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Found 11 results

  1. Any idea how I can add procedurally a brick wall structure to this circular watchtower?
  2. I want to jack the streamer visualizations from my fluid source and use it to extrude shapes along. Is this doable? I want to do this because of how cleanly the streamer lines are distributed within a volume.
  3. Hi guys, I have an urgent problem that needs addressing. I am trying to figure out how to mesh the hand model in my scene with the fluid, so it appears as if the hand is morphing from it. I have a posted two images to show you what I mean. For some reason it isn't letting me upload a video. I've converted both into VDBs and used VDB combine with SDF Union. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi Friends ! Here are the screenshots of the deer I just modeled in HOUDINI ! It is Normal Box Modeling ! My question is - Is it possible to do PROCEDURAL MODELING (parametric) of Animals, Humans and other organic things in HOUDINI ? So that by modeling ONE DEER we could make variations of the same deer using parameters ( a young deer, male deer, female deer, big deer, small deer or may be another species of deer . Is it possible in HOUDINI ?
  5. Dear Artist Brothers ! Here is a model of a turtle which i wish to share with you all ! please unrar the turtle archive to use the .hip model ! turtle.rar
  6. Hello! I'm looking for best environment and language to build interactive 3d models gallery on my website. I would like to apply simple command: scaling, rotation, color changing. Could Somebody recommend something not very difficult? thanks
  7. Hey everybody, I'm trying to make a procedural model of a cigarette ash (possibly procedurally animatable), and I'm kinda at a dead end. I started with a simple model with another model inside and use a couple of voronoi fractures to give a sort of cracked look but didn't get anywhere close to the sample picture. Then I tried a different approach, scattering point on a cigarette-like object and copy stamping different noisy planes but even that didn't work (mostly for my lack of experience in modeling/texturing). I was wondering if anybody ever did this sort of model/effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to to the model, shader, and render :S Bonus points for a hip file Link to pic here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/77/Cigarette_ash.jpg
  8. Hi all First off i have been a long time lurker of these forums and have had a lot of inspiration from all the awesome work! I`m currently learning Houdini for modeling and texturing and im having some difficulty creating uvs in a procedural manor. I have an asset but for simplicity im interested in how to procedurally generate uvs on something simple for the moment, say a beveled box. Its easy enough to add a UvUnwrap node and generate 6 seperate uv shells but how would you go about generating a single flattened uv shown in the link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k63u2oszq3qi9n/uvs.png I have tried using the UvFuse but Im not getting good results as the uvs do fuse but it doesnt move the rest of the uvShell, so i add a smooth node and that distorts the uvs. Any help would be awesome Thanks in advance David
  9. Hi All, I'm about to buy a human model from turbosquid for a project, as I don't have the time to model/rig myself in this instance. My question is: If the model I want to buy comes in '3dsmax 2012' format, will I be able to export it from max so that it's compatible with Houdini & keep all the bones/materials/UV's in tact? Ideally I'd like the download in .fbx, but it's pretty expensive, so I don't want to run the risk of downloading a 3dsmax scene file by accident & not being able to convert. Anyone have any thoughts? I''m looking forward to the day when Turbosquid is full of Alembics Thanks!
  10. Guys, I haven't used Houdini in such a long time. Finally i have a project that i believe houdini is best to use for it. My boss is going to design a wall with different crystals hanging from it, in a pattern. I am attaching the pdf,dwg and dxf of one of the designs. I remember you can open a dxf file in houdini if you convert the dwg in lines in autocad. What i want to create is an asset or something that reads this dxf and places the crystals accordingly. Lets say i have 3 crystals A,B and C (different sizes) in 3d. I want to read my dxf and then copy/instance each model based on the dxf drawing. The reason i want to do this is because my boss will create a lot of options until he makes his mind and i dont want to do this manually in max. The download link for the drawings: http://we.tl/l1hEaLeF8S Thanks in advance, Valentino PS: crystal_A.pdf
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question. During the simulation of a voronoi shattered object(either glued or not).Is it possible to create poly surface in the neighbor inside surface,edge to edge? (as the picture show)Thank you very much!!! fracture.hip