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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys recently I saw that rest field inside pyro solver, that I read at Stalingrad Article to create flames in SideFX site, but I dont have any idea how to use that , anyone have a document/explanation for this? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. Does anybody know how to use surface field in voppop or some dopvop to find the distance between my particles and surface. I want to make a force wind that depends on distance between surface and particles, so the farther point from the surface, the stronger the force of the wind. And the surface has really big waves for example, thats why i cant use just P.y for power of force for flat surface. Hope I explained it clearly)
  3. Hey, I'm curious about different approach for artistically control the creation of a velocity field. I've learn how to make nice noisy, curly etc.. fields, but when it comes to controlling them more, how would one proceed ? could some curves be used as general guides for the velocities? And the perturbed slightly by some noise ? I bet there's many ways to do it, I've seen some nice VolumeVOP work in some tut (volume trails), but I wondering about the best way to get real control. thanks in advance for any input
  4. Hi, first of all sorry if this has already been asked. I'm advecting some particles from a pyro sim. I would like to transfer some attributes from the pyro sim to the pop sim, like density, color, other... I have to use the gasfieldtoparticle node if I'm correct, but I cannot set it up correctly. Here is my DOP network I don't really know the correct way to use this node, could you please enlighten me ? [another question out of topic, do you use win10 on a work machine and do you recommend it?] thanks a lot!
  5. Hello there, i'm stuck in a particle simulation, here is my issue : I have an animated bird geometry that goes through a cloud of particles, and I want his wings to create wind and swirls. I managed to compute velocity with a trail node... but i can't find a way to have a vector field simulation out of it. Can anyone help me ? (it may be a stupid question... but i'm new with houdini and i'm a bit lost between the different tools)
  6. Hi, I have a keyed gravity that affects a FLIP simulation (a box of water..), and I am trying to find how I can offset my gravity force to start with top particles down to bottom. Ideally I would have an animated box that would trigger the gravity effects on the particles... After a lot of research, it seems that I need to use the mask slot of the gravity but can't figure out more than that, as I don't see in the viewport any feedback for the scalar field and vector field. Help? Thank you!!!
  7. Hey guys, I have a large billowing smoke sim a wall of smoke from different sources. I need to steer the volume, like have it turn at a certain point. What is the best approach to steering or having thick volumes follow a vector. Right now I've tried guiding the smoke using pumps by making some geo that acts as a wall with custom velocity vectors to push to smoke around. It sort of works but the smoke expands a bit too much and doesn't really seem like its being directed, also seems to lose it's volume. any tips would be appreciated
  8. Hi all, I am having some weird artifacts in the velocity field generated by a simple FLIP simulation in Houdini 12.1. Basically the more I reduce the particle separation of the source fluid object to get a higher res, the more I get peaks (1-2 frames max) in the velocity field, popping here and there in the fluid. It happens mainly on the bottom of the fluid, and that is easy to get rid of. The problem is that it happens even in other parts of the fluid when some object collides and interacts with the fluid. Now this would usually not bother me cause what happens underwater is rarely visible, but in this case I am implementing a white water generator and those velocity peaks are creating unwanted annoying water foam underwater. I attached a scene file that shows the issue. Did anyone experience the same issue and solved it somehow ? water_tank_h12.1_05_odforce_test.hip
  9. Hi guys, I was playing with a sim, importing a vel field from a bgeo cached file and merging it with a cloth simulation, so the cloths reacts to the vel imported. Also the cloth has his gravity. All the networks works well, but then I tried to put a wind force, to move the cloth a little more, taking the vel not just from the imported field, it seems that the wind force overwrite completely the imported vel. I've tried to modify the force without any change. Than I've deleted the wind force and added a uniform force with a noise field and all worked fine. Why's happening?
  10. Hello, I am playing around with the VDB stuff lately and most of it works great. But I noticed that i can't use a plain VDB node and create based on the dimension source a volume, like a velocity field. It always said "<empty>". I like to create a vector field and then manipulate it by the Volume Vop as with the standard Houdini Volumes. Any tips or a workflow explanation would be great. Thanks nap vdb_empty.hipnc.hip