axis, so the skin fails to produce a continuous smooth surface- at x=0, the geometry pinches. And of course the resulting geometry has some primitive normals facing in and the others facing out. I've attached a simple version of the problem. I'm not sure if this is because I can't set the Up vector in the new Point node? I'm setting it directly in an Attribute Wrangle node. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm sure it will be some simple thing that I'm missing, but I haven't opened Houdini in several months and I'm really rusty. skin_normal_problem.hiplc
  3. I want to get a curve with normals facing the direction as shown below. I did this curve with add, follow by an asset which is similar to carve. I tried with polyframe, it didn't give the result I wanted. What should I do to get the normal? Cheers.
  4. Hi I have a straigth line, created by the line sop, and I want to create some Normals for its points. I tried by typing: v@N = @N in a wrangle node, or by using the poly frame sop, now this would normally work, but it seems like the normals cant be created if the curve is completly straigth, those methods works only if the curve has some kind of curvature (not straigth). Why?
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with wrong point normals. Basically I have an L-system vine which I am deforming with Wire Deform SOP. I am separating the 'anchor points' of the leaves and I want to add the leaves back after the Wire Deform SOP (if I keep the leaves geometry together, the wire deform screws up the leaf geometry). I also want to do it this way, as I want to control the leaves animation and growth with copy stamping which won't be possible if I keep everything together. But if I separate the anchor points and then add the leaves back with copy SOP, the point normals are different that those I would get if I deform the whole L-system together. I hope it makes sense, any suggestions how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. I attached screenshots and my .hip file with both set ups. Correct normals, screwed up geo: Wrong normals, correct geo normals_lsystem_problem.hipnc
  6. Hi, How can I transfer/copy/recalculate custom normals from a restpose model to an animated model. So that the direction of the normals move relative with the animated model... In other words that the normals stay relative to animated surface. NormalCopy.zip
  7. Hi, I want to know how can i influence normals of a static object with the help of moving object?? Thank you
  8. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to achieve making normal rotating much like exsample_1 but around an entire shape like in examples 2 and 3. Any input on options would be great. Thanks in advance. Normal Directions With Geometry.hip
  9. Hello Does anyone know a way I could get the normal data to 'smooth' vdbs ? I'm trying to remesh geometry (polytovdb>smooth>convert vdb), but I always seem to get these hard edges I might be overlooking something or it's something complicated. In the following screenshot (which would be a more complicated mesh, of course) 1) is my base geo with smooth normals 2) is my vdb and 3) is the vdb i woul like to have. I can't always smooth incoming geo, unfortunately. Thanks! bernie
  10. Hello ODforce, I have an issue about the point node. I want to direct the point normals outside diagonally from a square. On these 4 points I would want to copy a model using the copy sop, to get a result as shown on the image. Doing it that way I think I can adjust the size of my square. Sadly enough I don't know how I can direct the normals using the point node. I got this result by having the model copied 4 times and increasing its rotation 90 degrees per copy. That's not the method I want to use. Can someone please help me out edit: I thought a quick file would help Table Legs.hipnc
  11. I've been going through the tutorials listed on the SideFX website for Houdini lately, and I've had an issue with the first tutorial in Procedural Modeling where Ari is making a hose that follows a Path CV object. My issue is that no matter what I do when creating the path, my normals are not aligned along the curve as his are in the downloaded scene files. Instead, the normals of all points point perpendicular to the path. This causes issues later when trying to manipulate the path to pull the end points in/out to carve them and create tension. Instead of having the desired effect of moving the points in or out along the path, they move along the Y-axis, which is how the normals appear to be oriented. I can't find any steps that I've missed, having combed over the lecture yesterday, and cannot find any options to change how the normals are oriented. As well as this, all my attempts to correct the issue have failed, including manipulating the normals in a VOP, trying to use a Point SOP to change them, and experimenting with the Polyframe node. What am I missing? Thanks heaps for the help, this one has me stumped and I can't figure out if I just missed an important step, did something stupid, or am suffering at the hands of Houdini 14 when he used Houdini 12 for this tutorial.
  12. hi, i am stuck . :-) i was trying to displace the simple grid using point vop and paint. i was curious to find if we can add normals or mesh after we displace . as i have marked out in the pic. is there anyone who can show me the light. your help much appreciated. thanks
  13. Hi, I have run into an issue where I need to attach spheres to individual points on an animated surface. I can get the spheres to constrain to an individual point using a point expression in a transform node. However the spheres will not rotate as if fixed in place. The axis maintains its world position. How would I get the spheres constrained to the animated surface to rotate so Y (for example) is rotating along with the normal direction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ray
  14. Hi guys, I met a problem, I sent an asseet from Houdini to Maya, then I saw a problem with the normals, that could be fixed in Maya with the Set to Face Normals, using the Create Vertex face normals in the mode Match face normals, I wonder is there a equivalent node in Houdini that can fix it before creating the asset? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone. I'm hoping one of you clever people will be able to help me with this little problem I'm having. When copy-stamping objects onto some animated points, the copied objects are transformed along with the points, but they do not fully respect the rotations. I have a feeling the solution will require a vopsop, with some kind of vector math to get Y normal rotations, but my knowledge of vector math is very limited and I'm struggling to find an elegant solution. I've created a simple scene to demonstrate the issue. You'll see that the teapots do not rotate along with the grid that they are copied onto. Any help would be much appreciated! rotNotWorking.hip
  16. Hello I am trying to do a fence over a small hill. The idea was to lay some points on the hill and then place a pole on each point (oriented like the point normal). This is what i have now: but i want the points normals to correspond to hill curvature, and not just point straight up. something like this: Is this possible?