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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there. I have finished my 2nd year in uni and I'm looking to build a killer FX reel by the time I graduate next year. I would greatly appreciate advice on what to work on in the next year and criticism on my current showreel. For the next year at uni, we have to make a short film for which I'll be doing the fx.It is currently centred around a snow leopard in a Mongolian landscape. I was planning to create a custom material point snow solver and am currently learning c++ and the HDK. My current showreel is available here: Thank you and have a good day
  2. Just handed in my last university piece and I've created a showreel with all of my work for the past year. Feed back would be really nice thank you. Showreel: VJ loops created for my dissertation: https://vimeo.com/338014461
  3. Hi everyone! I am a VFX Artist who just recently graduated from 3dsense Media School who specialises in a wide range of skillsets Below is a Vimeo link to my showreel as well as my submission to The Rookies! Do feel free to drop me a message, thank you! Contact me and check my channels: sulaimanwar18@gmail.com https://linkedin.com/in/sulaimanwar/ https://www.artstation.com/sulaimanwar =================================== https://vimeo.com/325603170 https://www.therookies.co/entries/427 FinalProject10.mov
  4. Hello! I'm Vladimir. I just finished CG Spectrum FX course and currently I'm looking for job. Thanks for watching. Best regards, Vladimir.
  5. My name is Raul Boza, I recently obtained a B.A in Cinema Visual Effects from Columbia College Chicago. If you click on this link: http://bit.ly/2cEeohK, you will find the Break Down Sheet if interested. Thanks for watching!
  6. Hello, My name is Alex Pavel and i'm from Romania. I have a background in Fine Arts and Architecture. I just graduated a one year Houdini FX class with cgspectrum school and i'm looking for a junior position. This is my showreel: Thank you, Alex Pavel
  7. Just finished my mostly Houdini based showreel with work that I've done during last year! All the MPC commercial work I was responsible only for the FX, thus rendering was done in Maya. Cheers, Arttu
  8. Hey, I finished my new FX reel last week, please have a look: All shots, exept one, were done in Houdini and also rendered with Mantra. A more detailed breakdown you can find on my website. Most of the work is from this or the last year, everything done at Rise fx, based in Berlin. A big thanks to Team Houdini and all other people there For severall shots we also used the bulletSOP by Milan. Thank you for this awesome tool!! If you have any questions to a specific shot, feel free to ask Cheers, Andreas
  9. Hey, I just made a new reel with some of the shots I've worked on over the past years: New showreel for 2014: All effects work is in Houdini, most stuff is rendered in mantra. Of course some of this is a team effort, so I definitely want to give a shout out to all the talented people that have advised me and that I have worked with over the past years. I've grown a lot and it is because of working and learning from some really talented people! Odforce is still one of my favorite forums and a great Houdini community, even though I've not been able to post as much. My H1B visa here in the US is in its final year, so I have to get some perspective again. It can be extended for another 3 years, but we'll see what happens next. At the moment I'm looking for options. I might need to play with the encoding for Vimeo a bit as it seems to lose/blur some details, but I'll figure that out over the weekend. Kind regards, Peter
  10. Hey guys this is my showreel after doing my MA at Bournemouth. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on odforce for your help over the past year and i hope you enjoy it https://vimeo.com/73210377
  11. Hi, I'm a mid level Houdini TD and am currently looking for work. I'm based in London at the moment, but would be happy to move if required. You can check out my reel here: http://animatedpixel...2013/05/05/114/ Looking forward to working on exciting new things Cheers, Julian
  12. Demoreel: http://vimeo.com/60884195 This is my final Demoreel shot along with the Breakdowns. I am looking for opportunity as an Houdini FX-artist in Vancouver. - I am using Pyro simulation in Houdini for explosion and fire on the Car's Body and I have setup custom Pyro cluster for the other pieces that are flying around. - For the simulation of the car I am using RBD solver instead of bullet because the motion of the Car is looking much better at the point of impact with RBD. - For bending / smashing the body of the car I have used a Sopsolver and a magnet force to bend the body at the point of Impact. and the velocity from the explosion as an initial force for the simulation of the car. Any comments will be appreciated
  13. Hi guys. This is my showreel for 2012 year. Mostly all was done in the Houdini. https://vimeo.com/53967225
  14. Hi all, I am a recent graduate from Bournemouth University(NCCA), with MA in Digital Effects, currently looking for a job as VfX artist. My ultimate aim is to work as an FX TD but I am now looking for entry level positions within the industry that will allow me to achieve this goal. Here is to link to my reel: vimeo.com/pramodlj/reel You can find the reel breakdown in the video description. If your interested and like to discuss about any opportunities. Please contact me at: mail: ljpramod@live.com linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/in/pramodlj Thanks.
  15. Hi Folks, Just updated my reel since my time at SideFX is coming to an end and am looking for work as an FX Artist/ TD. Breakdown to follow but here's the link. https://vimeo.com/53809110 Software used is Houdini, Maya, Nuke and more. Best Saqib
  16. Hello everybody, Atlast, i find the time and gutts to showcase my work in front u all, its been my first year since i stepped into vissual effects, all the works showcased are mostly student projects from MA Digital effects @ NCCA. where i found some really talented people around me to shape me up into the world of vfx. And i should also say a huge thanks for supporting me around with any help and doubt in this forum. I'm still in bournemouth, uk, looking for any job. i have production knowledge with houdini, maya, pf track, and nuke. where i could fit in any entry level position ( if u feel so ) if u like the works and would like to contact me, here are some links mail : josefernando62@gmail.com https://vimeo.com/52731898 thanks for watching!
  17. Reel: http://andersheilemann.com Please share your thoughts. I have a master of science background from Medialogy at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have studied Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. I'm... - Interested in all opportunities, including entry level positions, interning, freelance jobs etc. - Willing to relocate for experience (currently in Copenhagen). - Available now. Best Anders Heilemann a.heilemann@gmail.com
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