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Found 25 results

  1. Cloud Detail from Sop do Dop (Pyro)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to put a cloud from sops to use in a Pyro sim. Even though i'm using the same division size in both, the resolution looks very differente. Any tips on how to make it looks as close as possible from sops? Sops: Dops: Thx

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with my alpha, when I render my clouds separately (what i don't render is in matte shading) I end up with weird alphas in compositing. Do some of you have the same problem, or is there something obvious I'm missing? Thank you!
  3. Need some advice about cloudfx

    Hi everyone,i'm a new gay about houdini.english is not my first language,and my english skill is not well ,sorry about that. i want make some realistic clouds.i use the cloud rig shelf tool,but i think it not what i want. i have a few questions about how to make realistic clouds. Q1: The shape of clouds.if i want make cloud like a cat,should i use a cat geometry as source? Q2:the noise about clouds.i try use turbulence noise or curl noise make the cloud have a better look,but i didn't find a good noise to simulate cloud.do you have some good advice about noise?
  4. Houdini Flames and Fire Tutorial

    New tutorial at CMIVFX about creating fire and flames, check it out
  5. Hi, I'm a beginner at Houdini so forgive me if I am not familiar with a lot of things. I have converted some moving geometry (alembic) into a cloud and it is moving quite quickly. I want to be able to alter the animated noise effect on my geometry so that it doesn't use world space noise as it moves too quickly. I understand that this effect works well with slow drifting clouds but my geometry is not moving slowly. If I can't alter the rate at which the noise animates then I would also be interested in removing it entirely. At the moment I am using a cloud node and a cloud noise node. I'm unsure about how to achieve this so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey Guys, this is the first visualisation of a project for school. It's a Floating Island which has 4 different areas. A grasland, a sand desert, a swamp area and on top of the mountain an ice land. The base geometry was made with WorldMachine 2 and also the base textures were made with this tool. After that, the base textures were edited in PS. All of this data was then imported in Houdini and things like clouds and plants were added. Also the shading, lighting and rendering was done in Houdini with Mantra. This is my first project in Houdini, Greetings Chrizzo Floating Island_Konzept_V1.0_Ani_01.mp4
  7. Hello, I know that there are plenty of examples of vop loops with point clouds, but after searching, haven't found an example/file that helps with this. I can get an attribute growth going with the basic like pc_filter and all of that, but now was trying to make that attib growth happen one point at a time(the closest ones from the points with the attrib initiated) and i can do that for the first point, but after that it doesn't do what i was expecting it to do, stops the growth after finding the first point... Imagine it should be something super simple that i got wrong, but if someone could take a look and let me know what i'm doing wrong i would really appreciate it. Here's a simple file showing where i'm at now Big thanks M odforce_pc_loop_problem.hip
  8. I have seen this question posted several times throughout the forum without much of a definitive solution and I have personally been asked several times how to do this, so I prepared a hip file with 2 different ways to achieve this effect, with some notes explaining what is happening. Basically you have to properly prepare your rest coordinates and then use them as a source for the noise. Hope some of you find it useful NJ_volume_deform.hip
  9. Our new GridMarkets Simulation and Render Submission tutorial is out! Our new video tutorial describes how to submit a Houdini render or simulation to GridMarkets. A sample .hip file can be found at the bottom of the following page to help you to get started: How to submit a render or simulation to GridMarkets
  10. We'd like to let everyone know that we are now supporting Houdini 15.5: www.gridmarkets.com/houdini Thanks for your interest and have a great week, Patricia and the GridMarkets team‪
  11. Cloud Noise stick to object

    I've searched the previous threads already, and read on most methods, but is there a solid way to get the noise property of the cloud noise to lock onto deforming geo ?
  12. Skinos Mastiha Spirit

    VFX work for Skinos Mastiha Spirit TVC. I was responsible for the FX and shading/lighting of the pack shot scene. All FX done in Houdini Indie 14. Geometries transfered to 3ds max through alembic and rendered with VRay. All volumetrics rendered with Mantra. FX list: scene01/head - smoke solver and cloth (dry ice type atmosphere and hair ribbons) scene 02/diver - cloud FX (clouds) scene 03/girl - smoke solver (dry ice type atmosphere arond the dress) scene 04/frame - ocean FX (sea) scene 05/glasses - FLIP (liquid inside the diamond shapes) scene 06/mirror - cloth (cloth covering mirror) - for this one nCloth worked better scene 07/packshot - FLIP and RBD (liquid inside glass and ice cubes) Thanx for watching
  13. Hi guys! I'm trying to restrict volume density by Bounding Box and Ramp. I created FitRange and Ramp nodes. When I move sphere by Y axis I can modify FitRange MIN and MAX values manually to keep density restricted. But I can't import min and max values and wire them into min and max inputs of FitRange. Is it possible to import attribute into volumevop? cloud_dencity_test_001.hip
  14. Hi guys. I found pretty good topic explaining how to transfer color to volume from particles http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19328-get-pyro-color-from-particles But I cant rebuild this for using with cloud rig. Is there any way to transfer color from points to clouds? Thank you. MY_COLOR_TEST.hip
  15. Cloud Problem

    Imported FBX with geo and cam. Playing around with the Cloud Shelf Tool, when I render from the imported cam my clouds seem really low quality. Made a new camera, renders fine. just wondering why its doing this. Thanks
  16. CloudFX playtime

    Messing around with CloudFX in H14
  17. Hey guys, I'm fairly new with Houdini, and I was wondering if I could get some advise on how to create this cloud effect. http://cdn.londonist.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/london-mist-800x321.jpg I've been playing around with the Off the shelf clouds but they not getting me the right look. Is it possible with the Off the shelf cloud tools? Thanks
  18. Hi, have a look on my last project as FXTD with The Mill here in London, BBC Music. Houdini and Mantra was used for volumes and any possible simulation. I, personally designed and built many tools for this project to make artists life easier. But the main tool which heavily used was the procedural generated Cloud. Also I simulated interacting clouds and wires. There were a lot of talented artists working on this project. I hope you like the result. cheers, Christos
  19. Rendering Pyro

    Hi Odforce I have a question regarding a shot im working on. I've made a pyro sim and i'm trying to render it properly. I can't seem to figure it out. The renders come out all fusy and noisy. What is the key to rendering pyro clean? I can't seem to find the right slider to pull. I've tryed a lot already, hopefully somebody knows.. The shot is a big cloud, that is going to be comped with a helicopter shot of a city. Inbetween the buildings. Therefore it has a matte already proced into the image, making it kind of hard to see clearly on a still. A frame is attached to the post. Thanks Tom
  20. Identifying the same point attribute

    Hi, how would you identify points which share the same position (or vector/attribute) and group/tag them? There is no specific amount of points sharing the same position, could be any. Thanks
  21. Hi guys , i`m new to houdini , can anyone tell me how use mask input in CloudNoise node ? a sample scene would be great , thanks a lot
  22. Cloud Asset Problem, Pyro pscale

    I'm working on a cloud asset and I've encountered a small problem. The basic cloud geometry is build with Metaballs a copy sop and then converted to fog with the cloud sop. I cached the cloud to a VDB and put a bounding box around it as final output and give it a Pyro shader. In the Instance node, I created a grid and at some random values to the pscale and rot attributes. I put the bounding box as the object to be instanced and gave the instancer a delayedload file material and put the cached VDB in here. The whole setup works but the pscale attribute also seems to be messing with the density scale of the pyroshader. How can I compensate for extra scale. I tried to divide the density by $PSCALE but that didn't work out. Thanks!
  23. Cloud FX Animation

    Hi, I've started playing with Houdini's new cloud FX tools and am wondering if somebody could enlighten me as to how I add an element of animation to my cloud? At present, it sits completely static. It looks ace n all but there's no animation (ie slow evaporation and reformation of the cloud). I've attached a project file to illustrate this (Cloud Static) I also tried to parent the clouds transform to a null object in another project, but this just resulted in a really erratic reshaping of the cloud every few frames. Almost as if it was recalculating a new seed every few frames. I've attached this project file also (Cloud Erratic). If anyone could shed any light on this for me, I'd be eternally grateful Huge thanks in advance Cloud Erratic.hipnc Cloud Static.hipnc
  24. Hello, everyone. I need to make a hole in the clouds now, which is composed of the cloud formations, and the camera needs to pass through the hole, coming out of the cave, but I tried a variety of methods, can make out cloud effect, but not a bit of depth, though the cave is very long, now I would like to ask you, who have what good way to achieve such an effect.
  25. Hello, I am new to Houdini, and have just finished the cmiVFX tutorial on Fractal Clouds. I would like to create a cloud layer which surrounds a small planet. Would anyone suggest ways of doing this? Basically I would like a hollow volume sphere, and the capability of using a volume vop with this sphere. Should I be doing this at the object level or within the volume vop? (Probably either are possible?) It would be great if I could move the clouds around the sphere as well, so the hollow wasn't just a cut out of the rectangular space, but so the clouds can actually wrap around the sphere. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.